A Night Of Culinary Delight For Valentine’s Day at the Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach and The Bheemili Resort managed by Accor

Bheemili Resort Managed By A

Visakhapatnam, 10 February: Celebrate the love that unites you, your beau, your pet, your siblings, or your friends, this is the perfect destination to commemorate all your most treasured relationships with a lavish and indulgent Valentine’s Day buffet. Immerse in an evening of delightful culinary delights and romantically themed ambiance at The Bheemili Resort, managed by Acccor. To commemorate this special day, the resort will host a Valentine’s Special Buffet on February 14, 2023, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Feast on a culinary adventure with a bevy of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines such as those featured on the special dinner menu cataloged by the culinary team. Dabble in a special spread that includes a Seafood platter, Alfredo Pasta, Chepala Pulusu and many more to binge on at Teppanyaki. To add the perfect happy ending to a flavorful story, a bottle of red or white wine just enhances the state of euphoria called love.

Make your Valentine’s Day getaway reservations today and make this year’s celebration one to cherish forever.

What: Valentine’s Special Buffet
When:14th February 2023
Venue: The Square,and Infinity Pool Lawn at the Bheemili Resort, managed by Accor.
Time: 7:00 PM

Make your Sundays delightful with The Zodiac Brunch at Hilton Goa Resort

What better way to enjoy a Sunday in Goa than with a delicious brunch? Better yet, make that a Zodiac brunch @Saipe, Hilton Goa Resort. As the name suggests, The Zodiac Brunch at Hilton Goa Resort is a unique concept derived from the 12 Zodiac signs of the Astrological calendar. Staying true to the genesis of the idea, the spread changes every month based on the preferences of the star sign.

For the 2023 edition of the Zodiac Brunch, the culinary team at the resort has crafted a menu that caters specifically to the likes of the Aquarians. The brunch menu features dishes like a classic Greek Chicken Salad, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sushi, and Goan Fish curry with brown rice amongst others, alongside live food counters. While the savory items are sure to tantalize your taste buds, desserts like Passion Citrus Panna Cotta, Key Lime Pie and Grandma’s Dark Chocolate Cake will drown you in sinful indulgence.

The Zodiac Brunch further stands out for its special offers such as guests who are celebrating their birthday can dine with compliments while a 20% discount is extended to Aquarians who are celebrating their birthday month. In addition to this, the resort will also be highlighting activities like Aqua Zorbing, and live astrology sessions by a professional Astrologer, among a few others. The kids club, Fun n’ Frolic, will also be available for the little guests at the resort while the adults enjoy the stunning views of the sunset by the pool with brunch cocktails to elevate the experience.

Make your Sundays exciting with your friends and family at The Zodiac Brunch.

Time: Every Sunday from 12.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m

Place: @Saipe, Hilton Goa Resort

Price: Brunch with Alcohol: INR 2750 plus taxes

Brunch without Alcohol: INR 2250 plus taxes

Palliative Care, A Promise To Enhance The Quality of Life of Those With Breast Cancer

By Dr. Krithika Murugan, Surgical Oncologist, HCG Cancer Hospital Bengaluru

Palliative care is the range of symptom management services provided by the professionals like physicians, nursing, support workers, paramedics, and pharmacists. The palliative care team also includes nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists, and volunteers who help improve the quality of life of patients (adults and children) who are combating any form of life-threatening illnesses. It is a team approach for a wide range of diseases that improves the quality of life of patients who are vulnerable to chronic ailments as well as their caregivers. This includes addressing practical needs and providing bereavement counseling. It offers a support system to help patients live as actively as possible until death. This process has a significant role to play when it comes to cancer treatments. As we know, cancer occurs when abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells interferes with the DNA of the cells at given factors like increasing age, exposure to certain radiations and chemicals, heredity, and unhealthy lifestyle habits like excessive smoking and alcohol consumption.

When cancer forms in the cells of the breasts, it is called breast cancer. The most common signs include a lump in the breast, bloody discharge from the nipple, and changes in the shape or texture of the nipple of the breast. Breast cancer typically has four stages – stage I to stage IV. When detected at the initial stage, breast cancer can be completely cured. The treatment depends on the stages of breast cancer and includes chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, and surgery. Unfortunately, for some, cancer fails to respond to any form of therapy, and the symptoms and the disease progress, commonly known to metastasize. In these situations, or when the patient and their family decide not to go ahead with any form of treatment considering the pros and cons of treatment, symptom management / palliative care may help in enhancing the quality of the remaining length of life for the patient.

