Fischer Medical Ventures Ltd Partners with Tech Avant-Garde to Boost Health Initiatives in Indian Schools

Fischer Medical Ventures Ltd. (Fischer MV), a pioneering force in the healthcare industry, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tech Avant-Garde (TAG), an innovative educational solutions provider, to implement comprehensive health programs in educational institutions across India. This strategic partnership aims to drive holistic healthcare of students and their connected communities to enable a healthier and more conducive learning environment.

Fischer MV (formerly known as Fischer Chemic Ltd) is dedicated to transform the healthcare landscape through advanced, affordable, and accessible medical diagnostic and imaging technologies, by leveraging cutting-edge innovations and AI-powered software solutions in healthcare. As the first company to indigenously manufacture high-quality Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) systems in India and owning a diverse portfolio of breakthrough diagnostic solutions, expanding into children healthcare with TAG fits their mission to support India’s education system by promoting long-term health awareness and preventive care for a healthier youth generation.

TAG is an innovative educational solution provider that offers a range of programs designed to enhance digital literacy, skill development, financial digital literacy, and health awareness among students. Being India’s largest solution provider in the education segment supporting all genre of institutes ranging from K-12 schools to universities, TAG is also a part of the accelerator program of Microsoft; certified as a Global Trainer for Microsoft in Education, and award winner for the Best Worldwide Training Partner of Microsoft Asia region. Renowned for its extensive work since 2013 equipping Indian students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world, TAG now expands into student’s healthcare by integrating comprehensive health initiatives offered by Fischer MV into their hybrid education program (called Carte Blanche), to benefit millions of students and their connected communities.

Fischer MV-TAG collaboration in India will start with screening students through Fischer MV’s Flynn Health Kiosk, a health screening machine that conducts a comprehensive diagnostic of over 60 clinical vital signs parameters within minutes. Eye health, audiology, oral health, mental health, lung & respiratory health checks which are important aspects for students will also be implemented in phases. In parallel, adolescent girls and women’s health will be added to provide a holistic view of each student’s health status every quarterly. Fischer MV-TAG program will also extend beyond students to rope in their parents, teachers, and school communities to achieve the combined mission to foster a healthy connected learning community.

As of 2022, India has around 1.4 million schools, one of the largest in the world . Student enrolment in 2021-22 was reported to be over 265 million . However, a significant number of students suffer from some health conditions that could hinder their education path. A comprehensive health management program such as Fischer MV-TAG can help by promoting regular health screenings in schools for preventive health care among students and the surrounding community.

Fischer MV is elated with the collaboration with TAG to implement their proprietary Flynn Care HealthCare Integrated Platform to start screening Indian young population’s vital health parameters to ensure issues that can hinder their studies can be spotted early. This initiative underscores the critical role of health in education, as healthier students are more likely to achieve academic success and participate fully in school activities. By managing the health aspects of students and the surrounding community, Fischer MV can help to create a healthier, more supportive educational environment in India.

Fischer MV- TAG collaboration is poised to set a new standard in student health management, combining innovative healthcare technology with comprehensive and hybrid educational programs, to ensure every student could succeed academically and thrive healthily. This initiative will not only improve individual health outcomes but also contribute to the broader goal of enhancing public health infrastructure in India.