Ultraluxe 2024 Niche Luxury Festival Returns With New Curated Exhibitions and Experiences

SINGAPORE, July 15, 2024  — UltraLuxe, Asia’s foremost festival of niche luxury, returns to the iconic TENT@Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, 4–13 October with JeweLuxe, Homme and Advocacy converging over 120 international brands; and new addition of DineLuxe profiling Singapore’s culinary talents’ iconic gastronomical creations.

UltraLuxe 2024

Anchoring the festival is JeweLuxe’s 85 independent houses and designers from across the globe in:

Edition 1 (4-8 October) presenting The Protagonist for sustainability, a rarity with Gemagical, the Iconic in Modernissimo, the heritage of Nouveau Asia.

Edition 2 (9–13 October) showcasing Style Inc. jewellery for everyday style, accessible glamour in Glamora and fashion artistry with Nouveau Asia.

Homme is a social space where discerning men explore timepieces, fashion, leisure and wellness. At the core of Homme is UltraBar, designed by Elliot James Interiors to elevate the appreciation of rare and exquisite spirits.

“Our curation of talents and passions locally and around the world will not only present new creative expressions but also indulge connoisseurs with experiences that will inspire their desire to invest in niche luxury for long-term value preservation,” says Ms Angela Loh, Founder and CEO, UltraLuxe.

UltraLuxe proudly partners with CIMB as the official sponsor presenting:

The Advocacy panel discussions – a platform where Game Changers, Philanthropists, Tastemakers and advocates of Ageless share their journeys.

The Ultimate Luxescape – an elevated showcase of heritage and iconic jewellery, fashion, timepieces, and culinary curated exclusively for Asia’s high-net-worth.

“We are proud to present LuxeScape, an experiential showcase tailored for our affluent Preferred Banking customers. In keeping to its theme of ‘purposeful luxury’, we are excited to participate in the Advocacy panel discussions on evolving trends and preservation of legacy for the future,” says Mr Victor Lee, CEO, CIMB Singapore.

UltraLuxe launches LuxEscapade for those seeking niche travel experiences, preluding with UltraLuxe festival itinerary for international visitors to enjoy red-carpet runway shows, high-profile networking events, and shopping experiences with over 120 international brands.

“The Singapore Tourism Board is delighted to support UltraLuxe as it enriches the diversity and quality of our leisure events pipeline. The festival highlights the unique blend of independent local and international jewellery designers, enhancing the overall retail experience and appeal for locals and visitors worldwide,” said Guo Teyi, Director, Retail and Dining, Singapore Tourism Board.

Quantum-Systems Inc. Wins AUD Dollar90M Australia Contracts

MOORPARK, Calif., July 15, 2024 — Quantum-Systems Inc., a leader in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aerial intelligence solutions, announced it was awarded two contracts under DEF129-SUAS, formerly known as Land 129 Phase 4B, totaling AUD $90 million. The award, signed April 24, 2024 in Brisbane, Queensland, is comprised of an acquisition contract to provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with Vector/Scorpion 2-in-1 fixed-wing eVTOL small uncrewed aerial systems (SUAS) and a support contract for the provision of training, maintenance, engineering, supply and logistics, and support services. Delivery will begin April 2025 with support services continuing into 2031.

Quantum-Systems-Inc--Vector eVTOL sUAS

The acquisition and support contracts will have significant work and delivery elements performed by Quantum-Systems Australia in Redbank, Queensland, providing in-country capability for contract execution and contribution to the local economy with a focus on supporting Indigenous Enterprises, SMEs, and entities promoting veteran employment. Quantum-Systems Australia recently opened its 22,755 square-foot manufacturing facility in March 2024, signifying a long-term commitment to Australia and dedication to fostering the creation, enhancement, and maintenance of Australian Industry Capabilities. The company is estimating up to 50 new engineering, manufacturing and administrative jobs for the area over the next five years to support its wider business growth plan in the Asia-Pacific region.

“We are honored to be selected by the Commonwealth of Australia to equip Army combat teams with our advanced sUAS that will provide them with the enhanced situational awareness and increased force protection they require,” said David Sharpin, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum-Systems Inc. “We will continue to actively identify further opportunities for Australian industry, reinforcing our dedication to nurturing local talent and enhancing the nation’s defense capabilities.”

