Makarand Narwekar’s innovative tree plantation execution at Marine Lines on World Environment garnered a huge traction amongst the audience

Makarand Narweka

World Environment Day was celebrated with full enthusiasm across the nation. Environmentalists, celebrities, and activists from different facets came ahead and contributed their part for the well-being of the environment. Colaba’s Former Corporator who is also a renowned Advocate took a different angle to make this day a memorable one. Makarand along with the youth of the Rotaract Club started off the day with 500 saplings along the pedestrian area.

Followed by this, the initiative was extended to Nariman Point where Makarand Narwekar handed 200 saplings to the families of the individuals traveling by Uber’s latest travel invention e-carriage, replacing the ‘Godha Gadi’ that circles the mesmerizing sight for the eye Queen’s Necklace. The Former Corporator was also spotted explaining the utmost salience of preserving and protecting the environment while distributing those saplings and appealing the responsible citizens to plant the same.

In an exclusive conversation with us, Makarand Narwekar said, “As responsible citizens of the country it is an utter happiness and satisfaction to be able to conduct these plantation drives. The citizens who supported us also took an oath to opt for more sustainable alternatives. It is truly very important that one enacts this righteousness not only today but every day from now on! Supporting this aim, we have multiple campaigns aligned in the coming days as well.”

Narwekar subsequently supported countless attempts to embellish his representing region, with impressive initiatives like bicycle-sharing services in conjunction with Mybyk, tree-planting drives, and many more. This event is undoubtedly the culmination of Narwekar’s ongoing efforts to enhance the environment and make it suitable for society.

HCL Celebrates World Bicycle Day and World Environment Day with a Pedal Up Ride in Noida

HCL Celebrates World Bicycle Day

NOIDA, 6th June 2023: HCL organized a “Pedal Up” Ride in Noida to celebrate World Bicycle Day and World Environment Day. The pedal-up ride witnessed participation from over 100+ cycling enthusiasts, Ride started at the HCL Corporate office at Sector-3 Noida, cycled up till Noida Sector – 144 and then came back to conclude the ride at HCL Corporate Office.

HCL Cyclothon in partnership with Clean Noida also organized a community engagement for cyclists where they participated in a vibrant wall-painting activity at Noida Sector-93. Through this activity, HCL and its initiative Clean Noida aimed to raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean city and practising responsible waste disposal. HCL also organized virtual rides in four other cities, including Chennai, Madurai, Bengaluru and Lucknow.

HCL Cyclothon initiative seeks to inspire individuals to embrace a healthier lifestyle through cycling while fostering a greater appreciation for environmental sustainability.

Kerala boat Accident: Manappuram Finance hands over financial aid to the kin

Kerala boat Accident

Mumbai, 6th June 2023: Manappuram Finance has distributed financial aid to the families affected by the Tanur boat disaster which claimed the lives of 22 people. KPA Majeed, Tirurangadi MLA, handed over the cheques to the family members at a special meeting organised at SNM Higher Secondary School, Parapanangadi. Dr. Sumita Nandan, Executive Director, Manappuram Finance Limited, presided. A financial assistance of Rs 10 lakh has been distributed among six families who lost their loved ones in the disaster. During the presidential address at the event, Dr. Sumitha Nandan said: “Although it is not a solution to the irreparable loss, it is an attempt to provide some solace.”

MLA Majeed commended the compassionate gesture shown by Manappuram Finance and its chief V.P Nandakumar. He added that many people have announced various kinds of assistance, but Manappuram was the first to distribute financial assistance.

State Consumerfed Director Nias Pulikalakath gave the welcome speech. Parappanangadi Municipal Chairman A. Usman, Municipal Health Standing Committee Member Shahul Hameed, BJP District President Ravi Thelat, Parappanangadi Bar Council Secretary Adv. Mohammad Haneefa, Ward Counsellor Razaq, Parapanangadi Lions Club President PK Manoj, Manappuram Finance Senior PRO KM Ashraf, Calicut University Lions Club President Adv. Baburaj and Manappuram employees took part.

RPPL’s Karting SuperSeries Unearths India’s Next Racing Star In A Thrilling Finale In Hyderabad

RPPL's Karting SuperSeries Unearths

Hyderabad,5th June 2023: Racing Promotions Private Limited (RPPL), the visionary group that pioneered the success of the inaugural season of the Indian Racing League (IRL), proudly announces the successful conclusion of the ‘Karting SuperSeries’ at the renowned Chicane Circuit in Hyderabad. The exhilarating five-legged competition spanned across Chennai, Bengaluru, Kerala, Mumbai, and Delhi before culminating in a pulsating finale, won by Rachit Singhal, in Hyderabad.

Aimed at identifying and nurturing the next racing talent in India, the four-stroke SuperSeries showcased the incredible skills and determination of the participating drivers (aged 14 and above) who captivated audiences and ignited their passion for motorsports. Each leg of the competition offered a unique and challenging experience at renowned karting tracks across the country, including ECR Speedway in Chennai, Meco Kartopia in Bengaluru, Speedway Thrissur in Kerala, Ajmera IndiKarting in Mumbai, and Kartomania (F11 Karting) in Gurugram, Delhi.

