SpiceJet’s Stock Soars as Company Secures Fresh Capital, Experts Bullish on Breakout

New Delhi: – Budget carrier SpiceJet’s Board will meet on Monday (December 11), to decide on the proposal to raise fresh capital in the Company through the issue of equity shares. Sources said the Company was looking for anywhere between $100-1200 million fresh equity infusion.

The airline’s stock jumped 20% on the Bombay Stock Exchange, hitting the upper circuit, on Thursday after the news broke.

Experts are extremely bullish on the stock, which is significantly undervalued.

“SpiceJet, with its market capitalization currently standing at around INR 4000 crore, appears to be significantly undervalued when compared to its peers in the Indian aviation industry. A substantial equity infusion into the airline can turn around the fortunes of the 18-year-old airline,” said an industry expert.

For reference, the market capitalization of IndiGo is INR 1.1 lakh crore. “This stark difference in market capitalization positions SpiceJet as an attractive investment opportunity, offering substantial growth potential and attractive returns for investors,” he said.

The airline has multiple strong points to its advantage. “SpiceJet holds coveted slots and routes at all important Indian and international airports like Dubai, Thailand, Oman, Colombo, Male etc., providing a competitive edge in the market and contributing to its potential for sustained growth. It also has a 200-plus plane order with Boeing for the its 737 Max aircraft.”

“A correction in SpiceJet’s stock prices is imminent and could result in sizeable returns for investors. We believe it stands out as the best bet among Indian aviation companies for growth and returns. SpiceJet’s current share prices present an advantageous entry point for investors looking to capitalize on potential upward movements,” a senior SpiceJet official said.

Experience a taste of Goa through a 3-day pop-up event: MKT at The Chanakya X Neighbors

New Delhi, 7th December 2023 Delhi’s most celebrated dining destination, MKT at The Chanakya, is collaborating with ‘Neighbors,’ an esteemed California-style cafe nestled in the vibrant city of Goa, for a 3-day pop-up, starting December 8th (on till December 10th). The pop-up event will present the fusion of MKT, The Chanakya’s luxury dining experience, with Chef Konnark Sharma’s delightful assortment of classic and innovative dishes prepared with fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

MKT at The Chanakya collaborates with Neighbors to present an inventive menu offering a culinary voyage that transcends boundaries. The collaboration will bring an assortment of flavors featuring everything from an impressive selection of handcrafted succulent steaks to sizzling grills.

The pop-up menu, curated by one of India’s most dynamic young chefs, Chef Konnark Sharma, promises the best of Neighbors’ eclectic coastal fare. The menu will be live for customers from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Diners can expect dishes straight out of Chef Konnark’s kitchen; explore the fusion of tastes with mouthwatering dishes such as Duck & Cherry Sambousek or the melt-in-your-mouth Butter-Basted Prawns; or heavily spiced dishes such as Moorish Pinchos or Lamb Albondigas; the menu has a variety of choices for all preferences.

Continually at the forefront of culinary trends, MKT at The Chanakya, is dedicated to innovating and reimagining culinary experiences for its valued guests. The prestigious dining haven constantly sets the stage for diverse dining experiences by curating exclusive collaborations. The luxury dining destination is always looking forward to pushing the envelope and creating experiences for its guests.

Immerse yourself in an ambiance that exudes luxury and exclusivity while treating yourself to some delicious recipes. Guests can look forward to quality food, top-notch service, and a delightful gourmet experience. MKT at The Chanakya invites you to embrace a focused cuisine, honest flavors , and an enthralling experience through MKT X Neighbors pop-up.

When: December 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2023

Timings: 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.


Brightening the Holidays Responsibly: DoubleTree by Hilton Pune-Chinchwad’s Sustainable Tree Lighting Gala

Brightening the Holidays

Pune-Chinchwad, [7thth December 2023] — DoubleTree by Hilton Pune-Chinchwad recently hosted a heartwarming and environmentally conscious Tree Lighting /Christmas celebration, marking the beginning of the holiday season in a unique and sustainable manner.

The event commenced with a soulful saxophone performance by a talented artist, setting the mood for a memorable evening. However, the true highlight of the evening was the enchanting performance by the young students from Elpro School, who graced the occasion with their melodious rendition of classic Christmas carols, filling the air with joy and festive spirit.

