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Former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy among 36 HPS alumni explored Raunaq’s H.I.G.H. as part of HPS’s 100-year celebrations, at a high tea & more, hosted by Nawab Raunaq

Hyderabad, December 30, 2023: 36 H.P.S. school alumni visited recently Raunaq Yar Khan’s H.I.G.H.*/Highest In Greater Hyderabad* “, a man-made hill, which is taller than the city’s tallest ancient Naubat Pahad (the hill where Birla Mandir has come up), located on eight acres of the 80-acre private land estate on Road number 25 in Jubilee Hills. The large batch of guests, mostly from outside Hyd, were taken by surprise that such nature-friendly real estate still exists in the centre of this expensive IT Capital of India.

Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan and his HPS Alumni Including Kiran Kumar Reddy Former CM of AP among them Seen at Man Made Hills at Road No 25 in Jubilee Hills-pic 3

I live close to this place. I knew it, but never knew that it is so big said Kiran Kumar Reddy, former Chief Minister of undivided Andhra Pradesh, who visited Nb Raunaq to explore this mostly unexplored landmark of Hyderabad. This visit was in between the 100-year celebration of “Hyderabad Public School” at a High tea hosted by Nb. Raunaq for a large group of HPS alumni & their spouses.

Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan, 60 years old, the creator of the hill, is a well-known citizen of Hyderabad and a distinguished personality who has recently been crowned the 9th Nizam of the Asaf Jahi Dynasty by his vast royal family. He is presently the owner of the film set facility located on an 80-acre plot at Road No. 25, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Part of it is a man-made hill on 8 Acres, only one-of-a-kind in any urban area of the world.
In-city, bigger than all film facilities together.

Nizam Prince Raunaq Yar Khan is known for amazing family buildings and this man-made hill is known as H.I.G.H “Highest in Greater Hyderabad Hill”. Film wallahs know it is a ” Bhoot Bungala”. Many mega-budget films were shot at this place including ‘Rangasthalam’. Already on an elevated plateau, the hill is taller than Naubat Pahad. This place is the talk of the town now. On Google map, it is “Raunaq’s H.I.G.H. Man Made Hill”

It took me ten years to create this hill on an existing tall plateau. I have used moram(a sticky type of soil) so that it holds the embedded rocks. I had to put this place to use to protect it from land sharks, that won’t stop at anything to claim or grab it, Raunaq said.

Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan and his HPS Alumni Including Kiran Kumar Reddy Former CM of AP among them Seen at Man Made Hills at Road No 25 in Jubilee Hills

Coincidentally the party venue, Raunaq’s Hill was the place frequented by Raunaq’s ancestor SultanUlMulk(who built some accommodation within existing air-raid shelters, before World War 2). Sultan-Ul-Mulk was the son of Sir Viqar(who built Falaknuma) & Lady Viqar/Jahandar-Un-Nisa, sister of Nizam 6th, who gifted more than 100 acres to the original “Jagirdars College”, presently Hyderabad Public School, from her private estate.

The tea party was organised to celebrate Christmas & New Year. Nawab Raunq Yar Khan has personally hosted huge exclusive celebrations of many religious festivals other than his own, like Divali and Sankranti for decades by inviting people to the same venue.0He is a sincere believer in the role of inter-religious harmony in a peaceful society, having been recognised and honoured for the same (which included his work as Delhi Police adviser)with a conferred doctorate.

The entire group including g members of the 1975 batch enjoyed the evening g was present. Dilip Chenoy, Former Secretary General of FICCI and a member of the batch was a guest and he coordinated with the group who came from all parts of India and the world.

City School holds TED Like Power Talks

T. Alphonse Reddy_Mrs Saroja_T Aruna Reddy and Dr K Suvarna seen lighting the lamp

Hyderabad, December 30, 2023: Hyderabad-based St Peter’s School at Bowenpally organised a unique program ‘Stars of Inspiration–an evening under the open sky’ on Saturday night at its premises in Bowenpally on Friday night, for three hours and continued till 9 in the night.