Palliative care for breast cancer

Most often, breast cancer and its treatment lead to several physical symptoms and side effects along with emotional, social, and financial consequences. Palliative care aims to manage all these consequences with a focus on dealing with the symptoms and supporting the patient and the family with other non-medical needs. Palliative care can be given to all patients of breast cancer, irrespective of the stage of cancer but most often, delivered to the patients of the last stage of breast cancer. Those receiving palliative care have less severe symptoms and improved quality of life. The process also helps the patient and other people related to them to plan for the finances, not just whilst they are alive but also once they are gone, and enable families to find closure to their not-so-easy long-term caregiving roles.

Benefits of palliative care

It enhances one’s comfort: Breast cancer treatment is a comprehensive one and is often painful and uncomfortable with severe side effects. The palliative care team addresses the needs of the patients and helps them remain stronger to be able to take the treatment successfully. Palliative care offers comfort physically, socially, and spiritually.

It plays a crucial role in stress management: Palliative care not only helps in meeting the physical health needs during a critical treatment like that of breast cancer but also helps in meeting the mental health requirements. Palliative care ensures overall care for mental health and helps in stress, anxiety, and panic management not just among patients but also among family members and caregivers. It puts the caregivers at ease as well and enhances their quality of life besides improving the quality of life for the patients.

It enables a patient to live longer and live healthier: Palliative care treatment enhances the quality of life and helps patients to live longer. In addition to palliative care, doctors offer several other therapies including delivery of antineoplastic treatment through hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, and biological therapies to reduce breast cancer pain and offer relief to some extent, and help patients to live longer.

Kinds of palliative care

A breast cancer patient can be offered two kinds of palliative care.

Oncologist-based palliative care: The oncologist plays the lead role in this model of palliative care and offers both cancer treatment and palliative care. The relationship between the patient and the cancer doctor is essential to be smooth for the optimal delivery of palliative care in this model.

Concurrent model: In such models of palliative care, the care is given by both oncologist and a palliative medicine specialist. The palliative care expert works with cancer doctors and delivers care based on one’s specific needs and potential issues one may face during the treatment.

Living with breast cancer

As you go through the treatment of breast cancer, there are several ways by which one can tackle the condition and live well with breast cancer.

Some of these include:

  •  Having adequate sleep
  •  Doing regular exercise to fight fatigue
  •  Eating light meals to feel good and beat nausea
  •  Utilising energy on good energy days and doing something that one loves
  •  Keeping a journal and writing down daily thoughts may help in managing breast cancer-induced stress, anxiety, and pain on a daily basis.

Palliative care plays a significant role in breast cancer treatment and helps to improve the quality of life of patients as well as caregivers. Advances in technology paves way for digitized palliative care which could transform breast cancer treatment. To get more information on breast cancer palliative care, you can reach out to efficient palliative care cancer specialists.

CHUK Delivery Containers Launched; Solves the Biggest Packaging Challenge for QSRs, Cafes, Delivery Kitchens

New Delhi, February 10, 2023: As the scale of the food delivery industry magnifies, especially since the advent of companies like Swiggy & Zomato, brands are continuously looking for sustainable alternatives for packaging. This is because, with increasing convenience for consumers, there is also a looming danger of an exponential increase in non-biodegradable waste as the commonly used materials for delivery are plastic, thermocol, aluminum, etc. However, there are a number of challenges being faced by such brands in terms of the availability of effective alternatives to single-use plastic. Thankfully, many companies are working in this direction and significant progress has been made, and the key beneficiaries of these developments in the food industry are QSRs, cafes, cloud kitchens, etc.

CHUK, an initiative of Yash Pakka Limited (YPL), has launched compostable delivery containers. The company has already been established as one of the most popular brands for compostable tableware, with various conscious brands like Haldiram’s, Bikanervala, Chaipoint, etc. relying on CHUK for their food service requirements. With the launch of delivery containers, the company aims to put a stop to the use of single-use plastic for food delivery, thereby strengthening its resolve of working towards a cleaner planet.

