Enjoy a luscious burst of delight in the comfort of your home with Smoke House Pizzeria!

New Delhi, March 15, 2023: Extinguish the fire of your hunger with perfectly charred pizzas locked with cheese and topped with unsmoked veggies; Smoke House Pizzeria is here to bring

the pizza experience directly to your homes, offering the essence of a pizzeria without the need to visit the restaurant.


The recently launched pizzeria promises to sprinkle lusciousness in every bite of the pizzas.Creating the best Italian-style pizzas, prepared from sun-kissed tomatoes, the eatery is sure to

stretch the splash of fun at home. Combine your meal with different beverage varieties—machine and hand-brewed—the choice is yours to make.

Looking for a place that can make everyone in your group happy? Smoke House Pizzeria’s delivery menu features something for everyone, including freshly prepared New York-style pizza, made-from-scratch panuzzo, delicious pasta dishes, and fresh salads. The menu lists a selection of genuine products chosen with great care to offer flavours and aromas of Neapolitan cuisine. The variety includes all kinds of dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and

promises to satisfy every type of palate at an accessible cost.

Every crumb of dough at the pizzeria is heated with perfection at an equal temperature to add a unique smoky flavor; Try the Lamb Kefta Pizza or the Mozz & Pesto Naked Pizza to enjoy thecrunchiest crust outside and fall in love with the softest part inside. From making pizza dough tofiring it out with the traditional heating process, the pizzeria maintains a high standard of textureto satisfy your cravings.

The eatery has poured a passion for perfection into every slice and aimed to create a gourmet experience for pizza lovers across the city.