A paradigm shift in the political landscape: Your ultimate and proximate Political Advisor

A paradigm shift in the political landscape: Your ultimate and proximate Political Advisor

A paradigm shift in the political landscape: Your ultimate and proximate Political AdvisorNew Delhi, 30th January 2024: With the aim of upgrading and refining the realm of politics for better and on-time action, a Kolkata-based P3 approach has been established and put at the centre of Indian political advisory organisations. The current emphasis has been laid on advising and delivering proper strategies to several MLAs, aspiring politicians, constitutional heads, and Members of Parliament in order to help them secure long-term, reliable, and sustainable positions.

political strategic advisory organisation known as P3: People, Policy, and Politics was founded in Kolkata two years ago. The model aims to develop future leaders and strong political leadership. It operates with a 360° full political solutioning model for both individual politicians and parties throughout the year and during election season. This is what gives this strategic model a new perspective and does away with the political advisory organisations’ typical ideology, which is implemented solely during election season.

This has created a digitally connected virtual spectrum of over 140 scholars in seven different countries. These scholars work together on an as-and-when basis, contributing expertise in political strategy, political policymaking, and political image engineering. Political researchers, social media analysts, and political scholars from the country’s top research institutions—JU, JNU, BHU, and ISI—make up their core team. Throughout the whole electoral cycle, P3 assists candidates, legislators, MLAs, and aspiring leaders in forging durable positions within their parties and territories.

Adding to the vision, Mr. Subhashish Banerjee, the founder of P3 said, “It is very important to understand political science, but we believe it is even more important to understand the science of politics.” A politician’s personal development is the most crucial element in the dynamics of political strategy in India, according to P3, even though it is party-based. The organisation’s remarkable 100% success record in election management since its inception serves as a testament to its accomplishments. P3’s accomplishments go so far as to turn people with no political experience into effective MLAs, demonstrating the organisation’s mastery of the subtleties of the science of politics.

Political advisory organisations are organisations that offer strategic advice and knowledge in a range of political strategy, public relations, communication, and policy development areas to people, political organisations, or governmental bodies in the fields of politics and government. Advisory firms aim to improve their clients’ visibility and credibility by developing branding and image-building strategies. This Kolkata-based P3 approach helps its seekers successfully navigate the complicated landscape of politics, elections, and governance while operating in the same dimension with its enhanced strategic vision.