The Vector 2-in-1 fixed-wing eVTOL UAS delivers real-time, high-resolution video for surveillance and reconnaissance missions. It is a rucksack portable solution that can be operational in three minutes and take-off and land in confined spaces without the need for additional tools or equipment. It can alternatively be configured as the Scorpion multicopter by removing the wings and tail and attaching a separate set of booms and props. To learn more, visit quantumdrones.com.

Asiaray is Granted Exclusive Concession Rights for Media Resources in Nine Shenzhen Metro Lines

HONG KONG, July 15, 2024– Asiaray Media Group Limited , an outstanding out-of-home (“OOH”) media company with a strategic focus on mega transport advertising media management, including airports, metro lines, and high-speed rail lines, announced that the Group has been granted exclusive concession rights to use and operate the advertising media resources of Shenzhen Metro’s Lines 3, 4, 6, sub-line 6, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 16 for terms ranging from two to five and a half years, with additional renewal options.

Shenzhen Metro is the backbone of public transportation in Shenzhen, with an average daily passenger flow of more than 7.99 million passengers, accounting for more than 70% of the passenger flow of Shenzhen’s public transportation. The Group has been granted exclusive concession rights for media resources in nine lines, which cover Luohu, Futian, Nanshan, Baoan, Guangming, Longhua, Longgang, Pingshan districts, connect the two Hong Kong-Shenzhen ports of Futian and Shenzhen Bay, and provide direct access to Futian, Shenzhen North, and Shenzhen Pingshan high-speed railway stations and Pinghu Railway Station. With such a wide coverage of resources, the Group will continue to build high-quality railway media and implement Asiaray’s “mega transport, multi-media and full ambience capability” advertising solutions in diversified forms to optimize customer deployment options and enrich the travel experience for passengers.

Mr. Vincent Lam, Founder, Chairman and Executive Director of Asiaray, said, “We are honored to have the trust of the operating units of the Shenzhen metro lines. This not only demostrats our strong reputation and fruitful results in developing the Shenzhen market, but also marks a new stage of our in-depth services in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Asiaray is renowned for its unwavering commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the market. Leveraging our deep understanding of large-scale transportation advertising media and astute market insights, we maintain a sophisticated approach to partnerships, and will continue to provide advertisers, brands and customers targeting mass travelers in Shenzhen with unparalleled advertising experiences. We will also add more color and vitality to the city with our cutting-edge, advanced and innovative digital advertising solutions. “

Over the years, the Group has strived to build a business blueprint for the transportation hub in the Greater Bay Area in order to take full advantage of the vast opportunities presented by China’s regional development initiative, and Asiaray has established a media network covering land and air. In addition to the Shenzhen Metro, the customers and brands are able to reach the robust travellers in the Greater Bay Area through the Groups’s exclusive media resources including large outdoor billboards located in prime locations in Hong Kong, the High-Speed Rail Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (Zhuhai Port), and Zhuhai Jinwan Airport, as well as the media resources at the three ports of Gongbei, Qingmao and Hengqin. Together with the Group’s exclusive media resources at airports, metro lines, and high-speed rail lines in nearly 40 cities across the country and in Asia including Singapore,, the signing of the agreement will create a massive synergy that will consolidate the Group’s leading position in the Greater China region and in Asia, while connecting its customers and brands to a number of emerging markets.

IDP GO Expo: Empowering Dreams with 130+ Institutions

HONG KONG, July 15, 2024 — The HKDSE (Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education) results will be announced on Wednesday, July 17, 2024. Around 50,000 students will be facing choices for further education and career development. Many students plan to study abroad. However, with the vast number of countries, institutions, disciplines, and subjects available, what are the options for the students and parents and how should they make the right choices? IDP is the leader in overseas education here in Hong Kong and assists more than 90% of students to successfully receive offers to the global top 100 prestigious universities. On the day of DSE results announcement, IDP is hosting its mega annual overseas education event “IDP GO | Overseas Education Expo”. As the world’s leading education services expert, IDP is ready with comprehensive information to answer the needs and questions of the students and parents.

