Cinema is Coming Home with Sony India’s revolutionary BRAVIA 7 Mini LED series

New Delhi, 1st July 2024: Sony India announced the launch of the new BRAVIA 7 series, offering an unparalleled viewing and audio experience with its advanced features and cutting-edge technology. The series further enhances the sense of reality in cinematic content and delivers outstanding picture and sound quality at home, allowing viewers to enjoy films with much of the same magic as the big screen. The BRAVIA 7 series combines the revolutionary Cognitive Processor XR, Mini LED, and XR Triluminos Pro technology to deliver lifelike visuals and immersive sound. This series also includes smart features like Google TV integration and SONY PICTURES CORE (formerly BRAVIA CORE), ensuring a premium entertainment experience for consumers.

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1. Bring Cinema Home with the BRAVIA 7 series, presenting films just as the creators envisioned

Sony is renewing its BRAVIA brand to enhance the ultimate home cinema experience, capitalizing on the growing popularity of watching movies at home due to the expansion of streaming services. Leveraging its extensive product lineup, including digital cinema cameras, professional monitors, and headphones, Sony has a deep understanding of the cinema industry and the creative intentions of filmmakers. The BRAVIA 7 series is equipped with Studio Calibrated modes and is IMAX Enhanced certified that replicate the image quality intended by content creators in a home setting.

Building on the established Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode and SONY PICTURES CORE Calibrated Mode, Sony is introducing the Prime Video Calibrated Mode. This new mode provides customers with optimal picture quality that is automatically calibrated for movies, series, and for the first time, live sports. The BRAVIA 7 series is IMAX enhanced and supports both Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos®, delivering incredible brightness, sharper contrast, richer colors, and immersive sound across favorite entertainment on Disney+, Prime Video, Netflix, and other popular streaming services.

2. Experience unmatched realism with the XR Processor for lifelike visuals and immersive sound, enhancing your cinematic home experience

The new BRAVIA 7 series is available in 140 cm (55″), 165 cm (65″), and 189 cm (75″) screen sizes and is powered by the revolutionary Next Gen Cognitive Processor XR, designed to replicate the way humans see and hear. This processor features a scene recognition system that detects and analyzes data with flawless accuracy, then optimizes the picture for ultimate realism. The processor’s ability to understand focal points within the scene ensures that every detail is highlighted, providing a truly transformative entertainment experience.

3. With XR Backlight Master Drive enjoy deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and supreme contrast similar to professional monitor core technology

The BRAVIA 7 puts you right in the scene similar to the backlight control core technology in our master monitors (professional monitors), the XR Backlight Master Drive with a unique local dimming algorithm precisely controls thousands of LEDs for truly authentic contrast to preserve shadow detail in the most demanding scenes.

With XR Contrast Booster adjusts brightness for deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and supreme contrast

The BRAVIA 7 series features a Mini LED panel with XR Contrast Booster, which enhances the depth and detail of images by precisely controlling the backlighting. This technology results in deeper blacks and brighter whites, giving a dynamic contrast that brings scenes to life. The Mini LED panel also improves viewing angles, ensuring consistent picture quality from any seat in the room.

4. See over a billion vivid colors with XR Triluminos Pro and true-to-life clarity with XR Clear Image technology

With XR Triluminos Pro, the BRAVIA 7 series can display a wider color spectrum than conventional TVs, producing more natural and precise colors. This technology ensures that every hue and shade is rendered accurately, making images appear true-to-life. Additionally, XR Clear Image technology minimizes noise and blur by utilizing zone division and dynamic frame analysis, ensuring that fast-moving scenes remain crisp and clear. Whether you’re watching a high-octane sports event or an action-packed movie, these technologies work together to provide an exceptional viewing experience.

5. BRAVIA 7 upscales non-4K content to near 4K quality with XR 4K Upscaling and ensures clear action scenes with XR Motion Clarity

The BRAVIA 7 series includes XR 4K Upscaling technology, which enhances content close to 4K quality regardless of the source. By analyzing and refining textures and details, it brings out the best in every image. Complementing this is the XR Motion Clarity technology, which keeps fast-moving scenes smooth and blur-free. This ensures that sports and action sequences remain clear and vivid, maintaining the brightness and detail of the original content. Together, these features deliver a superior visual experience, making every frame come to life with stunning realism.