Amidst an atmosphere of anticipation, the lights dimmed, unveiling the centerpiece of the celebration—the Christmas tree. This magnificent tree stood tall and proud, adorned with twinkling lights, emanating warmth and joy throughout the venue. What made this tree truly exceptional was its origin; crafted entirely from wood sourced from the ongoing hotel room renovations. It symbolized the hotel’s commitment to sustainability, utilizing wood waste in an innovative and meaningful way to create a stunning festive centerpiece.

“Celebrating the holidays with more than just lights, our tree embodies our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Crafted from reclaimed wood, it stands as a symbol of repurposing and responsibility. This season, we illuminate not just our tree but also our journey towards a more eco-friendly future.” – GM Vinay Nair

Adding to the enchantment of the evening, Santa Claus made a delightful appearance, spreading cheer and happiness among the guests, especially the little ones, enhancing the festive fervor.

The evening culminated in a lively celebration, where guests and attendees rejoiced in the festive spirit, enjoying a delightful gathering and creating lasting memories.

DoubleTree by Hilton Chinchwad Pune-Chinchwad remains committed not only to providing exceptional hospitality but also to fostering a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. This Christmas celebration stands as a testament to their dedication to innovation and sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Christian Louboutin Announces a Joint Venture Partnership in India With Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited

New Delhi, 7th December 2023 : Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL), India’s leading fashion company, today announced a partnership with Christian Louboutin, one of the world’s most famous shoe designers known for his high-end footwear and iconic soles. This joint venture envisages the transfer of the current Indian business into a newly incorporated subsidiary of ABFRL where the partners will hold equal stake.

Founded in 1991 in the heart of Paris, Christian Louboutin is one of the leading names in global luxury, world famous for its signature red sole shoes. Christian Louboutin has successfully diversified its business into men’s footwear, leather goods & accessories, beauty and kids. Christian Louboutin has established its retail presence in over 30 countries.

“We are excited to partner with ABFRL’s team and look forward to working with them to manage and develop the business in India which is an extremely important market for us,” commented Alexis Mourot, Christian Louboutin’s Group CEO.

Ashish Dikshit, Managing Director, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited commented “We are thrilled to announce our strategic alliance with Christian Louboutin, a true icon in luxury footwear. This partnership reflects our commitment to offering our discerning customers the very best in elegance and style. It also exemplifies our ambition to develop and shape the future of the luxury market in India.”

“We are excited to welcome Christian Louboutin into the ABFRL family and building a strong platform for the brand in India. The brand’s distinctive style and craftsmanship appeals to a discerning Indian audience that is growing rapidly,” Sathyajit Radhakrishnan, CEO of International Business, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited.

Vitesco Technologies presents comprehensive portfolio for electric drives at CTI Symposium, Berlin

New Delhi,7th December 2023 . Vitesco Technologies, a leading international provider of state-of-the-art drive technologies and solutions for electromobility, will participate in this year’s CTI Symposium in Berlin with a booth and technical presentations. Among the product innovations that the company will present from tomorrow are the Master Controller Premium as well as its overmolded power modules with modern silicon carbide chip technology.

The Master Controller Premium from Vitesco Technologies is a central control system for various area functions, such as the drive, the chassis or the charging. By acting as a functional integration platform for lateral and longitudinal acceleration, thermal and energy management, driving and charging strategy, it supports the highest functional safety level (ASIL-D).

Another highlight of Vitesco Technologies at the CTI Symposium will be the overmold power module: With its modern silicon carbide chip technology it represents a solution example for very deep system competence through joint optimization of power electronics and thermal management. Thanks to long-term collaborations with various semiconductor manufacturers, the company is able to offer its customers a particularly high degree of flexibility.

Cairn Oil & Gas accelerates net zero journey with enhanced focus on nature-based solutions

New Delhi, 7th December 2023 : Cairn Oil & Gas, India’s largest private oil and gas exploration and production company, and a part of Vedanta Group, announced another strategic carbon offset initiative that will support its journey to Net Zero through a focus on nature-based solutions. The company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Gujarat Forest Department to develop 130 hectares of mangroves, by planting 200,000 mangroves in areas in the vicinity of the company’s operations in Surat. This would lead to a potential carbon sequestration of about 62,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over a decade.

The partnership underlines Cairn Oil & Gas’ Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitment to protect and conserve biodiversity around its operational areas, striding to achieve no net loss of biodiversity. It contributes to the company’s ESG vision by undertaking impactful initiatives that nurture the environment and create lasting value for the communities it serves. Cairn’s aim is to achieve this transformational impact by planting 2 million trees by 2030.

