ALONGE Unveils Revolutionary iCotton Knitwear at Exclusive Bangalore Pop-Up Event

Bangalore, India July 2024- ALONGE, the pioneering luxury knitwear brand, invites you to step into the future with its groundbreaking iCotton technology. Marking a new era in fashion, ALONGE is set to unveil its innovative knitwear at an exclusive pop-up event titled “ALONGE Comes to B’lore.” The event will take place on 11th and 12th July 2024, from 11 am to 7 pm at The Open Trunk, Koramangala, Bangalore.


Following the success of its first pop-up event in Chennai two months ago, ALONGE is excited to bring its revolutionary knitwear to Bangalore. This event is part of a series of pop-ups planned across India.

Led by Creative Director Nithya Suryaprakas, ALONGE aims to bridge the gap between quality and comfort, resonating with the modern lifestyle while remaining in vogue. “At ALONGE, we believe in empowering individuals to embrace ‘Intelligent Style’,” states Nithya. “Our garments seamlessly combine elegance, efficiency, and enduring allure, ensuring that each piece embodies what we call ‘The Three E’s’.”

ALONGE introduces iCotton, the first of its kind, which is an intelligent mix of shine, softness, stretch, and breathability. This innovative fabric combines traditional cotton’s unrivalled softness and moisture-wicking abilities with a modern twist of shine and stretch. Additionally, the brand features Flow Motion Technology, designed to adapt seamlessly to every motion, providing the perfect balance of style, fit, and comfort. The Cool by 2 Degrees fabric, engineered with cool carbon black to reflect heat, keeps you cool throughout the day. ALONGE also offers a Non-Transparent White Pants Collection that provides impeccable coverage without any transparency.

The brand’s curated collections include Essentials, which harmonizes versatility with enduring charm, perfect for AM_PM looks; Prêt, impeccably crafted ready-to-wear garments blending contemporary refinement with exquisite craftsmanship; Luxury, where intricate hand embroidery and Japanese beads elevate luxury to new heights; Yin Yang, exploring the essence of contrast where the beauty of black meets the purity of white; and Co-ords, which are sophisticated, cool, and utterly versatile for maximum effect with minimum effort.

ALONGE meticulously handcrafts each piece, emphasizing quality over quantity. Every bead, sequence, and accessory is carefully handpicked from all over the world, ensuring the highest standards. The brand’s dedication to detail ensures that the garments remain fresh and elegant even after 20+ washes.

Join us at this exclusive event to experience the epitome of comfort, performance, and style with ALONGE’s luxury knitwear. Discover how our innovative textile technologies redefine everyday wear and elevate your wardrobe with timeless pieces that remain fresh and elegant.