Kargil War – The Turning Point book launched in Bengaluru by Governor of Arunachal Pradesh

Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Launches Kargil War Book

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In a glittering ceremony on 3rd July at the Army Officers Institute in Bengaluru, Lt Gen K T Parnaik (retd), the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, launched a book titled “Kargil War – The Turning Point”. Authored by late Col M B Ravindranath, VrC, a war hero and son of the soil hailing from Davangere, the memoir vividly recalls the challenges that the author and his unit 2 RAJ RIF faced, as they attacked Tololing during the Kargil War 25 years ago. Several attacks to evict the Pakistani troops from the formidable Himalayan heights had failed, when Ravi and his warriors went into battle at Tololing. After a bitterly fought battle, 2 RAJ RIF soldiers stood victorious on Tololing at dawn on 13 June 99. This was the Turning Point in the war, and Indian troops thereafter destroyed several Pakistani posts in the next month, and evicted the treacherous Pakistani Army in the Drass – Kargil Sector.

Col MB Ravindranath, VrC, who hails from Davangere is an alumnus of Sainik School Bijapur and NDA, Pune. He was the Commanding Officer of 2 RAJ RIF when the unit moved into the Drass area to evict Pakistani soldiers from the heights overlooking the Leh Highway. He led his unit to victory, and after his unit command was over, he took premature retirement and returned to his roots to handle the family business. He penned his experiences passionately before he passed away in April 2018 after a massive heart attack.

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The book Kargil War – The Turning Point traces the events of those months, as Ravi prepared his infantrymen for the battles, the fears that he had to overcome, the plans that he made and finally his leadership on the icy mountain ridges during the attacks. The book also highlights the sacrifice of bravehearts like Major Acharya, MVC, Major Vivek Gupta, MVC, Lt Kenguruse, MVC, Capt Vijayant Thapar, VrC and such others. At the book launch event organized by Ravindranath’s family, several of his colleagues and friends joined and paid tribute to him. Lt Gen Mohinder Puri (retd), Ravi’s Division Commander during the war described Ravindranath’s commitment, resilience, courage and bold leadership. Lt Gen KT Parnaik, the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh described how the troops fight for the honour of their units, their clans and for the nation. He highlighted his personal association with late Col M B Ravindranath. Col David Devasahayam, CMD of the Radiant Group, a corporate leader and colleague of Col Ravindranath, also recalled the commitment and enterprise of Ravindranath. Former Services Chiefs Admiral Karambir Singh, General Manoj Naravane and Air Chief Marshal R K S Bhadauria also graced the book launch ceremony.

“Kargil War – The Turning Point” is an intimate narrative that captures the essence of the courage and resilience of Indian soldiers. Written in a gripping style, the book brings out the formidable positions held by the Pakistanis which our troops overcame valiantly. The Kargil War of 1999 remains a pivotal moment in India’s military history, showcasing the indomitable spirit of the Armed Forces in defending the nation’s sovereignty. “Kargil War – The Turning Point” pays homage to these extraordinary individuals and their families, offering readers a poignant insight into the sacrifices made and the triumphs achieved during this critical period. “Kargil War – The Turning Point” is now available at leading bookstores nationwide and online platforms.

As we celebrate the Rajat Jayanti of the Kargil Victory this month, it is apt to salute our valiant soldiers who guard our frontiers with dedication and fortitude. Jai Hind!