A platform for school-level talks, expressing new ideas, thoughts, and perspectives created. It will be an annual feature announced by Mr. T. Alphonse Reddy Correspondent, St. Peter’s High School.  Summing up at the end of three hour-long marathon talks.   He along with other colleagues Mrs Saroja, former Principal of the School, and Mrs T. Aruna Reddy, Director, unveiled a new logo, as it is entering 25 years and celebrating its Silver Jubilee in the year 2024. It began its journey in 1979 by three young social entrepreneurs to offer rock-strong Edu-foundation, he said.

T. Alphonse Reddy correspondent of the school

In an era of short messages, short forms of videos like Reels, shorts, and WhatsApp status videos, we came up with this idea of why not have TED-like short talks that fire up in two minutes even less than that. We coined it aptly ‘Stars of Inspiration–an evening under the open sky’. It is a platform for school-level talks, expressing new ideas, thoughts, and perspectives created. It will be an annual feature, he said.  The response was overwhelming. We have got 400 entries from class 6 to 12th.  We shortlisted and brought it down to 50, he added.

We have not filtered nor polished their thoughts. They were raw. Seventy per cent of the 50 speakers were first-timers.  It was their maiden talk in front of 1000-plus parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, guests and peers. It was their feelings, experiences, observations, random thoughts, personal journey, and life lessons learnt, straight from their heart, while some delivered with confidence, others struggled to speak. They put their mind out open, in their language, words, vocabulary, and thought process, he said.

Giving her opening remarks Dr. K. Suvarna, Principal of the school said in an era where the attention span of the public is getting shorter and shorter, where teenagers have become screenagers and juggle between many screens (read Mobile, TV, and Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, OTT), where people are living in a room filled with distractions all the time, the school had to do something different. Equip students with an approach so that they capture the world’s attention.  They can say what they want to say, just in the span of an elevator journey.

Team Varenya_ Pritam and Samuel made their model Fire and Gas Leakage Fichter Robot

It goes well with the school’s credo, ‘Let every child blossom’, she said. It is a celebration of expression, talent and diverse perspectives.

The Talks were outstanding examples of stand-up, speak-up, fire-up and shut-up.

The evening began with the first talk by Simra Baig of class 100. He spoke about ‘Body Dysmorphia’, a mental health condition where some people spend a lot of time worrying about flaws in their appearance. Nearly one million people are struggling with it, he said.

Netra Singh of class six who spoke about ‘Homegrown Genius’, came up with the idea of Anti-Sleep alarm goggles for drivers to avert mishaps. She also spoke about Robotic Pets, which can help cure loneliness and give mental support.  Especially post-COVID pet adoption has gone up and so also the cost of maintaining pets, real pets scaring delivery boys (causing the death of a couple of food delivery boys) and street dog menace (being read every day in the city).  In the light of this state of affairs, she prompted an idea of Robotic Pet and she showed her version of Robotic Pet.

Vishwanath Karthikey, a tenth grader, the youngest to set some world records in mountaineering, shared how painful the journey was. He told his friends never to give up. There were several times in my mountaineering endeavours when I wanted to give up, had I done that I would not have stood in front of you talking today. Success is the outcome of many failures.  There are no failures, only opportunities to improve, bettering oneself he said.

M.S. Mridhulya of the 9th class speaking about her journey from an introvert to an extrovert said ‘my socialising battery was always low.  Outside the comfort zone was where the magic happened in my life.  And concluded with a powerful message, the best and the only journey is the journey you must travel within you.

Ariana Kingham of Class 6 spoke about her journey from Bhutan to Hyderabad and the beauty of learning languages.  All languages are interesting, you just need to peep into them.

Speaking about Men’s Mental health, Afrah Fatima of the tenth class said men can also get anxious, insecure, abused, brad down, cry, and depressed. You must treat men the same as female victims, she said and added that the Mental health of men is important.  Men keep stress to themselves.  You are not alone. You are not first and you are not the last. You are not a burden she said.

