Indian Chamber of Commerce Appoints Distinguished Leaders to Strengthen Presence in Latin America

Kolkata, 10th July, 2024: Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) is pleased to announce the appointment of distinguished leaders to key positions in Latin America, marking a strategic expansion to enhance economic ties and foster collaboration between India and the region.


With these appointments, ICC aims to drive innovative growth and achieve shared prosperity across Latin America. The region shares a dynamic relationship with India, characterized by robust economic collaboration, cultural exchanges and a significant Indian diaspora presence.

Carlos Magariños, Chairman ICC, Latin America

Carlos Magariños brings extensive experience and a versatile career spanning politics, diplomacy, academia, and entrepreneurship. He has held significant leadership roles globally, advocating for freedom, equality, and solidarity while promoting innovation and economic development. Mr. Magariños currently serves as a Partner at Global Foresight and plays crucial roles on the boards of Werthein Group and Vrio Corporation. He is based at Argentina.

María Belén Di Paolo, Co-Chair ICC, Latin America

María Belén Di Paolo is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience specializing in business and institutional relations. She founded Foresight 2020, focusing on identifying business trends to promote investment projects globally. An ideation expert and fluent in five languages, Ms Belén Di Paolo currently presides over Global Foresight S.A., ensuring continuity and growth in the company’s ventures.

Sol Argañaras Giovo, will represent ICC in Argentina

Sol Argañaras Giovo is recognized for her analytical prowess and innovative approach in the financial sector. She founded Amethy Consulting, specializing in Audit, Taxes, Payroll, Human Resources, and Administration and has become a trusted advisor in the Argentine business community.

Pedro dos Santos Bentancourt, will represent ICC in Brazil

Pedro dos Santos Bentancourt serves as Vice President of Economic, External, and Regulatory Affairs at Vrio Corp., bringing over 30 years of expertise in Public Policy, Institutional Affairs and Industrial Development. He has played pivotal roles in international negotiations and strategic projects for the Brazilian industry in renewable energy and environmental matter.

Marta Alonso Pelegrin, will represent ICC in Chile

Marta Alonso Pelegrin is a prominent figure in the renewable energy sector, boasting extensive experience in senior management roles across Latin America. With over 25 years of experience leading diverse companies, she is recognized for her determination to achieve goals and adept leadership. Currently serving as the General Manager for Latin America at Global Energy Services (GES), Marta has been instrumental in promoting female leadership and advancing energy transition initiatives.

Julio Camarena Villaseñor, will represent ICC in Mexico

Julio Camarena Villaseñor has had a prestigious career in International civil service, Diplomacy, in Business. His leadership roles at the United Nations and as Ambassador of Mexico to the Philippines have significantly contributed to bilateral relations and economic cooperation between the two countries. He was awarded with the “KNIGHT OF RIZAL” by the Government of Philippines for his contribution to Filipino-Mexican relations. He is currently engaged in social welfare of the vulnerable children of Mexico.

Luis Torres Paz, Chief Representative, Peru

Luis Torres Paz is recognized for his strategic acumen and leadership in promoting international business and investment opportunities. His tenure as Executive President of Promperú and current role as Vice-President of the World Trade Center Peru underline his dedication to enhancing Peru’s global economic footprint. He is also vice President, Corporate Affairs, San Ignacio de Loyola Educational Corporation, Peru.

These appointments highlight ICC’s strategic vision to expand its footprint in Latin America, leveraging the expertise and leadership of these distinguished individuals to foster stronger economic ties and mutual growth opportunities between India and Latin American countries.

Ameya Prabhu, President of ICC, expressed enthusiasm about the appointments, stating, “We are honoured to have such distinguished leaders as ICC’s Chief Representatives for Latin America. Their extensive experience and pivotal roles in fostering economic ties between India and Latin America make them invaluable assets. Under their leadership, we look forward to catalysing robust partnerships and bilateral investment, propelling India-Latin America trade beyond the US$22.41 billion milestone in the coming years.”