Shradhanjali Indian Classical Music Event: A Glorious Tribute to Guru Bauri Bandhu Sethi

Bhubaneswar,10th July 2024: Shreyas Webmedia Solutions, a leading online media company, proudly served as the media partner for the Shradhanjali Indian Classical Music event, a heartfelt tribute to the late guru Bauri Bandhu Sethi. The event, which began with an inauguration ceremony on July 8th at Ramadevi University, was a grand celebration of classical music, attended by a captivated audience of music lovers.

2nd day ceremony

The inauguration ceremony witnessed a significant turnout, with classical music enthusiasts gathering to honour the legacy of Guru Sethi. The highlight of the event was the group cultural performance by students from Sangit Mahavidyalaya, led by Saundrya Ranjan Roy and Jiban Prakash Das. This performance received widespread acclaim from attendees, setting the tone for the event. A special performance by Subhasis Bose on the Hansaveena further captivated the audience, showcasing the rich and diverse traditions of Indian classical music.

award pic

On the second day of the event, the Shradhanjali Indian Classical Music event continued to enchant the audience with remarkable performances by renowned artists. Pragnya Mishra and Soumi Majumdar graced the stage with their soulful vocal renditions, while Subrata De mesmerized the audience with his virtuosity on the sitar. They were accompanied by talented co-artists Susamoy Mishra, Amit Chatterjee, Sayan Chatterjee, and Amitava Sen, whose exceptional musicianship added depth and richness to the performances.

2nd day ceremony

Shreyas Webmedia Solutions was recognized for its pivotal role in promoting and supporting the event. The company received an award from Subrata De, the founder of Swaranjali Delhi, for its exceptional media partnership and unwavering support. Neel Achary, the CEO of Shreyas Webmedia Solutions, accepted the award on behalf of the company, expressing gratitude for the recognition.

The Shradhanjali event, which concluded today, has been a remarkable showcase of Indian classical music and culture. The dedication and hard work of all participants, organizers, and partners, including Shreyas Webmedia Solutions, made it a memorable occasion.

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As the event drew to a close, Shreyas Webmedia Solutions shared its heartfelt vote of thanks to Swaranjali Delhi for the opportunity to be part of such a significant tribute. This event has not only celebrated the legacy of Guru Bauri Bandhu Sethi but also highlighted the importance of preserving and promoting Indian classical music.

The Shradhanjali event will be remembered as a grand tribute to Guru Sethi, and Shreyas Webmedia Solutions looks forward to continuing its support for such cultural endeavours in the future.