Speaking about skin colour-based discrimination, T. Sriharshitha of class ten said that she was always discriminated against based on her skin colour.  Your skin colour is something you are gifted with. Nelson Mandela, Serena Williams, and Draupadi Murmu, all are dark-coloured but still, people love them and adore them. They are an inspiration to many.  Dont colour decide your future, she said

A Greevan spoke about Wars and said those who start a war don’t get killed.  The soldier’s life is at stake. Those soldiers who go to war, may not return home.  Even if they return, his family may not be there. Even if his family is found, he may not be in the same physical condition.  When he returns, he may return without hands or legs.

Yusuf Ali moved everyone with this journey, how he fought Crouzon Syndrome (a genetic syndrome which affects the shape of the head and face). I look different.  School admission was a challenge.  Every day was a struggle.  I didn’t give up, he shared.

Speaking about how he travelled from a mere participant in track events to a national athlete, Dheeraj Sadula of the 9th class gave a message to his peers not to expect some incredible results in one day as most of the current generation looks for instant results.

Divija Hari, a 12th grader, beautifully explained the bond of friendship.  And said that having genuine connections even if they are few are better than thousands of Facebook friends.  She read out a beautiful poem ‘Brides of Bonds’, and she wrote.

The school’s Fire and Gas Leakage Fichter Robot was selected in the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition and will be participating in the National Exhibition in January 2024 in New Delhi. The winning teams gain entry to be exhibited in the Rashtriya Bal Vaigyanik Pradarshani to be organised by NCERT. St Peter’s team is one of the 30 exhibits selected out of 3169 student teams registered. Varenya, Pritam and Samuel share their journey of participation and success.

Sammathamu Swathi Hansika, an 11th grader speaking about digital liberation spoke and YourHourAPP, which gives a daily view of how often one checks phone and how frequently one uses different apps. You can then set limits with daily app timers, and unplug at night with features like Bedtime mode, etc.

Sameena Hajee speaking on bonding with blood spoke about the importance of family and appealed to parents to have mutual understanding so that their children can lead a better life.

The series of captivating Power Talks covered a vast array of topics that showcased the depth of their interests and passions. From Career Exploration to Community Service Reflection, Artistic Showcase to Language Learning Journey, Smart India Hackathon to Creative Writing, Reading, Book Review, Personal Journey, Research Showcase, TED Style Talks, Student Life at St.Peter’s High School and much more – these talks were not just informative but a reflection of the dedication and passion our students pour into their pursuits.

Judge India Solutions Organises Empowering Panel Discussion to Empower Women in the Workplace

Judge India Solutions

Judge India Solutions, a leading provider of innovative technology and talent solutions, proudly hosted its flagship program, SheSuites which is designed to Inspire, Enable, and Empower women to reach their full potential professionally and personally. The program is woven around growth and sustainable development for women under the pillars of engagement, Learning and Development, and Workplace well-being.

As part of SheSuites, Judge India Solutions organized a compelling Career Builder event on December 6, 2023 along with their partner, The People Management, a digital and print media company that focuses on Corporate HR business, HR Technology, Recruitment Strategies, Talent Management and helping HR professionals stay abreast with news and information.

With a commitment to Inspire, Enable, and Empower women to realize their full potential both professionally and personally, the event served as a platform for meaningful dialogue and insights. The focal point of the panel discussion was ‘Empowering Women in the Workplace: Strategies for Career Development and Navigating Leadership Beyond 35.’

