Sustainable Journey with Hi-MO X6 in Nakagawa Village

NAGANO, Japan, July 1, 2024  — Renowned as one of “the most beautiful villages in Japan“, the quaint Nakagawa village is home to LONGi Hi-MO X6 solar panels, shining atop the Nakagawa Shopping Center Ciao. The union of solar power and tourism is setting an eco-friendly future, as the village transitions towards facilities energized by renewable resources.


Nakagawa Shopping Center Ciao, a unique commercial outlet inaugurated in 1990 by Nakagawa village, JA, and local cooperative is undergoing significant changes. As the sole shopping destination of the village offering everything from daily essentials to self-made coffee and fashionable attire, a consistently stable electricity supply has become a vital cornerstone for the center.

As reported by “THE21” magazine, soaring energy prices, specifically electricity costs, have become a key concern for Japan in 2024. As a significant consumer of energy, Nakagawa Shopping Center Ciao has installed Hi-MO X6 modules with a capacity of 122KW on the rooftop, expecting an annual electricity output of 15,9981kWh and reducing CO₂ emissions by approximately 1807 tons. Not only does it achieve electricity freedom, but it also contributes to environmental protection – a perfect pairing with the beautiful nature in the village.

HPBC-based Hi-MO X6, exhibits extraordinary power generation efficiency and aesthetics. Its robust load capacity allows clients to enjoy reliable and quality product even in Japan’s frequented extreme weather conditions. What’s more, Hi-MO X6 could act as an emergency energy supply during disasters, offering much-needed help to people in need.

The integration of Hi-MO X6 in the beautiful Nakagawa Village demonstrates a perfect blend of green energy and the natural environment, aligning seamlessly with LONGi’s mission “To make the best of solar energy to build a green world.”