These newly introduced delivery containers will be available in four different sizes – 350 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml, and 1000 ml. All the containers come with snug-fit lids and are therefore spill-proof and leak-proof. In addition, these are also microwavable, freezable, and ovenable. Some of these attributes add to the utility of CHUK delivery containers as opposed to regular plastic containers. Another extremely important characteristic of the newly-launched containers is that these are free of artificial chemicals, making them food-safe, furthering the purpose of CHUK to help you ‘eat safely’. Coming from the mother brand Yash Pakka Limited which is situated in Ayodhya, all CHUK products are Made in India.

The 100% compostable delivery containers have been manufactured using bagasse – the agri-residue of sugarcane. About 90% of the raw material being used by the company is sourced locally. After due usage, the products turn into compost within 180 days. It is noteworthy that these delivery products have been launched after rigorous research and development with multiple tests and trials being conducted using real-life delivery scenarios.

The delivery containers have already found some takers in brands such as Shri Mata Vaishnodevi Shrine Board, FabCafe, Salad Point, Greenit, and Basil Box. Further on, CHUK will cater to quick service restaurants (QSR), cloud kitchens, and takeaway restaurants with its latest range. Over the last few years, CHUK has also been acknowledged with the highest design award from Red Dot Germany, Good Design in Japan, India Design and NCII, and thus it is also a favorite among brands looking for ergonomic designs for food service and delivery.

On the launch of its new delivery containers, Satish Chamyvelumani, Business Head – Compostables, Yash Pakka Ltd. said, “Our delivery containers have been launched after rigorous research, multiple trials, and customer feedback, as a reliable and sustainable alternative to other available products. Having already launched and raised awareness around compostable tableware products, foraying into the food delivery packaging space was the next natural progression for us. Our overarching goal has been to find alternatives for single-use plastic for a cleaner planet, and with the launch, we are solidifying our stance. We look forward to empowering delivery brands to offer safe food via our delivery containers, and to transform the way people consume their food.”

The launch of delivery containers is a highly-anticipated one, and one of the most significant in an elaborate line of offerings that CHUK plans to bring to the consumers in the future with the mission of a cleaner Earth. India alone produces about 3.4 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. Even if recycling is taken into account, only about 30 percent of all plastic waste is recycled. More specifically, the online food delivery market in India is worth approximately $5 billion and is expected to grow to nearly $20 billion in the next 5 years. The enormous concern of plastic waste that we are faced with today is only set to magnify multifold in the coming years if the packaging patterns remain unchanged. In such conditions, it is imperative for Yash Pakka and other such global companies with an impact to find sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic.

ITFS to help India achieve the USD 2 trillion Export Target

Mumbai, 10 Feb 2023 Friday: Vayana TradeXchange (VTX) the leading International Trade Finance Services (ITFS) platform conducted a roadshow in association with International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) the unified regulator at Gujarat International Finance Tec-City – International Financial Services Centre (GIFT-IFSC).

The event was presided over by Shri Dipesh Shah, ED, IFSCA, other senior IFSCA representatives along with senior members from various Export Promotion Councils, Banks, Factoring & insurance companies, exporters/importers, CFOs of large corporates, MSMEs, and senior officials from Trade Credit Insurance companies.

Shri Dipesh Shah hailed ITFS as one of its kind and unique platform which in the coming days will completely change the way exporters in India access trade finance. It aims to democratise the trade finance space by providing an electronic platform that connects exporters, importers and financiers across the globe.

Shri Ram Iyer, Founder & CEO of Vayana Network, addressed the MSME exporters at the event and from his experience of running India’s largest supply chain finance platform shared how VTX platform has been built keeping Vayana’s ethos of a zero change in processes for the customer at its core thereby, reducing acquisition and servicing costs and allowing the smallest of businesses to secure finance from the largest of lenders at affordable rates.

As the world increasingly moves towards open account trade, trust is the most critical factor in keeping the supply chains moving.

With India increasingly becoming an important manufacturing destination coupled with the government’s push-through schemes such as Make in India, PLI, it is critical that factoring is adopted as a means to build trust and minimise risk in a transaction to increase trade velocity.

World over, for the global economy to completely recover from the shock of the disruptions caused by the pandemic and for supply chains to become resilient, ITFS platforms such as VTX are need of the hour.

