Startup Mahakumbh Launches Official App for Seamless Networking and Event Experience

National, 14 March 2024 – Startup Mahakumbh, the largest celebration of Indian startups, scheduled to take place from March 18-20, 2024, at Bharat Mandapam & ITPO, today announced the launch of its official app on Google Playstore. In an effort to enhance networking opportunities and streamline the event experience, for the registered attendees, the app will become a one-stopguide for all key information and bring innovative minds together for meaningful partnerships.

The Startup Mahakumbh app serves as the go-to platform for registered delegates, visitors, and exhibitors to seamlessly connect with key stakeholders, policymakers, investors, and fellow attendees. Designed to enhance collaboration, innovation, and growth across the startup landscape, the app offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to the needs of registered participants.

The key features of the Startup Mahakumbh app include:

● Networking Hub: Registered attendees can leverage the app to network with industry leaders and peers, facilitating meaningful connections and partnerships.
Event Overview: Users gain access to a detailed schedule of events, sessions, and activities happening over the three-day period, ensuring they don’t miss out on any key opportunities.
1-1 Meetings: The app allows users to schedule and manage one-on-one meetings with other participants based on sector interests, maximizing networking potential.
Chat Functionality: Attendees can engage in real-time conversations with fellow delegates, visitors and exhibitors, exchanging ideas and insights throughout the event.
● Digital Pass: Serving as a digital badge, the app enables users to scan their credentials for seamless entry and access to event venues.
● Event Feed: Admins will share the latest event photos, announcements, and updates for
delegates, vistors and exhibitors, fostering community engagement and collaboration.

Commenting on the launch, Pramod Bhasin Founder, Genpact; Founder, Clix Capital Services; Chairman, ICRIER shared, “We are thrilled to introduce the official Startup Mahakumbh app, designed to elevate the attendee experience and facilitate meaningful interactions within the vibrant startup community. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, we are confident that the app will empower attendees to make the most out of their valuable time at the event, facilitating meaningful connections and new opportunities for collaboration’

Additionally, the Startup Mahakumbh app will remain live for one month following the event, serving as a bridge between stakeholders in the ecosystem and facilitating ongoing connections and collaborations.

The Startup Mahakumbh app is now available for download on the Google Play Store. Attendees can easily access the app by either registering on the Startup Mahakumbh website or signing updirectly through the app, guiding them seamlessly to the registration page.