IDP set their foothold in Hong Kong for over 30 years. The experienced education counselors community leveraging the IDP global universities network, provides unique insights to students and gives them well-rounded advices to study in any part of the world. IDP Hong Kong provides user-friendly services, focusing on assisting students to go global and embark on the path to achieve their academic and career goals. IDP Hong Kong’s global education counselors has helped over 90% of students to get offers to the world’s Top 100 universities (according to the QS World University Rankings 2024), and 90% of students who favor studying in the UK have successfully gained admission to the UK’s Top 30 universities (according to the Times and the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023-2024). As the co-founder and co-owner of the renowned IELTS, IDP is dedicated to offer students well-matched global education solutions to help them succeed and realize their dreams.

India’s Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Rajshekhar KT Revolutionize Knee Surgery with Over 200 Robotic-assisted Knee Replacements

15th July 2024  Bangalore, Karnataka, India  Apollo Hospital is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking achievement in the field of orthopedic surgery. Dr. Rajashekhar K T, a distinguished orthopedic surgeon at Apollo Hospital in Bangalore, has successfully performed over 200 robotic-assisted total knee replacement (TKR) surgeries using the advanced Joint Robotic System. This remarkable milestone underscores Apollo Hospital’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance patient outcomes and revolutionize knee surgery.

The Future of Knee Surgery is Here

Robotics is becoming increasingly integral to various sectors, including medicine. One of the most significant advancements in medical technology is robotic-assisted total knee replacement (TKR) surgery. The Joint Robotic System, utilized by Dr. Rajashekhar K T at Apollo Hospital, epitomizes this technological leap forward.

So, what exactly is Robotic-assisted TKR? Simply put, it’s a type of knee surgery where a robot aids the surgeon during the operation. The robot doesn’t perform the surgery independently; instead, it works as assistant to the surgeon, providing crucial support.

Here’s how it works

Before the surgery begins, the Robotic system creates a detailed 3D model of the patient’s knee. This model allows the surgeon to meticulously plan the surgery with unparalleled precision. During the operation, the robotic system offers real-time feedback, ensuring every step is executed with utmost accuracy. This real-time feedback enables the surgeon to make immediate adjustments, achieving the best possible outcome for the patient.

Why Robotic-Assisted Knee Surgery is Superior

Robotic-assisted knee surgery provides numerous advantages. The Joint Robotic System uses advanced imaging and real-time feedback to ensure the implant (the artificial knee joint) is positioned perfectly. This precise placement leads to better joint function, longer-lasting implants, and improved overall patient outcomes.

“The Joint Robotic System allows us to achieve unmatched accuracy and alignment during the procedure,” explains Dr. Rajashekhar K T. “This leads to better joint mechanics and a longer-lasting implant, enhancing the patient’s quality of life.”

Personalized Care for Every Patient

One of the standout features of the Joint Robotic System is its ability to devise a personalized surgical plan for each patient. By incorporating detailed preoperative imaging and intraoperative data, the system tailors the procedure to accommodate the unique anatomy of each patient. This personalized approach minimizes the risk of complications and enhances recovery and satisfaction.

“The robotic system enables us to create a customized surgical plan based on each patient’s specific needs,” says Dr. Rajashekhar K T. “This ensures the best fit and alignment for the implant, leading to better outcomes and happier patients.”

Less Pain, Faster Recovery

Robotic-assisted TKR also translates to less pain and a quicker recovery for patients. The precision of the robotic system allows for smaller incisions, which means less damage to surrounding tissues, reduced blood loss, and faster healing times. Patients can start moving and return to their daily activities more quickly, significantly improving their quality of life.

Enhanced Accuracy and Improved Outcomes

The Joint Robotic System’s advanced technology allows for unparalleled accuracy in knee replacement surgery. Robotic-assisted TKR leverages precise measurements and real-time adjustments to ensure optimal implant positioning. This high degree of accuracy reduces the risk of misalignment, which can lead to complications and the need for revision surgery.

Dr. Rajashekhar K T emphasizes, “The Joint Robotic System’s accuracy is truly transformative. It helps us place the implant with such precision that it significantly reduces the risk of complications and improves the longevity of the implant. Patients experience better knee function and a more natural feel post-Surg

Expertise and Experiences.”

Dr. Rajashekhar K T brings a wealth of experience in robotic-assisted TKR, having successfully treated a wide range of knee conditions. His expertise extends to managing mild to severe knee deformities, including complex cases. The precision and versatility of the Joint Robotic System have allowed Dr. Rajashekhar K T to achieve excellent results across various cases.

