Fabled Pet Food Enters Venezuelan Market: Revolutionizing Urban Pet Nutrition

India, 13th March 2024: Fabled Pet Food proudly unveils its latest venture into the dynamic Venezuelan market, marking a significant milestone in our global expansion journey. Recognizing the increasing demand for high-quality pet nutrition among urban pet owners, Fabled has meticulously crafted their approach to meet the unique needs of Venezuelan pets and their devoted owners.

Fabled Pet Food

The decision to step into Venezuela stems from the global trend towards urban living, which extends its embrace to cherished pets. With an increase in the population of working pet parents seeking top-tier nutrition for their furry companions, Venezuela emerged as a natural destination for Fabled Pet Food’s expansion endeavors.

Their distribution strategy encompasses a blend of online and offline channels to effectively reach the target audience. Approximately 15% of the sales are conducted through leading online platforms such as Mercadolibre and Pedidos Ya, while the remaining 85% are achieved through a network of physical stores strategically located across the country. Partnering with influential figures like @punkypartners, a prominent dog influencer in Venezuela, further amplifies the brand’s visibility and engagement within the local pet community. Through collaborative efforts and tailored marketing initiatives, the brand aims to empower pet parents to make informed choices about their pet’s nutrition and well-being.

“Creating a meaningful bond between pets and their owners through an urban lifestyle appropriate diet is not just our goal; it’s our passion. At Fabled Pet Foods, we believe in nurturing the health and happiness of every urban pet, one empty bowl at a time.” – Prateek Raj Singh, Co founder, Fabled Pet Foods.

With a robust presence in over 100 retail stores and leading pet e-commerce platforms like Supertails in India, alongside our online presence through Amazon India, Fabled Pet Food has established itself as a beacon of quality and innovation. As a way forward, Fabled Pet Food remains steadfast in its mission to expand its footprint across diverse regions, with a particular focus on South Asian and South American territories. Colombia emerges as our next target market, promising ample opportunities for growth and impact.