Sustainable solutions take center stage at India’s 4-day global plastic recycling event

New Delhi, 10th July 2024: Plastic waste management is a global issue that demands collaboration among all value chain participants and the government. Emphasizing the rising use of plastic and its environmental impact, various businesses and eminent experts highlighted the necessary steps towards sustainable solutions. This discussion took place during the four-day Global Conclave on Plastic Recycling and Sustainability, held at Bharat Mandapam, Pragati Maidan.

Photo in Left - Mr. Ram Inder Singh Kochar, Promoter & Managing Director of Al Mehtab Industries

The four-day event, held from July 4 to July 7, was organized by the All-India Plastics Manufacturers’ Association (AIPMA) and the Chemicals & Petrochemicals Manufacturers’ Association (CPMA). Al Mehtab Industries (AMI), dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and promoting ecological balance, participated in this mega event.

The event served as a vital platform for discussing innovations and advancements in plastic recycling. It brought together global leaders to share their insights on creating a greener tomorrow through sustainable practices in the plastics industry.

Mr. Ram Inder Singh Kochar, Promoter & Managing Director of Al Mehtab Industries, said: “We are delighted that the four-day event resonated profoundly with audiences both locally and globally. The event was rich in insights, with experts of global repute sharing their invaluable perspectives. India generates approximately 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste daily, with over 10,000 tonnes remaining uncollected. This uncollected waste has far-reaching impacts, from economic losses to severe threats to human health and the environment. Addressing plastic waste management requires concerted efforts from all stakeholders. At Al Mehtab Industries, we are committed to leading the charge in promoting sustainable practices and innovative solutions to combat this pressing issue. Collaboration across the value chain and with government entities is essential to drive meaningful change and create a greener, healthier future for all.”

During the event, speakers emphasized the critical need for recyclers to capitalize on business opportunities within the circular economy, especially as governments increasingly enforce plastic sustainability throughout the supply chain. Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET), made from repurposed PET waste collected from businesses and consumers, stands out as a significant example of this effort.

The mega event highlighted business opportunities, the latest trends, and cutting-edge innovations, illuminating numerous prospects for trade across various sectors. The exhibition showcased sustainable products, boosted brand visibility, and introduced new offerings to industry professionals, effectively engaging stakeholders across the entire supply chain.

India’s leading players in the plastic recycling market gathered to share their insights and trade secrets, significantly enhancing the event’s impact. The occasion was graced by a diverse group of exhibitors, including plastic recyclers, plastic machinery manufacturers, waste management agencies, biodegradable plastics producers, FMCG brand owners, and e-waste recyclers, among others.

The global market for plastic recycling is expected to grow from $42.4 billion in 2024 to grow at a CAGR of 9.3 percent, reaching USD 129.5 billion by 2035.

The conference was inaugurated by Chief Guest Smt. Nivedita Shukla Verma, Secretary of the Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. Mercy Epao, Joint Secretary of the Union Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, attended the session as the Guest of Honor. Other notable attendees included AIPMA President Manish Dedhia and CPMA President Kamal Nanavati.