The panel discussion commenced with Abhishek Agarwal, President of Judge India & Global Delivery at The Judge Group, setting the tone for a powerful discussion on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. With a strong belief in the transformative power of these values, he enlightened the audience on the significance of empowering women and maintaining a harmonious balance of equality in the workplace

The distinguished speakers at the event included:

  1. Sonica Aron, Managing Partner at Marching Sheep
  2. Sanjay Mehta, Executive Director – Workplace Enablement at Grant Thornton Bharat LLP
  3. Kirthan Dsouza, Head Strategy, Transformation for HR at Tata Elxsi
  4. Shruti Swaroop, Founder of Embrace Consulting,, ERTZ Academy Pvt Ltd
  5. Prof. Pronoy Dutt, General Manager/Head – Human Resources at Uttam Toyota

The insightful panel discussion was skillfully hosted by Shayantani Sen, Executive Director – Organisational Behaviour at Judge India Solutions. The esteemed speakers shared valuable perspectives on empowering women in the workplace, offering career development and growth strategies, and navigating leadership challenges beyond the middle management levels.

Judge India Solutions extends its sincere appreciation to the distinguished speakers and attendees for contributing to the success of this impactful event. The company remains dedicated to fostering an environment that champions diversity, inclusion, and professional growth.

The Company hereby submit the Key Highlights of 13th Annual General Meeting

The Executive Director of Tembo Global Industries Limited in the 13th Annual General Meeting welcomes the Shareholders and invitees. He addresses the Shareholders and prospective investors invited in the Annual meeting some of the company achievements in 2022-23 and prospective growth in the future.

Highlights: –

#1 Turnover Growth:

  • The company has report an average of 43% quarter-on-quarter increase in turnover. Annual turnover for 2021-22 was 173 cr and in 2022-23 we have closed at 250 cr, and for the current year i.e 2023-24 after just 2 quarters The company has crossed 189 cr, surpassing own targets set and exceeding industry benchmarks.

#2 Profitability:

  • The positive momentum of company turnover growth has translated into an equally impressive 28% increase in net profits compared to the previous year and in the current year 2023-24 the company has managed to achieve an average of 150% increase in profits compared to 2022-23 quarter 1 and quarter 2.
  • The company is now expanding our global footprint through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, with new office setups in Maldives, Houston [USA], Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Egypt.
  • The company has taken a forward engineering approach and started taking EPC i.e engineering procurement and commissioning projects internationally and in India which has opened up new horizons and has fuelled our exponential growth.

Disclosure orders in hand

(EPC        Order

book)-                Client name

Assignment Order in hand/ pipeline Order value Allotment date
Kalpataru Fuel          Farm system installation testing            & commissioning Order-in-hand Rs 30.00 Cr. 13.02.2023
Kalpataru Material supply order Order-in-hand Rs 2.50 Cr. July 2023
Kalpataru MEP Order-in- pipeline (L1) Rs 30.00 Cr. Yet      to      be awarded
Kalpataru Water      supply pipeline installation, testing            & commissioning Order-in-hand Rs 10.00 Cr. 12.12.2023
ITC                 –

Welcome hotels, Colombo

HVAC           &

Electrical Package installation testing            & commissioning

Order-in-hand Rs 10.00 Cr. 03.10.2023

To meet the demands the company has expanded its factory footprint by a staggering 13,000 square meters along with an investment of 15 to 20 crores in new automatic machinery, which will not only boost efficiency but also unlock new possibilities for innovation. With this, the production capacity will be increased by a remarkable 400%

The company is setting up offices across India, in new markets, and forging stronger connections with the customers nationwide.

The company is venturing into exciting new product lines, each as a testament for the commitment of diversification and market leadership. To capture the sizeable market share company has customised its product like DFMA, seismic pipe support systems, acoustics, and fasteners as detailed below: –

– to capture a sizeable share of the booming market with customized DFMA solutions, targeting sectors like automotive, electronics, building and infra.

– As Seismic Pipe Support Systems, valued at approximately $2.3 billion globally, this niche market offers immense potential as infrastructure development continues to accelerate. The company has designed seismic support systems to protect vital pipelines from earthquakes and other natural disasters, and is already attracting major clients in the energy and construction sectors.

 – As Acoustics has a global market size exceeding $25 billion, the acoustics segment presents a golden opportunity. The company is entering this space with innovative soundproofing solutions and noise control technologies, catering to both residential and commercial needs. This move leverages the company expertise in material science and engineering, promising substantial returns.