Shri Kalyan Basu, MD & CEO of Vayana TradeXchange shared, “Transactions on the platform are moments of truth and VTX platform is well past that stage with 6 financiers from India and abroad, 10 sellers (exporters), from India and 7 buyers (importers) outside India. This end-to-end digital auction-based cross-border trade platform has no precedence across the globe and putting it together has been an amazing journey that has just begun.”

The platform offers a win-win for buyers sellers and financiers as they simply enter into a one-time agreement with VTX, enabling them to access new markets and grow their business.

Mr. Vinod Parmar, Director, Vayana TradeXchange, gave the closing remarks and said, “Through ITFS we envision a future where Indian exporters will be emboldened to grow their ambitions and expand their footprint across the world deepening their presence across global supply chains. This is India’s decade and VTX will play a pivotal role in making India the leading manufacturing hub.”

The ITFS platforms like VTX will in near future allow buyers and sellers from anywhere in the world to access trade finance from multiple financiers through a unique bidding mechanism that will help them discover the best possible rates.

Vayana TradeXchange will soon sign MOUs with various Export Promotion Councils and trade associations to further create awareness about the platform among their members.

Shopify’s bi-annual major product release optimises mobile commerce, streamlines Checkout to keep Indian retailers on the cutting edge

India | February 10, 2023: Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), a provider of essential internet infrastructure for commerce, has today unveiled a major set of 100+ platform updates, with new features that unlock the power of mobile commerce, and meet shifting shopping preferences with a seamless checkout experience

A new suite of features for Indian merchants comes as retailers seek new ways to get more from less as they double-down on customer experience in an effort to convert more conscious and considered shoppers in 2023. The new suite of features for Indian merchants comes as retailers seek new ways to build direct-to-consumer (D2C) relationships, with India’s D2C market projected to triple in size from $33 billion in 2020 to $100 billion USD by 2025.

“Not even a year ago we launched our first Edition, and now our Winter ‘23 Edition showcases over a hundred more products and features we’ve built in the last six months alone,” said Harley Finkelstein, President at Shopify.

“We know we need to be the fastest moving commerce company in the world because our merchants depend on Shopify’s innovation for their own longevity. So with this Edition, we moved quickly to offer tools that help merchants access the promise of mobile commerce, meet customer expectations for fast delivery and seamless checkout, and sell more with AI — it’s the best version of Shopify yet, and will shape the future of entrepreneurship.”

Optimising Checkout to drive higher conversion for Indian merchants With more than 5.5 billion orders processed, Shopify Checkout is reliable, scalable, and lightning fast. However, with 75% Indian consumers saying that price rules purchase decisions in the current economic environment, we’re launching new levels of extensibility to help
merchants optimise for conversion.

Using our global insights from Shop Pay — which converts 72% better than a typical checkout and 91% better on mobile, while boasting the processing power of 40,000 checkouts per store per minute with 99.99% uptime — Shopify Checkout now offers:

  • ● Drag & Drop Checkout Editor helps merchants easily edit the look and feel of checkout, threading their unique brand identity all the way from browse to buy. Merchants can also easily add new functionality to their checkout, like upsells and loyalty programs, by installing apps from the Shopify App Store and configuring them in the checkout editor.
  • ● Enhanced developer tooling with a new suite of powerful components and APIs , allowing developers to build checkout apps for the Shopify App Store and unlocking new functionality for merchants to optimise the customer experience for Indian shoppers, including post-purchase pages, discounts and custom logic, additional fields, custom
    content, and more.
    ● One-page Checkout will replace our existing three-page checkout later this year. Designed to replicate an express checkout experience like Shop Pay, our new one-page checkout is faster, friction-free, higher-converting than standard online checkouts.

Set up, grow, and run a world-class commerce business from your phone

India now has the world’s second-largest mobile phone market in the world, with smartphones now the main gateway to go online for 650 million people. Shopify is laying the foundation for mobile-first users to start, run, and scale a business all through mobile, launching a series of new mobile-first solutions for Indian merchants as part of Winter ‘23 Edition, including:

  • ● Online Store Editor for Mobile allows merchants to easily edit and update the look of their store, or take product images with their phone and follow an intuitive flow to create new products and set up new variants.
    ● Shopify Email and Marketing Automation for Mobile allows merchants to automate their marketing and create branded emails using a variety of templates, or build custom emails on-the-go straight from their smartphone.
    ● Simplified inventory management for Mobile gives merchants the power to quickly and accurately update inventory on mobile.

