One Of India’s Biggest Veterinary Hospitals Set Up At 5,100 Sqft Area And Rs 3crore Donors Contributions Equipped To Perform 3000 Surgeries And Treatment 40,000 Animals Per Annum Inaugurated

Dr. Nishita Ranka_Grand Daughtr of Dharamraj Ranka

The facility was set up with donations from animal lovers

The facility is equipped to perform 3000 surgeries per annum and treat 40,000 cattle in OPD per annum

Hyderabad, July 07, 2024……Maa Saraswathi, one of the biggest Veterinary Hospitals in India and South India’s biggest veterinary hospital, set up at Rs 3crore, donations given by philanthropists and animal lovers at Satya Shivam Sundaram Gau Seva Kendra, Burujgadda, Peddashapur Thanda near Samshabad inaugurated on Sunday.

Spread over a 5,100 sqft area with an ambulance, operation theatre, intensive care unit, a host of diagnostic facilities, and a medical dispensary, 5 veterinary doctors, five assistants, and five para medical staff with specialised doctors, surgeons was formally inaugurated by Ruhi and Mehr, the grandchildren of Dharamraj Ranka, 85 years old man behind it, on behalf of donors and their family members.

Giving details Dr Nishita Ranka, a Dermatologist, and granddaughter of Shri Dharamraj Ranka, the facility is equipped to do up to 10 surgeries a day as well as handling 100 animals a day. According to her, as per the initial estimates, it is expected to perform 3000 surgeries a year and treat about 36,000 animals per annum in OPD.

Ruhi_Mehr the grand children of Shri Dharamraj Ranka seen inaugurating Maa Saraswathi_ one of the biggest Veterinary Hospitals in India

The state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital will not only take care of 6000 cows sheltered at Satya Shivam Sundaram Gau Shala (3200), Gaganpahad; 2800 cows at Satya Shivam Sundaram Gau Seva Kendra at Burujugadda, but would also serve animals such as sheep, goats, dogs of surrounding areas.

Maa Saraswathi Veterinary Hospital is set up with donations from animal lovers. It is self-contained, equipped with modern diagnostics, an X-ray machine, an Endoscope, a Blood-insulin Analyzer and many other such facilities.

Satyan Shivam Sundaram Cow Shelter is already well known for sheltering 3200 cows at Gaganpahad and 2800 at Burujugadda for the past so many years and is said to be the biggest cow shelter in South India.

The Maa Saraswathi Veterinary Hospital is a long-felt dream of 85-year-old Dharam Raj Ranka, a city’s retired jeweller who has been on the mission of saving cows for the past 30 years. He has been going around barefooted man and has been working on the mission in the protection of India’s most revered animal ‘The cow’ for the past 30 years

Dharam Raj Ranka has been fighting for the rights of cows since 1991. What started as a small effort with 200 cows is now only increasing in number and support. Today, the 6000 cows at both places are given shelter, fodder and medical support. Above all, they’re given love, respect, and dignity and cows are treated royally. State-of-the-art veterinary hospital for animals has been Rankaji’s lifetime dream which is fulfilled now.