Mangroves are regarded as the most impactful natural carbon sinks, with studies proving that they sequester nearly ten times more carbon than mature tropical forests, in addition to storing three to five times more carbon per equivalent area.

This new association further builds on the earlier three MoUs signed by Cairn with the state governments of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh through a mass plantation of 0.75 million trees to accelerate decarbonization which have the potential to sequester 500,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2050 – equivalent to the emissions from about 4,500 Indian households annually. As part of the earlier MoU with Gujarat Forest Department, Cairn has completed development of 60 hectares of Mangrove Forest in the coast of Surat. In addition to the positive environmental impact, the mangrove planting initiative also helps restore local ecosystems and enhance biodiversity by serving as habitats for diverse flora and fauna.

According to Dr. Steve Moore, Dy. CEO, Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta, “As India focuses on accelerating decarbonisation and achieving Net Zero goals, we are exploring multiple pathways to contribute to the nation’s aspirations and its energy needs. Nature-based solutions such as mangrove planting are powerful tools to not only sequester carbon emissions but also create lasting value for local economies. Through our MoU with the Gujarat Forest Department, we are further strengthening our carbon offsetting initiatives to achieve Net Zero. Aligned with India’s long-term strategy for emission reduction, the new initiative highlights the spirit of action that underpins our ESG vision of ‘Transforming the Planet.’”

Cairn Oil & Gas has a proven track-record of enhancing biodiversity, having developed 2,830 acres of greenbelt across its operational areas, including 458 acres of mangroves along the coasts of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Such positive climate action initiatives aim at contributing to the overall company’s ESG purpose of ‘Transforming energy responsibly for securing India’s energy future’ through the three pillars: Transforming the Planet, Transforming Communities, and Transforming the Workplace’.

Zscaler Survey: 92% of Indian organizations view GenAI tools as potential security risk despite its growing usage

BANGALORE, India, 7th December 2023 –– New research from Zscaler, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZS), the leader in cloud security, suggests that organizations are feeling the pressure to rush into generative AI (GenAI) tool usage, despite significant security concerns. According to its latest survey, “All eyes on securing GenAI” of more than 900 global IT decision makers, although 92% of organizations in India consider GenAI tools like ChatGPT to be a potential security risk, 95% are already using them in some guise within their businesses.

As Generative AI tools take centre stage in India’s digital economy, organizations in their pursuit of staying competitive strategically leverage GenAI to drive innovation and productivity. However, the survey spotlights key challenges such as 100% of respondents considering the lack of resources to monitor the usage and 75% admitting the lack of skills or talent to implement or use GenAI tools like ChatGPT effectively.

“Generative AI has become a technological revolution with unlimited possibilities. Hence the spotlight is on organisations to navigate the intricate balance between innovation and security, said Sudip Banerjee, CTO, APJ, Zscaler. “Our survey underscores the dynamism of GenAI adoption, highlighting the need to sharpen focus on both Zero trust principles and skill development to unlock the full potential of GenAI technology. Therefore, integrating a zero-trust solution can provide full control over technology’s usage per user and application, allowing organizations to maintain a secure and controlled environment.”

Even more worryingly, 22% of this user group aren’t monitoring the usage at all, and 36% have yet to implement any additional GenAI-related security measures – though many have it on their roadmap.

“GenAI tools, including ChatGPT and others, hold immense promise for businesses in terms of speed, innovation, and efficiency,” emphasized Sanjay Kalra, VP Product Management at Zscaler. “However, with the current ambiguity surrounding their security measures, a mere 30% of organizations in India perceive their adoption as an opportunity rather than a threat. This not only jeopardizes their business and customer data integrity, but also squanders their tremendous potential.”

The rollout pressure isn’t coming from where people might think, however, with the results suggesting that IT has the ability to regain control of the situation. Despite mainstream awareness, it is not employees who appear to be the driving force behind current interest and usage – only 3% of respondents in India said it stemmed from employees. Instead, 71% said usage was being driven by the IT teams directly in India.

“The fact that IT teams are at the helm should offer a sense of reassurance to business leaders,” Kalra continued. “It signifies that the leadership team has the authority to strategically temper the pace of GenAI adoption and establish a firm hold on its security measures, before its prevalence within their organization advances any further. However, it’s essential to recognize that the window for achieving secure governance is rapidly diminishing.”

With 75% of respondents in India anticipating a significant increase in the interest of GenAI tools before the end of the year, organizations need to act quickly to close the gap between use and security.