Unlocking the Shop app for developers to help merchants win in the mobile era of

The shop is a brand discovery app that is available to Indian customers on iOS and Android, with more than 100 million users globally. As mobile commerce continues to grow, we’re introducing Shop Minis, to give developers a new way to build for mobile.

The Shop Mini software development kit (SDK) enables developers in the Shopify Ecosystem to extend their Shopify app functionality to Shop, creating innovative in-app brand discovery experiences for merchants around the world, including in India. The Shopify Ecosystem already includes nearly 50,000 partners and developers who earned more that $411 million from Shopify in 2021. Now, we’re opening that same opportunity to developers to build for Shop and inviting them to help us build for the mobile era of commerce.

Bharati Balakrishnan, Shopify’s Country Head and Director for India & Southeast Asia highlighted the impact these changes will have on Indian merchants who are navigating significant economic and consumer shifts in 2023, “Commerce looks different this year as consumer behaviour and shopping habits shift in response to the current economic environment. Those who stay on the current edge will win, which is why we’re doubling down on our investment in innovation and product development to keep Indian brands and retailers ahead of the curve and give them an advantage over their competitors that’s built to last. I can’t wait to see the incredible experiences Indian brands and retailers build with these newest updates.”

In addition to these new releases launching with our Winter ‘23 Edition, we’ve also launched the following in India over the last six months:

  • ● Shopify Translate & Adapt, a new app that works with Shopify Markets, helps merchants quickly and accurately translate a merchant’s store into different languages with both manual and machine translations.
    ● Payoneer, PayGlocal and Tazapay partnership helps Indian merchants streamline cross-border commerce on Shopify, with around 1-in-5 now selling internationally to an average of four international markets, reaching more than 70 million shoppers from around the world.
    ● Shopify x YouTube Shopping allows creators and merchants in [India] to sell their full range of products on YouTube via live streams, in-video clickable product shelves, and store tabs.
    ● Shopify Starter Plan helps merchants that are just starting out and who want to sell to their customers through social media platforms or messaging apps, without maintaining an online store.

Aura Air becomes the First Indoor Air Management Platform to be GreenPro Certified

Chennai, 10 February 2023 – Air-management platform, Aura Air of Israel which partnered with Wipro Lighting, has received the ‘GreenPro’ Ecolabel from CII Green Products and Services Council. This makes Aura Air the first holistic indoor air quality management solutions provider (with both monitoring and purification using IoT) to receive the GreenPro certification. This Ecolabel enables consumers to make an informed decision about using indoor air quality management technology that has the lowest environmental impact.

With innovation being the key focus area for Aura Air, its technology is dedicated to reducing harmful gases and indoor pollution. Aura Air devices also protect people against biological contaminants, fumes, allergens, etc. The technology is most suitable for built environments like offices and conference rooms, school classrooms, hotels, chemical labs, residential units, hospitals, industrial buildings, and shopping complexes.

GreenPro is a certification for products by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), keeping in mind the product design, application, performance, benefits, and stewardship.

Aura Air purifiers use proprietary multistage filtration technology, comprising of four main parts – the pre-filter, ray filter, UVC LED, and bipolar ionization. The proprietary filtration technology includes HEPA, Carbon & Zinc based filtration, and helps in removing particles like dust, pollen, insects, and animal hair. The UVC LED neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and parasites by destroying the proteins on the cell membrane, and the sterionizer (Bipolar Ionization) generates positive and negative ions that purify and freshen indoor air by eliminating harmful pollutants.

As part of the certification process, Aura Air conducted an ‘Efficiency study’ of air purifiers against particles, gaseous pollutants, and microbial contaminants present in various indoor air environments across India. The parameters of the testing included PM 2.5, PM 10, CO2, CO, NO2, SO2, O3, ammonia, Benzene, Benzo (a) Pyrine, Hexane, Mercaptan, Xylene, Toluene, Formaldehyde, bacteria, and fungus. It was verified and concluded that the performance of the device on all parameters was satisfactory.

CII’s report also highlights Aura Air purifiers’ green and sustainable features. The device saves electricity by connecting with BMS/any software controlling the HVAC systems and pumping in fresh air only when it is required. Its built-in sensors measure and control all the major parameters that affect human health.