“My experience with robotic-assisted TKR has been incredibly rewarding,” shares Dr. Rajashekhar K T. “The technology allows me to handle even the most challenging cases with confidence, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care.”

Patient Experiences and Success Stories

Patients who have undergone robotic-assisted TKR at Apollo Hospital have reported significantly positive experiences. Many patients have noted quicker recovery times, less post-operative pain, and a higher satisfaction rate with their knee function compared to traditional knee replacement surgeries.

One patient shares his experience, “I was initially apprehensive about undergoing knee surgery. However, the robotic-assisted procedure was a game-changer. The recovery was much faster than I expected, and I was back on my feet in no time. I’m incredibly grateful to Dr. Rajashekhar K T and his team.”

Looking Ahead

As technology continues to advance, Robotic systems are expected to play an increasingly vital role in surgeries. The Joint Robotic System represents a significant advancement in knee replacement surgery, offering patients a more precise, less invasive option.

“We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of medical technology,” says Dr. Rajashekhar K T. “As surgeons, our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes, and robotic-assisted TKR is a crucial part of achieving that.”

Cenlub Systems Recognized as One of India’s Best Places to Work for 2024

15th July 2024 Haryana, India Cenlub Systems, a pioneering company in India that specializes in designing and manufacturing centralized lubrication systems, oil lube systems, and lube oil consoles has been officially certified as one of the Best Places to Work in India for 2024.

The recognition as a “Best Place to Work” highlights Cenlub Systems’ commitment to building a culture of trust, respect, and community. Their focus on employee development, work-life balance, and overall well-being has played a key role in achieving this honor. Cenlub Systems offers ongoing training, diverse benefits programs, and initiatives that promote fitness, a positive culture, and a healthy work-life balance for all employees.

Nimit Mittal, Managing Director at Cenlub Systems, commented on the recognition, “This accreditation reinforced my belief that we are focusing on the right priority – Our People! Together with the management and HR teams, we are committed to driving continuous improvement to sustain an enabling, engaging, and inclusive culture and focus on the development of our people.”

Shweta Jindal, Marketing Manager at Cenlub Systems, said, “We believe that a positive working environment greatly influences employees’ attitudes towards their work, co-workers and work productivity. Communication and collaboration develop a strong workplace culture and allow a comfortable environment for employees to share ideas, facilitate opportunities for learning and working towards a common goal.”

Every year, the program partners with many organizations in India, across different industries, to help them measure, benchmark, and improve their HR practices and have access to the tools and expertise they need to deliver effective and sustainable change in their organizations.

ITR Filing Deadline 2024: Easily File Taxes Online Through Bajaj Markets

15th July 2024  Pune, Maharashtra, India  Bajaj Markets, a leading financial marketplace in India, is committed to simplifying financial processes for its users. As the July 31st deadline for filing Income Tax Returns (ITR) for the financial year 2023-24 approaches, the marketplace is offering a convenient solution to help meet this obligation.

Through a partnership with Quicko, a pioneering tax filing platform, Bajaj Markets has simplified the ITR filing process. This collaboration offers a user-friendly and convenient solution for taxpayers seeking a smooth e-filing experience.

Benefits of Filing Taxes through Quicko on Bajaj Markets

Filing ITR on time is essential. Failing to do so can result in penalties and late filing fees. Quick empowers individuals to meet the deadline with ease and avoid any unnecessary complications. Here are some benefits of tax filing with Quicko one can enjoy:

Effortless DIY Filing: Quicko offers a user-friendly interface that guides taxpayers through the process. The basic plan is completely free, allowing them to directly file their ITR on the platform. To save time and minimize errors, Quicko allows seamless import of one’s investment data directly from broker platforms.

Expert Assistance: Quicko provides a ‘Get Help’ service with expert-assisted tax filing. Taxpayers can choose a plan that aligns with their income complexity and connect with qualified tax professionals through secure virtual meetings on the MEET platform. This personalized approach allows for in-depth discussions about one’s finances and investments, ensuring they feel confident about their tax filing decisions.

Seamless Digital Experience: Quicko prioritizes a user-friendly experience by offering convenient digital payment options. Pay taxes seamlessly through UPI or card, eliminating the need for physical transactions.