– As Fasteners has, though seemingly modest, the global fastener market boasts a staggering $85 billion valuation. The company is strategically entering this high-volume, high-growth segment with specialized fasteners catering to specific industries like aerospace and marine and with the commitment to quality and precision the company will definitely outstand from the competition, ensuring a strong foothold in this lucrative market.

The Director concluded with the note of thanks and ensured the shareholder about the company growth with the company strategy of each new product addition in the product line; the company will unlock new revenue streams, attract diverse talent, and solidify the position as a leader in the manufacturing landscape.

The above information is for dissemination to the existing investor and prospective investor.

It would be great if you could incorporate the same in your esteemed publication.

Tata Steel’s Natural Resources Division bags the prestigious Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award 2023

Natural Resources Division bags

Bengaluru, 30th December 2023: Tata Steel’s Natural Resources Division has been honored with the ‘Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award for the year 2023 at the 18th International Conference for Corporate Social Responsibility in Mumbai. The award was conferred by the prestigious awards jury under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Justice M. N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India and former Chairman, the National Human Rights Commission of India and National Commission for Constitution of India Reforms.

The accolade recognizes Tata Steel’s pioneering innovation in creating high-level transparency and visibility for mine monitoring. The innovation involves deploying drones for digital mine mapping, coupled with the integration of point cloud data into resource modeling software such as SURPAC and MINEX. This integration facilitates comprehensive analysis of mine profiles, slopes, haul road gradients, width assessments, haul road lead/lift, and various other mine analytics tools. Tata Steel stands as the sole entity in India to have developed and implemented this groundbreaking capability, enabling high-level 2D & 3D mine visibility.

D. B. Sundara Ramam, Vice President, Raw Material, Tata Steel, said: “We are honoured to receive the Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award, a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. Our innovative approach to leveraging drone technology and advanced data analysis in mine mapping has significantly enhanced our ability to monitor mines, ensuring enhanced safety, compliance, and productivity.”

In its pursuit of driving technological innovation in the natural resources sector, Tata Steel has successfully implemented these cutting-edge solutions in its West Bokaro coal mine and manganese mines. Over the next 3-6 months, the tools will be fully deployed in chromite & iron ore mines, further cementing the Company’s leadership in revolutionizing mine monitoring and resource management.

Golden Peacock Awards recognize the best among organizations, which have significantly embedded risk management strategies and innovation in their operations and decision-making processes, leading to improved company performance.

Successful Culmination of National Workshop on Earth Sciences at IIT Roorkee

Successful Culmination

Roorkee,30th December 2023 The National Workshop on Earth Sciences held at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) concluded on December 29, 2023, marking a successful gathering of professionals and researchers from diverse disciplines within the field of Earth Sciences.

The three-day event, organized by IIT Roorkee, brought together experts to discuss cutting-edge research trends, share insights, and identify key areas for further exploration in the realm of Earth Sciences. The workshop featured an extensive program, including plenary talks, keynote addresses, and a multitude of oral and poster presentations, providing a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements in the field.

The inaugural day commenced with a grand inaugural program at the MAC Auditorium, IIT Roorkee, featuring dignitaries, esteemed guests, and prominent figures in the Earth Sciences community. In the inaugural program, the program was presided over by Prof. K K Pant, Director IIT Roorkee, but due to a last-minute engagement, Prof Anand Joshi read his address. During the proceedings, Prof. Joshi shared a message from Prof. K K Pant, the Director of IIT Roorkee, who emphasized the institution’s unwavering commitment to advancing research and education in Earth Sciences since its inception in 1960.