Here are a few steps business leaders can take to ensure GenAI use in their organization is properly secured:

  • Implement a holistic zero trust architecture to authorize only approved AI applications and users.
  • Conduct thorough security risk assessments for new AI applications to clearly understand and respond to vulnerabilities.
  • Establish a comprehensive logging system for tracking all AI prompts and responses.
  • Enable zero trust-powered Data Loss Prevention (DLP) measures for all AI activities to safeguard against data exfiltration.

Additional Resources
“All eyes on securing GenAI” Infographic

In October 2023, Zscaler commissioned Sapio Research to survey 901 IT decision makers (ITDMs) across 10 markets [Australia & New Zealand, France, Germany, India, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, UK & Ireland, USA]. These ITDMs work at companies of 500+ employees, and across industries.

Sapio Research is a full-service B2B and tech market research agency that helps businesses grow thanks to high quality, efficient, and honest research solutions.

FLOW WFM Wins the “WFM Technology Leader” Award at NXTGEN BPO CONFEX 2023


Mumbai, India, 07th December 2023: FLOW, the omnichannel, self-serve workforce management suite, has been awarded the ‘WFM Technology Leader’ award at NXTGEN BPO CONFEX 2023. The solution was recognized for its ability to automate key processes using AI/ML technology for maximizing WFM planning efficiency and boosting CX.

FLOW garnered awe with its unique ability to seamlessly integrate with existing contact center technology, making it a cost-effective and easy-to-adopt solution for any BPO. The solution drastically reduces WFM planning time by 60%, enabling the teams to focus on other core tasks.

FLOW enables organizations to integrate all their data and create a single source of truth, delivering a unified data view across the enterprise. The built-in AutoML capabilities bring about highly accurate forecasts, while what-if-based capacity planning aids WFM teams to be prepared for any scenario. Shift identification, facilitated by rule-based parameters, aids organizations to create shift plans tailored to their business requirements, mitigating leakages. Enabling employees to bid for their preferred shifts helps foster work-life balance and elevate satisfaction. Intelligent rostering brings about higher customer satisfaction by matching the best agent with the right skills for every interaction. Real-time, 360° dashboards assist organizations to derive actionable insights instantly, promoting data driven decisions whilst monitoring key performance metrics with ease.

The NexGen BPO Confex & Awards is a platform where industry experts and other stakeholders come together to gain insights into the latest trends, best practices and innovative strategies in procurement. Attended by CXOs, presidents, directors, heads, managers & executives across various departments like technology, IT, operations, delivery, HR, CX, analytics, etc., the event facilitates professional development, inspiration and staying updated about the latest regulations, compliance requirements and market dynamics.

DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon Powers Ahead in Sustainability: Partners with STATIQ for EV Charging Stations

DoubleTree by Hilton

New Delhi, 07th December 2023: DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon New Delhi NCR has inaugurated the electric vehicle Charging Stations by General Manager – Rajat Tuli along with Akshit Bansal, CEO & Founder, Statiq as a part of Hilton’s ‘Travel with Purpose’ commitment, demonstrating the hotel’s dedication towards environmental responsibility and innovation. This charging station is equipped with one DC dual gun charger of 60kW, that enables to charge an electric car up to 80% in about 40 minutes only and one AdWall AC charger of 22kW capacity providing for both fast and slow charging services. All types of four-wheelers and two-wheelers with different EV technologies can be charged at this station.

Mr. Tuli added, “This step marks a significant milestone for the hotel, as it aligns itself with the global shift towards sustainable and green practices within the hospitality industry.”

Travel with Purpose: A Commitment to Sustainability

Hilton’s ‘Travel with Purpose’ initiative is a comprehensive commitment to driving positive social and environmental impact within the communities where Hilton operates. It encompasses a range of programs and policies designed to reduce the environmental footprint of Hilton properties and contribute to the well-being of local communities.

The introduction of EV charging stations at DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon in collaboration with STATIQ, aligns perfectly with this commitment. Electric vehicles are increasingly recognized as a cleaner and more sustainable mode of transportation, contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. By offering this service, the hotel is not only meeting the growing demand for EV infrastructure but also taking proactive steps to reduce its own carbon footprint.

As part of the inaugural offer, guests can now avail a 15% discount at the hotel’s Food Store while they charge their electric vehicles at the dedicated charging station. This not only promotes sustainable transportation but also encourages visitors to embrace eco-friendly practices while enjoying their stay.