6. Bring the cinematic experience home, enjoy IMAX Enhanced movies included with SONY PICTURES CORE

The BRAVIA 7 series includes SONY PICTURES CORE (formerly BRAVIA CORE), a movie service offering a selection of Sony Pictures’ latest releases and classic blockbusters. With Pure Stream™, you can stream HDR movies at up to 80 Mbps, delivering picture quality comparable to 4K UHD Blu-ray. The BRAVIA 7 series is compatible with IMAX Enhanced, certified by IMAX and DTS® to meet the rigorous standards needed for the best possible IMAX movie experience from SONY PICTURES CORE. This service provides access to the largest collection of IMAX Enhanced movies, offering stunning visuals and sound quality. The BRAVIA 7 series comes with movie credits, allowing you to redeem up to 15 movies and enjoy up to 24 months of access to a curated selection of up to 100 movies, updated regularly.

BRAVIA 7 features Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos with adaptive brightness, bringing a cinema-like experience home

The BRAVIA 7 series supports advanced audio and visual technologies such as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Dolby Vision™ enhances HDR content with striking highlights, deeper blacks, and vibrant colors, creating a more immersive viewing experience. Dolby Atmos provides multi-dimensional sound, making you feel like part of the action.

7. BRAVIA 7 gives cinema like experience at home, perfectly matching pictures with Acoustic Multi-Audio and Voice Zoom 3

With BRAVIA 7, sit back and enjoy expansive cinema-like sound. With two powerful side-mounted speakers reproducing clear sound from the screen, experience theatre-like sound at home. With Acoustic Multi-Audio™, what you see and what you hear are perfectly matched; sound comes straight from the screen itself. Crystal clear voice. Precise dialogue. With the new Voice Zoom 3™ feature, no more muffled voices as it recognizes human dialogue through AI machine learning and amplifies or reduces its volume, making even small dialogue sound loud and clear.

8. With XR Sound Positioning and XR Surround technologies in BRAVIA 7 enjoy precise audio alignment and 3D surround sound for immersive cinematic experience

The BRAVIA 7 series offers an immersive sound experience with XR Sound Positioning and XR Surround technologies. XR Sound Positioning includes Acoustic Multi-Audio technology, which precisely places sound where it should be within the scene. This enhances the sense of reality by aligning audio with the on-screen action. Additionally, XR Surround provides 3D surround sound by creating virtual surround from above and the sides using just the TV speakers. Even 2ch and 5.1ch audio are upscaled to immersive 5.1.2ch sound. This feature ensures that audio is reproduced with depth and clarity, enveloping viewers in a rich, cinematic soundscape that complements the stunning visuals.

9. BRAVIA 7 is Perfect for PlayStation 5, bringing your favorite games to life like never before

The BRAVIA 7 series is optimized for gaming and is perfect for PlayStation 5. It features Auto HDR Tone Mapping, which automatically adjusts HDR settings for the best picture quality. Auto HDR Tone Mapping optimizes HDR settings instantly during your PS5’s initial setup. Even in dark shadows and bright highlights, one can see fine details and true colors. BRAVIA automatically switches into Game Mode with PS5 to minimize lag and maximize responsiveness. It switches back to Standard Mode when watching movies for more expressive scenes. With 4K/120fps, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), our TVs give you smooth and clear movement for responsive gameplay. You can also control your PlayStation® remotely wherever you have a compatible BRAVIA connected to the internet. The PS Remote Play app lets you control your PS5® or PS4™ console from another room or location, like a friend’s house. These features make the BRAVIA 7 series the perfect choice for gamers, providing an edge in competitive gaming and a more immersive overall experience.