Prof. KK Pant, Director of IIT Roorkee, highlighted, “Inaugurating the National Workshop on Earth Sciences (ESICET), the Department of Earth Sciences at IIT Roorkee reaffirms its commitment to advancing research and teaching since 1960. This conference, building on the success of the 2013 edition, symbolizes our dedication to pushing the boundaries of Earth Sciences. Generous support from sponsors, including ONGC Videsh, Horiba India, NRSC, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Leica Microsystems, Parsan, ThermoFisher Scientific, and Amaron, has made this event possible. As we commence this workshop, it serves as a nationwide platform for showcasing scientific advancements, fostering collaboration, and contributing to the continual growth of Earth Sciences in India.

The event commenced with an address followed by the Organizing Secretary, Prof. Sandeep Singh, who introduced the Chief Guest—a distinguished alumnus from the department’s class of 1987. During his address, Chief Guest Sri Sanjeev Tokhi, Director (Exploration) at ONGC Videsh Ltd., attributed his achievements to his academic pursuits and overall personal development while on campus. He emphasized the critical need for net zero energy security development, correlating it with decisions made during CCOP23. Expressing his privilege to be part of the National Workshop on Earth Sciences at IIT Roorkee, he lauded the Department of Earth Sciences for its commitment to fostering excellence in research and collaboration. As a symbolic gesture, he installed the ONGC Videsh trophy, recognizing students with the highest CGPA in the departments of M.Sc. (Applied Geology), Integrated M.Tech. (Geological Technology), and Integrated M.Tech. (Geophysical Technology) – intake through JEE and Integrated M.Teh. (Geophysical Technology) intake through JEE.

ONGC awarded the prestigious ONGC Videsh Trophy to the highest-achieving students, namely Simran Guleriya (M.Sc. Applied Geology), Yash Sanjay Kute (Int. M.Tech. Geological Technology), and Akshay Kamath (Int. M.Tech. Geophysical Technology), recognizing their academic prowess.

The program also welcomed two esteemed Guest of Honors: Dr. Rajeev Gautam, President of Horiba India, an alumnus from the class of 1986 in the Department of BioSciences, and Dr. Prakash Chauhan, Director of NRSC, who graduated from the department in the year 1990.

The inaugural session of the National Workshop on Earth Sciences featured speakers expressing gratitude to the then University of Roorkee (now IIT Roorkee) for its role in their success. The technical sessions covered diverse topics, from Precambrian Geodynamics to Emerging Techniques in Earth Sciences, exploring the Himalayan geodynamics and natural hazard mitigation. Celebrating the rich history of IIT Roorkee’s Department of Earth Sciences, dating back to 1845, the workshop was a collaborative platform for knowledge exchange. The organizers were optimistic about its lasting impact on advancing Earth Sciences in India, leaving participants with enriched perspectives and insights.

Prof. Sandeep Singh, Organizing Secretary, expressed his gratitude towards the various organizations (ONGC Videsh, Horiba India, NRSC, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Leica Microsystems, Parsan, ThermoFisher Scientific, and Amaron) that generously supported the workshop. The event’s success was attributed to the collaboration and support of numerous sponsors and the dedicated efforts of the organizing committee.

As participants departed, they carried with them enriched perspectives and a profound sense of the institution’s dedication to fostering cutting-edge research and collaborative endeavors. The workshop, with its diverse program encompassing Precambrian Geodynamics, Sedimentary Earth Surface Processes, Geophysical Techniques, and Emerging Tools in Earth Sciences, reflected IIT Roorkee’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the field.

As the echoes of the workshop reverberate, it is anticipated that the lasting impact will extend far beyond the event itself, influencing the trajectory of Earth Sciences in India. IIT Roorkee, with its unwavering dedication, continues to stand as a cornerstone of academic brilliance, shaping the future of Earth Sciences and contributing to the nation’s scientific advancement.

Merino Unleashes a Wave of Innovation and Elegance at FOAID 2023

Merino Unleashes

Merino, a key player in high-pressure decorative laminates in India, left a lasting impression at the much-anticipated FOAID 2023 in Delhi recently. Merino’s booth wasn’t just a display; it was a journey into the future of design, filled with innovation and sophistication.