Rajat Tuli, General Manager, DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon Delhi NCR said,” The driving force behind this initiative, envisions DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon as a leader in sustainable and responsible hospitality. We believe that the introduction of EV charging stations is a testament to the hotel’s commitment towards meeting the evolving needs and preferences of its guests. We are thrilled to become One More Hilton Hotel to offer EV charging Station. Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. By integrating green practices into our operations, we aim to create a greener, cleaner, and more responsible future.”

” We are indeed delighted to have partnered with DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon-New Delhi NCR for setting up this charging station at their prestigious property. This initiative aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship, offering guests a seamless and eco-conscious travel experience. Our partnership with Hilton reflects a shared vision of innovation and responsible hospitality, setting a new standard for the intersection of luxury and sustainability. The EV charging station at DoubleTree by Hilton Gurgaon-New Delhi NCR is more than a power source; it’s a symbol of our dedication to a greener, smarter, and more connected world.” – said Akshit Bansal, CEO & Founder, Statiq.

Karnataka Tourism: A Cultural Odyssey Unveiled at IITM Hyderabad 2023

Karnataka Tourism

Karnataka Tourism captivated the hearts and minds of visitors at IITM Hyderabad with a mesmerizing display of its rich cultural heritage, exquisite temples, tantalizing cuisine, and breathtaking wildlife. The event, held from 1st to 3rd December 2023, in stand number P7 at People’s Plaza, showcased the diverse beauty of Karnataka, a state renowned for its vibrant traditions, architectural marvels, and delectable culinary delights.

Visitors were transported to the enchanting world of Karnataka through a visual display of Karnataka’s architectural treasures, highlighting the grandeur of its ancient temples, intricate carvings, and awe-inspiring monuments such as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Hampi, Pattadakal, and Hoysala temples in Belur, Halebidu, and Somanathapur. Majestic forts like the Bidar Fort, and Bellary Fort, tranquil hill stations like Coorg, Chikmagalur, Sakaleshpura, and Kodachadri, vibrant festivals of Ugadi, Dasara, and Makar Sankranti, and a culinary odyssey through Karnataka’s delectable cuisine, including Bisi Bele Bath, Dosa, and Mysore Park. Through interactive sessions and engaging exhibits, visitors were captivated by Karnataka’s historical marvels, scenic landscapes, and cultural legacy.

For those seeking an encounter with the wonders of the natural world, the event showcased Karnataka’s diverse wildlife. Visitors were mesmerized by images and videos of majestic tigers, graceful elephants, and the vibrant birdlife that inhabit the state’s lush forests.

Karnataka Tourism was represented by Mr. Janardhan H P, Joint Director of Karnataka Tourism along with various tourism service providers from Karnataka, such as The Aurum Hotels & Resorts; Tripbanao; Five Santuaries Safari LLP; Hotel Malligi Private Limited; Mysore International Travel Pvt. Ltd; Intersight Tours & Travels (P) Ltd; The Yellow Bamboo Resort (Green Fields); Niraa Wellness; Hotel VBR Grand INN; BookForUs; Turquoise Holidays; SBIT Travels Pvt. Ltd, along with the Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka, Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd, and Jungle Lodges & Resorts Limited, accentuating the comprehensive tourism experiences available in the state.

Eminent personalities that visited the Karnataka Stand included Ms. Rakhee Kankaria, Chairperson, Tourism Committee, FKTCCI; Mr. Krupakar Ravipati, India Tourism; Ms. Sujana Kumar, TOAT; Mr. Pawan Jain, Rajasthan Tourism; Ms. Madhumati Rathod, Maharashtra Tourism; Mr. Valmiki Kishan, SKAL; Mr. Monik Dharamshi, SKAL; and Mr. Rajesh Philip, ANTO.

Karnataka Tourism, in collaboration with its key stakeholders, had B2B interactions with a diverse audience of travel enthusiasts, industry professionals, and potential collaborators from Hyderabad. These discussions delved into the intricacies of ecotourism, heritage tourism, adventure tourism, and wildlife tourism, fostering invaluable collaboration and knowledge exchange thereby laying a strong foundation for future collaboration and partnership in the travel and tourism industry.

The successful participation at IITM Hyderabad, served as a colloquy to Karnataka’s commitment to preserving and promoting its cultural heritage, while also showcasing its potential as a premier destination for tourism. The state’s rich history, diverse attractions, warm hospitality, and abundant wildlife make it an ideal destination for travelers seeking an authentic and enriching experience.