  • Game Menu in BRAVIA 7 provides quick access to gaming status, settings, and assist functions

The BRAVIA 7 series includes an easy-to-use Game Menu where gamers can tailor their settings to their preferences, such as turning on or off VRR or Motion Blur Reduction with quick access. The Game Menu also allows users to increase brightness in dark areas to easily spot objects and opponents with the Black Equalizer and can take aim on their opponents with six types of crosshairs. New this year is the ability to customize the screen size with the Screen Size feature to concentrate gaming on a smaller, focused screen.

  • Enjoy smart experience on BRAVIA 7 with Google TV, offering seamless integration, a vast content library, and voice control

The BRAVIA 7 series offers a smart user experience powered by Google TV, providing access to 400,000 movies and TV episodes, plus 10,000 apps and games. Google TV organizes all your favorite content in one place, making it easy to find and watch what you love. Voice search functionality allows for hands-free control, and integration with Apple AirPlay2 and HomeKit ensures seamless connectivity with your Apple devices. Personalized recommendations help users discover new content, and the watchlist feature keeps track of shows and movies across all devices. Connect your controller or gaming accessories to Sony Smart Android TV and enjoy your games.

  • With BRAVIA CAM accessory enjoy gesture controls, ambient optimization, and video calls via Google Meet for interactive viewing

Enhance your viewing experience with the BRAVIA CAM, which is sold separately. The BRAVIA CAM recognizes your position in the room and adjusts the TV’s sound and picture settings accordingly. It also supports gesture controls, allowing you to interact with your TV without a remote. Additionally, you can use the BRAVIA CAM for video calls via Google Meet, bringing your friends and family into your living room. This accessory enhances the overall user experience by providing interactive and personalized TV viewing.

  • One Slate design of BRAVIA 7 exudes sophistication from every angle

The One Slate concept in BRAVIA 7 fuses screen and bezel into a single slate, minimizing distractions and maximizing your experience. Designed with an almost invisible bezel, its naturally warm, smudge-resistant texture blends seamlessly with interior decor, walls, and BRAVIA Theatre. Cleverly concealed, the Underlay Stand is a thin, flat steel plate to stack a Sony soundbar on top, making it virtually disappear. The 4-way stand gives you the choice of an outside position, an inside position for smaller shelves, or two soundbar positions to meet your viewing preference.

  • Balancing environment and accessibility in BRAVIA entertainment products

Sony has set forth an environmental plan called Road to Zero, which aims to achieve zero environmental impact through its business activities and product life cycles by 2050. To contribute to this vision, BRAVIA will pursue innovations that provide the best viewing experience with high picture and sound quality and a premium design, all while contributing to reducing environmental impact. BRAVIA 7 uses Sony’s proprietary signal processing to maximize the characteristics of the panel device (Mini LED), automatically optimizing brightness for each scene while achieving both high brightness and low power consumption.

Sony is working on multiple aspects of the product life cycle, such as reducing virgin plastic use, improving transportation efficiency, and reviewing energy consumption during use. From material development to exterior design, BRAVIA has succeeded in significantly increasing the use of recycled materials while maintaining a high-quality finish. SORPLAS™, a recycled plastic developed by Sony, is used for the back cover, which has the largest surface area on a TV, with approximately 65% of the total plastic used being recycled material. The compact, rechargeable Eco Remote is also made from approximately 79.7% recycled plastic.

Sony aims to contribute to an inclusive society through its business, increasing accessibility to enable those with diverse needs to utilize its products. BRAVIA develops products with accessibility in mind so that all customers can enjoy the movie experience, regardless of disability or age. The Talkback screen reader function allows you to check program listings and set up your TV without looking at the screen. It can also enlarge text and display it on the screen.

Color inversion makes it possible to invert the brightness of colors so that bright areas become dark and dark areas become bright. This feature can be turned on or off as needed. If the text is easier to read with a dark or bright background color, you can use color inversion to change the background color. Voice commands can be used to operate the BRAVIA TV, such as turning the power on/off and adjusting the volume. BRAVIA TVs are also equipped with shortcut commands that allow you to turn on/off accessibility features.