The spotlight was on Merino FABWood, India’s First Health-Friendly Super Strong (HFSS) Chipboard, a marvel crafted from pure eucalyptus wood. Using 3D chip bonding technology and Industry 4.0 German tech, it guarantees top-notch quality, unmatched strength, and sustainability. FABWood, with low VOC emissions and a smooth surface, is a blend of creativity, well-being, and eco-friendliness, capturing everyone’s attention.

Merino Imagino, the digital laminate, took center stage, turning imagination into reality. In this era of advanced technology, these laminates offer a creative way to enhance your space with stylish designs. Thanks to digital printing, you get complete artistic freedom, along with durability and easy maintenance. It’s not just decor; it’s a sustainable upgrade for your home.

Merino showcased some impressive stuff at the event! They had this beautiful Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) that’s super durable—great for homes and businesses. It can handle lots of traffic and moisture, plus it’s easy to maintain and resistant to bacteria and fungi. They also featured Luvih, a neat matte surface that doesn’t show fingerprints! But that’s not all! Merino Armour, known for being tough exterior wall cladding, and Hanex, with surfaces that offer endless design possibilities, showed off how versatile Merino is for modern Indian interiors. Bringing eco-friendly luxury into play, Merino Ecoclick caught attention with its low VOC luxury vinyl flooring solutions. Meister surfaces, featuring premium panels enhanced with a PU+ acrylic coating, also made a statement. This varied display highlighted how Merino plays a crucial role in shaping the look of modern Indian interiors.

In a special role as the sponsor for ARCHITECTURE IDEAS, Merino went beyond supporting a design competition; it played a part in fostering emerging architects. Over an exciting period, young firms took part in a spirited contest, showcasing their innovative ideas and designs. The competition ended, celebrating the participants’ creative excellence and the industry’s dedication to nurturing emerging talent.

Reflecting on FOAID 2023, Mr. Manoj Lohia, Director of Merino Industries Ltd., shared his excitement, “The Merino booth wasn’t just about products; it was a source of inspiration for revered architects and designers. Sponsoring ARCHITECTURE IDEAS propelled the innovative works of young architects into the spotlight. The positive response reaffirms Merino’s unwavering commitment to constant innovation, playing a pivotal role in propelling the industry forward.”

The two-day event was more than just displaying innovative products; it was a captivating journey. Attendees didn’t just observe spaces; they actively immersed themselves, guided by knowledgeable experts. This hands-on experience ignited curiosity, sparked interest, and could have turned them into future design enthusiasts. The event served as a dynamic platform for Merino to engage with the emerging generation of architects and designers, providing a firsthand glimpse into their passion and dedication to shaping the future of design. It wasn’t merely an expo; it was a thrilling exploration of design realms together!

Rajni Khurana Returns Home to Ugro Capital as Chief People Officer

Mumbai,30th December 2023: UGRO Capital is delighted to announce the triumphant return of Rajni Khurana, a seasoned Human Resources professional, as the Chief People Officer (CPO). Rajni’s homecoming is marked by her passion for empowering the MSME ecosystem and reinforcing UGRO Capital’s commitment to becoming the largest Small Business Financing Institution driven by Data and Technology.

With over two decades of diverse experience in Global Human Resources Management and Strategic Business Advisory, Rajni brings a wealth of expertise to her role. She has a proven track record in creating platforms for growing organizations, particularly in the financial services sector.

Rajni Khurana was an integral part of the foundation team at UGRO Capital, where she played a pivotal role in scaling up the people function, and establishing culture, values, and policy frameworks. Her previous stint saw her working closely with the Board on strategic people agendas, contributing significantly to scaling the organization to 45 branches and 500+ employees.

