M3M Foundation Launches Four Initiatives Under ‘Sarvoday’ Program at Grand Event in Tauru

Tauru, Haryana: A grand program organized by the renowned social organization M3M Foundation took place at Malti Vatika Sainipura, situated in Tauru. The event marked the inauguration of four major initiatives under the ‘Sarvoday’ program of M3M Foundation. Ms. Vandana, wife of Sohna MLA Shri Kunwar Sanjay Singh, graced the occasion as the chief guest. Among other distinguished guests were Manita Garg, former Chairperson of Municipality, Tauru; Paramjit Chahal, District Education Officer of Nuh; Kusum Malik Nuh District FLN Coordinator; Amit Yadav, District Sports Officer; Ram Kishan, District Science Expert; and Mussadi Lal Social Worker. Dr. Payal Kanodia from M3M Foundation, Dr. Aishwarya Mahajan, along with various dignitaries, were also present.


The grand event witnessed the participation of over 2000 individuals from the Tauru area, who expressed their appreciation for the initiatives spearheaded by M3M Foundation. The program commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp.

Ms. Vandana expressed her profound delight, stating, “M3M Foundation has made an exemplary contribution to the Tauru area, for which we are immensely grateful. The assistance provided by the M3M Foundation is deeply appreciated by all of us. The construction of a substantial girls’ school is a direct response to the community’s needs, reflecting the Foundation’s commitment to addressing local requirements. Furthermore, the development of the pond stands as a significant gift to the Tauru area from the M3M Foundation. The meticulous attention to detail in enhancing its beauty ensures that it will stand out as the most exquisite pond in all of Haryana.”

Paramjit Chahal, District Education Officer, Nuh, extended his heartfelt appreciation to M3M Foundation, emphasizing the commendable work they have undertaken in the field of education. Having worked across various districts, Chahal expressed admiration for the significant impact M3M Foundation has made. He particularly highlighted the remarkable initiative of selecting Lokesh Kumar from the Tauru area to represent the region at NASA—an achievement that underscores the Foundation’s dedication to nurturing talent and providing transformative opportunities.

Under the ‘Sarvoday’ program of M3M Foundation, various initiatives like Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Tauru will be constructed, foundation stone of pond (Amrit Sarovar) laid in Ward No. 9, digital library has been arranged in Gurnavat School and iGarage: An automobile enterprise has been started.

As part of the ‘Sarvoday’ program by M3M Foundation, several impactful initiatives are set to unfold. These include the construction of the Government Girls Senior Secondary School in Tauru, foundation stone laying ceremony for the Amrit Sarovar pond in Ward No. 9. Additionally, the establishment of a digital library at Gurnavat School and the inauguration of iGarage—an automobile enterprise—are among the significant endeavors aimed at empowering the community and underlining holistic development.

Dr. Payal Kanodia, Trustee and Chairperson of M3M Foundation, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all distinguished guests who graced the occasion with their presence. She emphasized the profound joy in contributing to the development of the Tauru area and highlighted the significance of the four main initiatives inaugurated under the ‘Sarvoday’ program. These initiatives are poised to become significant milestones for the sector, reflecting M3M Foundation’s commitment to nation-building and its role as a responsible organization dedicated to fostering sustainable progress.