82°e Launches 82°e Man; Unveils New Campaign

82°e Launches 82°e Man; Unveils New Campaign

82°e Launches 82°e Man; Unveils New CampaignMumbai, 15th February 2024: 82°E, a self-care brand co-founded by Deepika Padukone and Jigar Shah, has launched a range of men’s skincare products under 82°E Man – an extension of brand 82°E. The latest offering includes an innovative 2-in-1 Moisturiser with SPF 40 PA +++ with Gotu Kola and Ceramides, and a 3-in-1 Face, Beard and Body Cleanser with Arjuna and Betaine in two fragrance variants: Fresh Citrus and Woody Oud.

With self-care remaining central to the brand’s ethos, the launch campaign of 82°E Man (YouTube, Clip 1, Clip 2, website, social) has been conceived and executed by Tilt Brand Solutions, a part of Quotient Ventures – in association with design studio Sharpener. The campaign highlights an approach to self-care, which is specifically relevant to the contemporary man.

Launched in November 2022, 82°E is on a mission to make the practice of self-care a simple, joyful and effective part of one’s everyday life. Over the past year, 82°E has built a strong foothold in the skincare category by focusing on simple yet high-performance routines, while driving the message of overall self-care which is an extension of the co-founders’ commitment to well-being.

Speaking about the campaign, Keerthana Ramakrishnan, Chief Marketing Officer, 82°E said, “Our expansion into 82°E Man – new products for a new audience – is another pivotal moment in our business. This means two things for us: first, it’s an opportunity for us to evolve and add new dimensions to our own understanding of self-care, given the nuances within men’s personal care. Second, it’s an opportunity to bring new self-care experiences to men’s routines, drawing from the best of what we’ve offered so far as well as what we know about this demographic. Here’s hoping that we connect with our newer audiences as effectively as we have done previously, and that we can layer and nuance self-care for everyone over time.”

Adding further context, Shriram Iyer, Group Chief Creative Officer, Quotient Ventures said, “For a few months now, our eye has firmly been on building brand 82°E around its singular but dynamic self-care narrative, across all product categories. With the milestone launch of 82°E  Man, we approached communication based on existing realities of our new audience – the fact that men are already immersed in regular acts of self-care, even if they don’t brand them as that. From taking a run to turning to music for a break, self-care is an inherent, organic and carefree practice in all our lives; and 82°E Man is just the right personal care addition to that – with its simple, effective and joyful offerings.”