Farmers tell the story of seed to plate, this Kisan Diwas, at Simpli Namdhari’s retail outlets

Bengaluru, India, December 28, 2023: Simpli Namdhari’s, the leading 100% vegetarian omnichannel retailer, organised a unique event at its Hebbal and Yelahanka stores to celebrate Kisan Diwas. As a part of its Choose Goodness campaign, launched to educate customers about choosing healthy food including fruits and vegetables, Simpli Namdhari’s invited farmers from Bidadi to interact with customers.

Kisan Diwas 1

Farmers created awareness about the journey of food from the germination of seeds to crops bearing fruit and the myriad alleys it navigates to ensure a steady supply to the city’s supermarkets. With a strong focus on spreading awareness among customers, the event aimed at having farmers tell their story as the anchors to the food security of Indian customers.

Kisan Diwas 2

Kisan Diwas presented a distinctive opportunity for customers to engage with the farmers at Simpli Namdhari’s, to gain valuable insights into the cultivation of fresh fruits and vegetables, and their importance to customer health and lifestyle. Farmers shared their best practices with customers, offering home gardening enthusiasts ideas and tricks in nurturing plants. The awareness building campaign aimed at helping increasingly health-conscious customers of where their food comes from and also create a better understanding of farmers and their central role in the seed-to-plate journey.

Kisan Diwas 4

Farmers also helped customers understand the nuances of sowing seeds in an in-store activity where customers planted seeds at the Yelahanka and Hebbal stores. Customers were given seed bags to help foster a deeper connection between their interaction with the farmers and their personal home gardening journey.

The journey of food from seed to plate goes through multiple processes. From sowing to germination and successful yields, and the fragmented supply chains that result in fruits and vegetables being shelved in retail outlets, a lot is lost in translation. With the vision of cultivating futures that elevate the well-being of farmers, the environment, and customers, Simpli Namdhari’s took the unique opportunity of Kisan Diwas to help customers connect with farmers, and spread awareness about the importance of understanding agricultural processes and its contribution to society.

Kisan divas 5

Kisan Diwas Video Campaign

Additionally, Simpli Namdhari’s launched a video campaign to educate customers about the journey farmers take in cultivating the future of India. The video juxtaposes the journey of a mother from conception to delivery along with the life of farmers, who are responsible for nourishing crops. The video aims to communicate how farmers are responsible for building India’s future, much like mothers play a crucial role in creating life.