P V Bharadwaj, Managing Director of Aura Air in India said, “The GreenPro Ecolabel for Aura Air is a significant achievement in our journey of developing sustainable air quality management technology for indoor spaces. Every building or project aiming for the Green Building certification will stand a higher chance by using Aura Air in their indoor environments. Our partner, Wipro Lighting has been a leader in this space and helps customers adhere to standards like WELL and LEED. These customers will now be able to add further value to their Indoor Air Quality space through Wipro-Aura products and the GreenPro certification.”

Aura Air not only focuses on manufacturing environmentally sustainable products but also raises awareness in the form of webinars. In addition, the company has conducted multiple awareness drives to promote the product through stalls at exhibitions and events held across the country. Each device also has an exclusive QR code which can be used to check the air quality in real-time.

Aditya Chopra’s DDLJ, the longest running film in history, to get a wider release this Valentine’s Day!

Aditya Chopra directed Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) is the longest-running movie in the history of Indian cinema. The all-time blockbuster catapulted Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol to become superstars of the country and is one of the biggest IPs emerging from the Indian film industry. DDLJ shaped pop culture for India and Indians over the generations. This year, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, DDLJ will see a wider release across India, Yash Raj Films confirms.

Rohan Malhotra, Vice President, Distribution, YRF, says, “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ), the longest-running film in the history of cinema, has become synonymous to romance for India and Indians for generations since it’s historic release. We are constantly requested by the audience and fans, throughout the year, for a wider showcasing of the film so that they can, again and again, watch this milestone-setting film with their friends and family in theatres! This year, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we are making their wish come true. DDLJ will be screened across India, starting Feb 10, for a period of one week only!”

DDLJ will be released in 31 cities across India, including Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Lucknow, Noida, Dehradun, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Indore, Chennai, Vellore, Trivandrum.

Interestingly for audiences, they can get a taste of Shah Rukh Khan as Raj in DDLJ and as Pathaan in theatres over this Valentine’s Day period. Pathaan is currently wreaking havoc at the box office as it has become the all-time highest-grossing Hindi film ever worldwide!

Rohan says, “YRF & SRK are not only synonymous with delivering Indian cinema’s biggest blockbusters but also for collaborating on films which have redefined the Indian film industry and have had a lasting cultural impact“

He adds, “It is an amazing coincidence that DDLJ, an all-time blockbuster, was released by YRF during its 25th-year celebrations & this year, history has repeated itself with Pathaan as it has become the highest grossing Hindi film worldwide (original format) during YRF’s 50-year celebrations!”

He further adds, “We are thrilled to give the audience an opportunity to watch DDLJ and Pathaan, which are going to run simultaneously on the big screen, during this period. YRF has been fortunate to become home to India’s biggest cinematic IPs including DDLJ and Pathaan from YRF’s Spy Universe and we hope both these films make up for an amazing viewing experience for people during Valentine’s week.”

Shriram Housing Finance Re-Certified as ‘Great Place to Work’ for the Second Consecutive Year

Mumbai, February 10, 2023: Shriram Housing Finance Limited, the Mumbai based affordable housing finance company, has been re-certified as Great Place to Work® by the Great Place to Work® Institute, for the period February 2023 to February 2024. This is the second consecutive year that Shriram Housing Finance has been recognized as one of India’s Great Places to Work. This certification marks the exceptional work that Shriram Housing Finance has done and is based entirely on the 1600+ employees’ assessment of the company’s culture, management, opportunities for advancement, and other traits that add up to an exceptional workplace. 93% of employees say Shriram Housing Finance is a great place to work.

Additional facts from this year’s survey results:

· 96% of employees feel that Management has a clear view of where the organization is going and how to get there.

· 95% feel that Management shows appreciation for good work and extra effort.

· 94% feel that People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender.

· 94% feel proud to tell others that they work here.

Shriram Housing Finance culture framework is based on 8 principles – caring, with a focus on relationships and mutual trust for one another; purpose, exemplified by idealism and altruism; learning, characterized by exploration, expansiveness, and creativity; enjoyment, expressed through fun and excitement at the workplace; results, characterized by achievement and winning and rewards; authority, defined by strength, decisiveness, and boldness; safety, defined by planning, caution, and preparedness; and order, focused on respect, structure, and shared norms.