As UGRO Capital embarks on its next phase of growth, Rajni’s return is timely. The company, now present in 105 branches with over 2000 employees, plans to add 75 branches in the next quarter. Rajni will play a crucial role in continuing to establish a meritocratic culture, enabling cross-functional synergies, fostering a non-hierarchical environment, and enhancing rewards and recognition programs.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Mr. Shachindra Nath, Founder and Managing Director of U GRO Capital, said, “At UGRO Capital, our strength lies in the foundation of our robust management team. Over the past few years, we have been diligently building a best-in-class team with the capability to construct India’s largest small business financing platform. We are delighted to welcome Rajni back to UGRO Capital. She built the initial people-centric culture framework of UGRO and her rejoining would bring continuity in building the entrepreneurial culture required for our journey to build best in class financial institution. Her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to our mission align seamlessly with our organizational goals. As a founding member who shares our passion, Rajni’s leadership will undoubtedly be instrumental in shaping the next chapter of our growth. Together, we look forward to achieving new milestones and further solidifying UGRO Capital’s position as a leader in the small business financing landscape.”

Rajni Khurana,

Rajni Khurana, on her appointment, stated, “Returning to U GRO Capital feels like coming back home. I am excited about the shared vision of empowering the MSME ecosystem. UGRO Capital’s journey to become the largest Small Business Financing Institution is both inspiring and challenging, and I am eager to contribute to its success.”

Rajni Khurana was most recently associated with IndoSpace as Executive Director & head of human Resources. Her impressive career also includes impactful roles at CRISIL, Birla Sunlife Insurance, HDFC Bank, and WNS.

UGRO Capital looks forward to achieving new heights with Rajni Khurana’s leadership and commitment, as she goes beyond the ordinary to contribute to the company’s mission.

EaseMyTrip Expands Portfolio with Strategic Investment in Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited (Eco Hotels)


Mumbai, 30th December 2023:, one of India’s largest online tech travel platforms, has recently secured a non-controlling approximately 13% stake in Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited, a BSE listed entity.

Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited operates in the hotel and hospitality industry, aligning well with EaseMyTrip’s commitment to diversify its portfolio. The primary objective of this strategic investment is to acquire a minority interest and promote environmentally friendly practices within the hospitality sector. It may be mentioned here that all the hotels operated by Eco Hotels will be carbon net zero hotels.

This association also opens opportunities for establishing synergy between the two companies. Both the companies are talking on various areas of cooperation. Besides hotel operations business, ECO HOTELS may carry on air and non-air business mainly for its customers on the platform of and its subsidiaries company.

Nishant Pitti, Co- Founder and CEO of EaseMyTrip, said: “We are thrilled to announce our association and strategic decision to invest in the stake in Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited, reflecting EaseMyTrip’s commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices. Our choice to invest in stakes aligns with our vision to contribute positively to the growth of eco-friendly and green hotels. This investment marks another milestone in our journey to diversify our portfolio and enhance the travel experiences we offer to our customers. By fostering environmentally conscious initiatives, we aim to shape the future of the travel and hospitality industry positively.”

V K Tripathi Executive Chairman of Eco Hotels and Resorts Ltd. said, “With an unwavering commitment to redefine India’s hospitality landscape, we embark on a mission driven by sustainability, cutting-edge construction technology, and bold expansion strategies. This is not just a business decision; it’s a calculative move towards expanding our horizons and presenting guests with an elevated, eco-conscious, and luxurious experience that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. This strategic association between and Eco Hotels and Resorts Limited may turn out to be a game changer as such a synergy is hardly seen in the hospitality sector”

Ring in 2024 with RHYTHM & FIZZ at Sayaji Hotel Pune’s Spectacular New Year Eve Bash


Sayaji Hotel Pune invites you to a night of unforgettable festivities as we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome the New Year in style. Join us for an extravagant celebration featuring *Live DJ*, *Belly dance performance* with a dazzling midnight countdown.

Toast to new beginnings with a *Multi Cuisine Buffet* showcasing culinary delights & tastes from worldwide.

A celebration weaving together the artistry of Bellydance, Arabic/Spanish Fusion, and Brazilian Samba.

Hailing from the Czech Republic, a world-class artist will grace the stage.

For table reservations & booking. Contact 93722 67401, 78878 60779