Maplestory N Kicks Off Registration for Pioneer Test Today

ABU DHABI, UAE, July 1, 2024 — NEXPACE announced the commencement of registration for MapleStory N’s Pioneer Test today (July 1). MapleStory N is a PC-based MMORPG that integrates blockchain technology with the world’s famous MapleStory IP.


To become a tester, users worldwide can now register by completing the survey on the official website here. Testers will be chosen based on survey responses, with nominations announced via official channels.

Key dates for the Pioneer Test are as follows (in UTC+4):

  • Registration Period: July 1 (Mon) – July 7 (Sun), 2024
  • Tester Nomination Announcement: July 18 (Thu), 2024
  • Pioneer Test Period: July 24 (Wed) – August 2 (Fri), 2024

During the Pioneer Test, participants will have the exclusive opportunity to experience MapleStory N before its official launch later this year. The test will feature the game’s key blockchain elements including limited supply reward system and user-driven pricing system. Moreover, the testers get to experience the Zakum Boss content available in both Easy mode (Entry Lv.50+) and Normal mode (Entry Lv.90+).

“We’re excited to announce the registration for MapleStory N’s Pioneer Test. We urge users to register for the test today,” said Sunyoung Hwang, Executive Director of NEXPACE. “We are committed to delivering the best version of MapleStory N to the fans of the MapleStory IP based on the test results.”

MapleStory N is the first game to launch within the MapleStory Universe, a virtual worlds ecosystem that utilizes NFTs to enhance the game experience.

MapleStory IP boasts over 180 million registered users globally. With its various content and extensive resource pool from 20 years of live operations, MapleStory has built a robust ecosystem filled with items that can be NFTized and strong community features, making it ideal for blockchain integration.