Informed Decisions with Advanced Tools: Quicko empowers individuals with advanced tools and calculators to estimate their income tax liabilities and advance tax payments. This comprehensive approach allows for informed tax planning and filing, minimizing the risk of unexpected tax burdens.

Worldwide Realty Launches 178 Prime Industrial Plots in Manesar

15th July 2024  Worldwide Realty is excited to announce the launch of 178 HRERA-approved industrial plots in Manesar, spanning 112.5 acres of land. This strategic initiative aims to meet the growing demand for industrial spaces in the region, offering robust infrastructure and unparalleled connectivity.

These plots are part of the larger 118+ acre industrial township, The Golden City, which is strategically located near expressways and highways, providing excellent connectivity to Gurugram and other cities. The new development is poised to benefit significantly from both existing and upcoming infrastructure improvements in the area.

“Our decision to launch industrial plots in The Golden City project is driven by the significant infrastructural advancements in the area,” said Mr. Vikas Aggarwal, COO, Worldwide Realty. “The KMP Expressway and the upcoming Gurugram-Pataudi-Rewari Highway will provide seamless connectivity, making this location highly attractive for large industries, warehousing, MSMEs, e-commerce, and startups.”

Manesar’s prime location near Gurugram provides a competitive edge, making it a preferred destination for businesses. The enhanced connectivity ensures efficient logistics and easy access to key markets, reducing transportation time and costs. This strategic advantage positions Manesar as a top choice for industries looking to establish or expand their operations.

The industrial plots offered by Worldwide Realty are designed to cater to diverse business needs, providing a robust infrastructure that supports growth and development. With ample space and modern amenities, these plots are ideal for setting up large manufacturing units, warehousing facilities, and office spaces for MSMEs and startups.

The KMP Expressway has already enhanced the region’s connectivity, linking it to major highways and economic zones. The upcoming Gurugram-Pataudi-Rewari Highway is set to further boost the area’s accessibility, making it easier for businesses to operate efficiently and tap into a larger market base.

“The new highway will be a game-changer for businesses operating in Manesar,” Mr. Aggarwal added. “It offers a strategic advantage by reducing travel time and transportation costs, making it easier for companies to move goods efficiently. This connectivity positions Manesar as a prime location compared to other industrial areas.”

These industrial plots offer flexible sizes to cater to diverse business needs, ensuring that enterprises of all scales can find a suitable space. Additionally, the robust infrastructure supports smooth operations, while the strategic location promises growth potential and profitability.

Europe ‘Full of Character’: French Cheeses Take Centre Stage In Bengaluru

15th July 2024  Bengaluru, Karnataka, India  The French Dairy Board (CNIEL), with aid from the European Union, successfully hosted a series of immersive events in Bengaluru, Karnataka. These events, led by master cheesemonger Francois Robin, were part of their ‘Full of Character’ promotional campaign that celebrates the rich heritage, impressive quality, and lip-smacking flavours of various French cheeses.

A selection of French cheeses took centre stage such as Emmental, Mimolette, Comte, Blue Cheese, Camembert and Brie to name a few. Food influencers, industry professionals, and students were invited to these events to showcase the exceptional flavour, versatility, and appeal of French cheeses. As a part of the experience the Cheesemonger hosted a workshop and curated a buffet of French cheeses paired with the local Indian spices for a fusion experience.

“We are immensely grateful for the amazing response that our ‘Full of Character’ campaign has received in India this year. The events in Bengaluru were a wonderful opportunity to connect and engage with influencers, industry professionals, and budding chefs. This response and love for our variety of French cheese only strengthens our passion for creating and bringing exceptional quality products to the Indian market. We look forward to continuing this journey” said Emilie Martin, Managing Director of APAC at CNIEL.

This year’s edition witnessed an influencer workshop where leading food influencers from the city indulged in an immersive experience with Francois who elucidated the variety and usage of French Cheese along with Indian condiments. This was followed by a networking evening for the senior professionals from the F&B industry. The dinner spread showcased an exquisite array of French cheese-based dishes as well as a French cheese buffet and served as an excellent opportunity for people to connect and discuss the future of EU cheese in India. Lastly, a culinary workshop was hosted at the APCA Institute, where the cheesemonger shared valuable insights about French Cheese with the students.

