Takshasila IAS Academy Another Success in UPSC Civil Services Exam Komal Jain cracked UPSC- IRMS

Benz Circle, January 7, 2024 – Takshasila IAS Academy is proud to announce the outstanding achievement of one of its diligent students, Komal Jain who secured a coveted position in the Indian Railway Management Service through the UPSC Civil Services Exam. The successful candidate, a dedicated and resilient individual, had previously missed the rank by a mere 2 marks and secured a place in the reserved list.

Enrolled in Takshasila IAS Academy in 2017 for the Degree with IAS program, the student showcased unwavering determination and commitment throughout her academic journey. Today, she stands as a testament to the Academy’s commitment to nurturing excellence in aspiring civil servants.

The felicitation ceremony took place at Takshasila IAS Academy, Benz Circle, in the presence of a gathering of 300 students who eagerly congratulated and celebrated the achievement of their fellow aspirant. The successful candidate expressed her gratitude towards the Director of the Academy, Durga Prasad for providing unwavering support in all stages of the UPSC examination, including Prelims, Mains, and the Interview.

She acknowledged the guidance and mentorship provided by experts at Takshasila, including V.N. Vishnu IAS (retired) and Dr. Naresh, Additional Superintendent of Police (Excise), among others, which she deemed instrumental in her success. The student highlighted the productive nature of the guidance received from these experienced mentors.

During her interaction with the students, she emphasized the importance of consistency in preparation for the Civil Services Exam. The successful candidate shared her journey, stressing the significance of maintaining a focused approach since her undergraduate years, which she credited as the key to her success at such an early age.

In a generous gesture, Komal Jain took the time to clarify doubts and share insights with the aspiring civil servants present at the event. Her success story serves as an inspiration to all the students at Takshasila IAS Academy, motivating them to strive for excellence in their pursuit of a career in civil services.

Takshasila IAS Academy continues to be a beacon of success, nurturing and guiding aspiring individuals towards achieving their dreams in the esteemed field of civil services.