Cult launches the Fit Creator Accelerator

Mumbai, 1 March 2024: Cult, India’s foremost fitness brand has recently launched the ‘Fit Creator Accelerator’ (FCA) campaign, aimed at building a community (or a ‘cult’) of fitness influencers. FCA invites nano, micro, and macro-influencers to join, offering them a unique opportunity to showcase their fitness content on Cult’s official social media handles.


To participate, influencers are required to fill out a form detailing their fitness and content creation background. After a screening process, the final stage involves evaluation by none other than Hrithik Roshan himself, a panelist for FCA. Six lucky winners chosen by Hrithik Roshan will become the inaugural batch of the FCA campaign.

 The FCA initiative provides influencers with a platform to create and share compelling fitness content, facilitating visibility and indirectly, gaining traction on their own social media handles. In a landscape where organic reach is often penalized, Cult recognizes the need to nurture and empower new creators who align with their beliefs and values.

Through Fit Creator Accelerator, Cult strongly aims to foster micro-communities that collectively contribute to making fitness a way of life for millions of Indians. As an active advertiser, Cult acknowledges the power of influencers in reaching the target audience effectively and believes that empowering these influencers is key to achieving their broader mission.