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Ms and Mr Bitcoin International 2024 Launched

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, July 1, 2024 — Step into the future where beauty meets blockchain. The prestigious Ms and Mr Bitcoin International 2024 is set to revolutionize the beauty pageant industry with its cutting-edge decentralized format. This groundbreaking event eliminates traditional national selections, relying instead on the global blockchain community to determine the winners.


Contestants from around the world are invited to compete for the ultimate prize – one bitcoin. The winners, chosen based on their influence, popularity and charisma, will benefit from a fair and transparent selection process. Beyond the monetary reward, this represents an unparalleled opportunity to showcase talent and resilience on an international platform. The journey culminates in fully sponsored trips to esteemed Web3 events worldwide and the International Grand Finals, where contestants will shine alongside blockchain luminaries.

Founded by New Empire and Celebrity Group, with its inaugural season co-organized by the World Blockchain Alliance and Hyperlive Entertainment, this international pageant is set to make waves.

Dr. Sean Wong, CEO of Hyperlive Entertainment, stated, “This unique pageant format transcends national boundaries and aligns perfectly with the decentralized concept of blockchain. We are thrilled to provide a new global platform for young men and women to showcase their talents. Embracing blockchain’s core principles of decentralization and transparency, this marks a technological revolution in the beauty pageant industry.”

The organizing team is poised to introduce a groundbreaking Web3 voting system developed by Web3Preneur.com for the international contest. According to Jagdish Pandya, Founder of Web3Preneur.com, “This cutting-edge system ensures anonymous voting, transparency, and fairness, revolutionizing how contestants interact with their audience. Leveraging blockchain technology, it offers real-time, tamper-proof voting records that users can access, thereby enhancing transparency and trust. Unlike traditional centralized contests, this system allows for auditable and verifiable voting results, ensuring utmost accuracy. Our upcoming collaborative events will further enhance contestant visibility and interaction. This partnership sets a new standard in contest voting, combining advanced technology with enhanced participant engagement and transparency.”

Recognizing that participation in traditional pageants often does not translate into sustainable careers, the organizing team is pioneering the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to empower contestants. Each contestant will have exclusive NFTs that supporters can collect, offering a means of monetization through royalties and a decentralized pathway to build a sustainable career in the industry. Popular contestants may see their NFTs gain value, further democratizing talent management and creating new opportunities for aspiring individuals.

The official launch and press conference for Ms and Mr Bitcoin International 2024 was held at the Connexion Conference & Event Centre at Nexus in Kuala Lumpur. The organizers of the W2140 World Web3 Carnival expressed their honour in hosting this global event, highlighting the importance of blockchain technology and its potential for fostering innovation and industry development.

The W2140 World Web3 Carnival featured experts and practitioners from across the globe, discussing the latest trends and future developments in WEB3 technology. Attendees enjoyed multiple themed forums, roundtable discussions, social gatherings, matchmaking meetings, and various competitions covering technology innovation, industry applications, social activities, and more.

JoeAnne Ooi, Event Director of Hyperlive Entertainment, expressed, “We are excited to announce the launch of the Ms and Mr Bitcoin International Pageant, a platform that leverages the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology to promote goodwill, health, and kindness on a global scale. Our goal is to create a world where these values are not just lofty ideals, but tangible realities that uplift and empower individuals from all walks of life. Join us in harnessing the power of blockchain to make a positive impact on our communities and beyond.”