5 Companies Prioritising Retention of Women Employees

5 Companies Prioritising Retention of Women Employees

Women make up a significant portion of the global workforce, and their full participation is essential for driving economic growth. Empowering women economically leads to increased productivity, innovation, and competitiveness, benefiting businesses and economies as a whole. These companies are dedicated to advancing women in the workplace, from establishing ambitious hiring and promotion goals to creating women-focused Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and sponsoring networking opportunities tailored to their female employees.

Allstate India
Allstate Corporation is one of the largest publicly held insurance providers in the United States. Allstate India Private Limited, also known as Allstate India, is a subsidiary of The Allstate Corporation. Allstate India has emerged as a preferred employer, recognized for its commitment to employee welfare and development. Recently, the company has also launched the ‘Nourish and Nurture Zone’ program to commemorate Women’s Day by providing essential support to working mothers. Additionally, their Allstate Maternity Management program is an 18-month program that supports women employees during their early motherhood journey and offers services, resources, and support during pregnancy helping them transition smoothly into motherhood and subsequently return to work.

Their premier employee insurance program ‘AllFlex’ is one of its kind in the market with benefits extending from life and medical insurance to pet insurance and dental coverage. They also help their superheroes continuously flex the muscles of knowledge and skills, prepping them with secret weapons like learning tools, leadership development programs, free access to online academies, and more with the help of their internal Employee Impact Group – WIN (Women’s Impact Network).

Through the Women. Fast forward project, EY is empowering a diverse workforce by enabling women and girls to reach their potential. The program offers mentorship, education, innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities, to ensure girls and women are equipped with the tools they need to thrive. Creating a workforce that will support the closing of the gender gap and nurture an equitable environment. EY is committed to closing the gender gap creating a nurturing environment for all. Also, EY is creating an inclusive culture to enable women’s potential to truly transform society, build a better working world, and uplift social equity.

The IT giant’s Global Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are to be credited for its efforts to ensure gender equality in the workplace and make Infosys one of the selected women-friendly companies. Its campus partnership program, Campus Connect, reaches out to 500+ engineering colleges in India and encourages more girls to take up computer science (CS). Thanks to this, roughly half of the freshers hired are women. As of 2021, 39.1% of all employees at Infosys around the world are women. Apart from this, several of the company’s facilities cater to women’s ever-changing role in society. For instance, women requesting transfers after marriage are often granted, which helps immensely in employee retention.

TATA Communications
The company’s flagship diversity and inclusion program has achieved several important goals that have catapulted it into becoming a female-friendly company. Since its launch, it has helped increase women’s workforce participation from 16% to 22%. The company’s SheReturns program, aimed at women looking to rejoin the workforce after a sabbatical, the Inclusive Leadership Program for managers, and the Men Advocating Real Change (MARC) program are some other initiatives TATA has taken to increase gender sensitivity and parity. Not to mention the increase in parental leave and adoption leave that can help men support their wives with childcare.

Sony Pictures Networks
Sony Pictures Networks (SPN) has made concerted efforts toward increasing gender parity through gender-agnostic hiring. The company’s flexible-working policy allowed working from home way before the pandemic, which helped women balance their professional and personal lives. Their policies on primary caregiver leave – which extends to surrogacy as well as adoption, creche facilities, and returning mothers program among other things makes them one of the ideal women-friendly companies in India.