The top six finalists from each leg earned the opportunity to prove their mettle in the grand finale hosted at Hyderabad’s Chicane Circuit. As the excitement reached its peak, Rachit Singhal emerged as the deserving champion of the ‘Karting SuperSeries finale, showcasing exceptional talent, precision, and strategic brilliance throughout the competition.

Expressing his joy at the success of the competition, Mr Akhil Reddy, Chairman & Managing Director of Racing Promotions Private Limited, said, “We are immensely proud of the ‘Karting SuperSeries’ and its significance as a crucial platform for young racing talents to showcase their skills and kickstart their career in motorsports. RPPL is committed to nurturing the next generation of racing stars in India, and Rachit Singhal victory is a testament to the potential and talent that exists in our country. We, at RPPL, extend our gratitude to all the participants, spectators, sponsors, and partners who contributed to the resounding success of this competition. We will continue to provide opportunities and support for these budding drivers, contributing to the growth of the Indian racing landscape.”

Mr. Armaan Ebrahim, the Co-Founder of RPPL, also shared his enthusiasm, saying, “The ‘Karting SuperSeries’ has been an incredible journey, offering young drivers an invaluable chance to showcase their skills and make a mark in the world of motorsports. At RPPL, we are passionate about nurturing racing talent and providing a platform for them to grow. The company remains dedicated to fostering the growth and development of motorsports in India, empowering young talents to pursue their dreams and shine on the global racing stage. This competition not only highlights the exceptional capabilities of these young drivers but also demonstrates our commitment to the development and advancement of motorsports in India. We are proud to be a part of their journey and look forward to witnessing their future successes.”

RPPL, the organizer of this event, was also at the helm of affairs during the inaugural season of the successful IRL. The city-based franchise racing league saw six teams along with 24 prominent foreign and Indian drivers competing for top honors in a four-legged battle in Chennai and Hyderabad. Akhil Rabindra from Hyderabad Blackbirds won the drivers’ title, and Godspeed Kochi won the team’s championship trophy.

Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan, the 9th head of the Asif Jahi Dynasty of Nizams pays tributes to Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of the Princely State of Hyderabad

Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan,

Hyderabad, 5th June 2023……Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan, Designated 9th head of the Asif Jahi Dynasty of Nizams pays tributes on Sunday morning to Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of the Princely State of Hyderabad, the largest Princely state in British India at his mausoleum at Masjid-e-Judi, at King Koti, near Nazri Bagh Palace in Hyderabad

Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan visited the Masjid-e-Judi, where all the family members of the 7th Nizam have graves, accompanied by Nawab Ameer Ali Jah, the Grand Son of 7th Nizam, who with the largest majority of the 7th Nizams family have selected him for the honor. Ameer Ali Jah is one of the handfuls of Asif Jahi’s in the City today of this generation who was bestowed the title of ‘Jah’ directly by the Nizam.

Sunday was also the 57th death anniversary of the last Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Osman Ali Khan.

Speaking on the occasion interacting with the media, Ameer Ali Jah, AKA Moin Nawab said paying respects to grandfather, Mir Osman Ali Khan, the erstwhile ruling Nizam 7th of Hyderabad State was an honour.I on behalf of my family of Direct descendants of the 7th Nizam have come to Masjid e’ Juri/Judi to pay respects to our dynamic and progressive world-renowned secular Grandfather who did a lot making the whole state of Hyderabad, which had the present Hyderabad as its capital, into a developed city, way beyond others in India. We have gathered to pay tribute and respect in more numbers than usual for this dynamic farsighted benefactor of Hyderabad as we are accompanying our New Nizam, Highness Raunaq Yar Khan.

Nawab Ameer Ali Jha said Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan has already put in a lot of effort to keep the name, memory and essence of the Asaf Jahi family, better known as the Nizams alive, through his interfaith activities since childhood, spanning almost 50 years, in Delhi and Hyderabad. We have brought him to visit the grave of his great grandfather the 6th Nizam and 7th Nizam next after which we will subsequently pay our respects to Nizam 6th, Raunaq’s great grandfather & then all our earlier ancestor Nizams 5, 4, 3 & 2 buried at Mecca Masjid (1st Nizam at Aurangabad). We hope Highness Raunaq Yar Khan gets the blessings of the departed ancestors apart from us who have our best wishes for him

Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan, one of the city’s most known representatives of the family and philanthropists, who was chosen as the 9th Nizam of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty by the Sahabzadegan of the earlier Nizams above 6th is now covered as head of the Nizam’s Asaf Jahi Dynasty by the descendants of Nizam 7th who are inline descendants of 1 to 7.

The newly crowned 9th Nizam, Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan visited the graveyard of Mir Osman Ali Khan for the first time after the majority of his family of descendants from Nizam 1 to 7 had chosen him to take their legacy forward as the 9th Nizam of The Asaf Jahi family, erstwhile rulers of Hyderabad State.

Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan, 60 years, is a well-known citizen of Hyderabad. He is the proud owner of an 80-acre film facility(set) located on a 115-acre plot in Road No. 25, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. It is one of the biggest film facilities in the city. Nizam Prince Raunaq Yar Khan is known for its amazing buildings and a man-made hill known as H.I.G.H(Highest In Greater Hyderabad Hill). Film wallahs know it is a booth bungalow. The hill is taller than Naubat Pahad.

Asaf Jahi Dynasty family members and associates also paid floral tributes and offered prayers at his mausoleum at Masjid Jodi in King Kothi.