Commenting on the achievement Mr. Ravi Subramanian, MD & CEO, of Shriram Housing Finance said, “We are honored to be certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ for the second time. I believe when culture is aligned with strategy and leadership, it drives positive organizational outcomes. The re-certification is a testament to SHFLs progressive work culture which has helped us attract and retain top talent, a key ingredient to drive our business on the path to success. As a team, we are passionate and focused on our business. The constructive work environment has a positive influence across our teams and it gives us a significant competitive advantage. As an organization, we ensure that everyone in the company has great opportunities and has a meaningful impact within SHFL.“

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham signs MoU with L&T EduTech for Experiential Learning in B.Tech in Civil Engineering

New Delhi/ Hyderabad, 10th Feb 2023: Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, ranked the 5th Best University in India in the 2022 NIRF Ranking’s Department of Civil Engineering, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Larsen & Toubro (L&T) EduTech, to offer B.Tech in Civil Engineering to aspiring students who will benefit from the experiential learning co-taught by the University and L&T experts. The collaboration will also facilitate the students to access the advanced course materials curated by the industry experts, and subsequently, qualify the students to take up internships at L&T.

The MoU signed recently, between Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and L&T EduTech for experiential learning, is in a bid to prepare the B.Tech Civil Engineering students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham to have a better understanding of the industry requirements, gain hands-on experience in the construction industry and fully ready to address future technology challenges and be industry-ready and employable.

Dr. Sasangan Ramanathan, Dean – Faculty of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham remarked that “This collaboration is a great step towards bridging the Academia-Industry gap and will ensure that Amrita students are ready to tackle technology challenges. Amrita students can register on the L&T-supported talent exchange platform as part of the collaboration. This site is intended to serve as the industry’s entry point for finding students with specific skill sets for their projects. Once more, this raises the likelihood that Amrita students will be hired immediately after graduation”.

Dr. Sasangan Ramanathan further accentuated that with the recent push in infrastructure development by the Government, Amrita students can contribute positively towards the Nation’ sustainable development.

Understanding the gap between academia and pragmatic knowledge, and calling the graduates to draw attention to upskilling, Er. Febin M F, Head-College Connect Business at L&T said “Modern surveying techniques are a great way to show how different college-level skills are from those needed in the workplace. The methods such as the chain survey, theodolite, and plane table demand a sizable crew and are labor-intensive. Industries use cutting-edge methods like drone surveying to determine the same parameters obtained using traditional tools effortlessly with minimum workforce”.

The collaboration between Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham and L&T EduTech strives to achieve the same by equipping the students with contemporary knowledge. This would eventually give students of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham an edge over others in the career market. Er. Febin M F, Head-College Connect Business at L&T, also added that “Since they know how to meet the industry challenges, they would be an asset to any company. Currently, companies spend approximately 6 to 12 months to train fresh graduates to address industry challenges. However, if the students receive this training at college, they are prepared to handle the obstacles from the start of their work. The training must expose students to advanced industry practices and would increase students’ skill set which in turn contribute to their employability.”

This collaboration will be beneficial to all the stakeholders – faculty and students. Dr. Mini K. M., Chairperson, of the Department of Civil Engineering reflected that “Faculty in the Department of Civil Engineering are highly research-oriented and contribute a lot to the research domain in the form of sponsored projects, publications, invited talks etc. Collaboration with L&T would involve an active interaction between the faculty and the L&T experts. Thus, the faculty would become aware of the recent trends in construction sectors and reorient their research towards solving industry-defined problems. This in turn will benefit the students during their regular classes”.

The courses curated by Amrita and L&T are a perfect blend of traditional fundamentals courses and advanced practical information. The entire curriculum is designed in a way to expose students to the current industry challenges which include 11 advanced courses and two internships, about cutting-edge industrial techniques in areas such as geospatial remote sensing, sustainable building design, building information modeling, the design and construction of structural steel buildings, metro rail transportation design and construction, and high planning and functional design.

In addition, industry experts will offer technical seminars to Amrita’s students on the industry needs and the necessary skill sets. The collaboration will offer Amrita students to (a) register for additional online courses offered by L&T and (b) enroll in internships at L&T at the end of the second and third years which is invaluable industry exposure.