Europe ‘Full of Character’ is a three-year-long promotional campaign that pays homage to the artistry and craftsmanship inherent in European cheese-making. France is home to over 1200 varieties of cheese, and the campaign puts the spotlight on this diversity, the plethora of amazing flavours, textures, and aromas, that have made these types of cheese cherish-worthy delights on dining/snacking tables across the globe. The underlying aim is to continue educating customers about how they can embrace French cheese in their meal repertoire.

With this campaign, the French dairy sector further strengthens its commitment towards animal welfare and sustainability. France has been (and continues to be) a major milk-producing country. Its temperate climate and favourable rainfall create an ideal setting for meadows and fodder crops. The nutritious feed of the cows is made of fresh fodder and cereals grown on the farm, making traceability much easier. Plus the dedication of the farmers for animal welfare fair well for the cattle. All of this lends French milk its rich and incomparable flavour, the absolute condition to make tasty cheeses. What’s more? The expertise of local farmers and cheesemakers. They ensure the milk is turned into high-quality, authentic French cheese, without harming the environment.

The French dairy sector is also participating in collective efforts to fight climate change and is working to reduce its carbon footprint. In line with the sector’s climate roadmap, stakeholders are committed to reducing the carbon footprint by 17% per litre of milk leaving the factory by 2025.

AICTE and OPPO India Collaborate for the ‘Generation Green’ Campaign to Build Green Skills through 5000 Student Internships in India

15th July 2024 New Delhi, Delhi, India  The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and OPPO India today announced their ‘Generation Green’ campaign. The 100-day program-managed by 1M1B (One Million for One Billion)-promotes green skills among the youth through 5,000 internship opportunities across colleges in India.

The AICTE and OPPO India announced their ‘Generation Green’ campaign. The 100-day program promotes green skills among the youth through 5,000 internship opportunities across colleges in India

According to LinkedIn’s Global Green Skills Report 2023, job seekers with green skills are 29% more likely to get hired than the average workforce. This initiative cultivates climate-conscious skills which will add to the students’ knowledge to make them future-ready for the opportunities of tomorrow.

“AICTE is proud to join hands with OPPO India for the Green Internship Programme,” Dr. TG Sitharam, Chairman of AICTE, said. “It is a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their skills and contribute to sustainability efforts that tackle environmental challenges and contribute towards building an eco-friendly world. Notably, OPPO India is the first electronics manufacturing company to offer internships through AICTE. This campaign is a part of the 1 Crore Internships mission of AICTE, Ministry of Education, Govt of India, and will contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Students from all streams, technical and non-technical, can participate in this internship program. The interns will undertake a range of hands-on activities that will inculcate their skills in project management, sustainability practices, effective communication, collaboration, research, and data analysis, enhancing their overall employability. Students will take the Green Pledge and participate in awareness sessions, E-surveys, and Green Day celebrations.

“At OPPO India, we are aligned with the Net-Zero vision of the Government of India. Our aim is to create a macro movement towards sustainability that is driven by the power of youth,” said Rakesh Bhardwaj, Head, Public Affairs at OPPO India. “Today, we are nurturing 5,000 sustainability champions who are going to further influence the next generation of changemakers. Through the programme, at least 10 lakh students from schools and colleges nationally will be provided with the right knowledge and values towards supporting a sustainable community. We are delighted to partner with AICTE in this transformative initiative and will continue to amplify the impact in this direction through our collective efforts.”

Dr. Buddha Chandrasekhar, Chief Coordinating Officer, AICTE, added, “The AICTE internship portal hosts over 50 lacs internships, aiming to reach 1 Crore by 2025. We are pleased to partner with OPPO India to offer 5000 sustainability internships. Balancing development with sustainability is vital for India. Engaging youth in effective e-waste management is essential, as their commitment and innovation can help build a cleaner, sustainable future. Students participating in these internships may also earn 2-3 academic credits.”

These efforts aim to increase environmental awareness and promote sustainable practices among students. The opportunity is now available on the AICTE internship portal and students can apply through this link: www.iamgenerationgreen.com.

All Interns who complete the program’s activities will receive certificates jointly accredited by AICTE, OPPO India, and 1M1B.

OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since the launch of its first mobile phone-“Smiley Face”-in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the perfect synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology. Today, OPPO provides a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find and Reno series. Beyond devices, OPPO provides its users with the ColorOS operating system and internet services like OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO operates in more than 50 countries and regions with more than 40,000 of OPPO’s employees dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.