THINKFREE Launches Beta Version of Global Corporate AI Search Service Refinder AI

SEOUL, South Korea, July 9, 2024– THINKFREE, a subsidiary of the world-class AI technology company HANCOM, has launched the beta version of Refinder AI, an AI search and Q&A solution targeting the global corporate market.


Refinder AI is an AI service that enables integrated searches of massive data scattered across numerous business platforms used by an enterprise, regardless of the data sources and relations. Linking all productivity and collaboration platforms such as Gmail, Google Drive, Confluence, Jira, Slack and Notion, it provides an all-in-one service for finding web content, office documents, PDF files, emails, messages, etc., saved in the platforms. It is characterized by fast and accurate answers provided on the basis of verified data within the boundaries of the respective enterprise.

Notably, in addition to simple data searches, Refinder AI also plays the role of an assistant. When a user enters a query or a search word, the AI understands the meaning of the query and the user’s intention, and provides an answer in natural language by combining information with the highest accuracy and relevance from the data scattered across the enterprise. It provides results by accessing all platforms through a single search so the user doesn’t have to search every platform or memorize where information is saved.

As the service handles corporate data saved in various platforms, the level of security has been reinforced. Refinder AI is designed to not search critical data for unauthorized users. The AI provides answers by referring only to data that have been authorized by the company that introduced the solution. In particular, unlike other corporate search solutions, it does not require a separate development process. And various applications used by an enterprise can be conveniently loaded.

“While the amount of data generated and retained each year by enterprises across the world is increasing at an exponential rate, the rate of effective data use in business is very low,” said THINKFREE CEO Kim Du-yeong. “THINKFREE will target the global cloud market with Refinder AI, and grow into a company that draws the world’s attention by combining HANCOM’s world-class document technology with advanced AI technologies.”