VinHMS Ramps Up Global Expansion with Strategic Acquisition

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, July 1, 2024  — VinHMS – an innovator in hospitality technology, has been actively pursuing its strategic plans for international expansion. Established in December 2018 as a member of Vingroup, VinHMS specializes in providing high-quality technology products, and aims to optimize business operations for enterprises. After 5 years of establishment, VinHMS is actively expanding its presence in the domestic market, and plans to extend its footprint out of the borders. This expansion strategy underscores VinHMS‘s commitment to becoming a leading provider of hospitality technology solutions in Southeast Asia and the international market, with operations in Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, and Thailand. By leveraging native cloud-based platforms, VinHMS aims to reduce overall costs, streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, accelerate innovations, improve guest experiences, and increase financial performance for hotel operators using AI, machine learning, and proprietary advanced algorithms.


The expansion of VinHMS extends beyond Asia following its successful acquisition by Vemanti Group, Inc., a leading technology holding company. This strategic move positions VinHMS as a frontrunner in digital solutions for the hospitality sector. Leveraging its expertise in digital transformation solutions, VinHMS aims to revolutionize the American hospitality industry. With a strong track record in Southeast Asia, VinHMS brings its innovative solutions to U.S. hotel operators. This strategic move underscores VinHMS’s commitment to global innovation and customer-centric solutions. VinHMS’s acquisition represents a pivotal moment in the Company’s collective history, setting the stage for a future defined by innovation, market leadership and ambitious path to NASDAQ.

A recent highlight for VinHMS was its participation in HoSkar Night Bangkok hosted by WeHub, this is the most vibrant networking event for hospitality and real estate in Southeast Asia. This event provided a platform for VinHMS to showcase its latest innovations and network with industry leaders in Thailand. VinHMS’s involvement in HoSkar Night reinforces its status as a key player in the hospitality technology sector and highlights its ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of industry trends.

VinHMS offers a range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of the hospitality industry. As a member of HTNG and compliance with international standards, such as ISO 27001:2013 and PCI/DSS, proves the reliability of its solutions in satisfying the most stringent requirements when integrating with leading hotel chains worldwide. This commitment remains VinHMS’s orientation as it builds prestige with international partners. Its flagship solution, the comprehensive hospitality management platform, has been successfully implemented in major hotel brands such as Vinpearl, Melia Hotel International, Marriott, Sheraton, CityHouse and more. Specifically, VinHMS provides offers a suite of innovative solutions in the hospitality technology sector, including:

  • CiHMS: VinHMS’s flagship hospitality management solution. It helps hotels streamline operations, maximize revenue, and enhance guest experiences.
  • CiAMS: A solution for managing hotel assets efficiently, optimizing resource utilization, and ensuring operational effectiveness.
  • CiTMS: Designed for theme parks, this system assists in managing operations, ticketing, and guest experiences.
  • CiTravel: A digital transformation solution tailored for small hotels, enabling them to enhance their services and improve guest satisfaction.

The vision of VinHMS is to lead the digital transformation in the hospitality industry, providing innovative solutions that drive operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Mr. Hoang Nguyen, CEO of VinHMS, said: “We want to provide an open platform that acts as a foundation for hotels to do innovations. All standard hotel operation tools are there, but the most important thing about our platform is that we can easily connect and integrate with many technology providers to improve cost, increase revenue, and enhance hotel customer experiences.”