A Spectacular Dance Extravaganza Titled, Ekadasha Rudra

A Spectacular Dance Extravaganza Titled, Ekadasha Rudra

Ekadasha Rudra

Bengaluru 17th June 2024   Ekadasha Rudra celebrates eleven embodiments of Lord Shiva as Rudra in a fusion of five different genres of Indian classical dance. The production is an amalgamation of different styles and genres of dance that tells the story of RUDRA, eleven different embodiments of Lord Shiva, “EKADASHA RUDRA”. The artists representing the “Ekadasha Rudra” are five globally renowned Danse Gurus of India who are national and international awardees. We are planning to have over 50 nationally acclaimed dancers on the stage to sing and dance the glory of Lord Shiva.

Please find attached a brochure detailing the dance program. In-depth research on this topic has led me (Guru Smt. Poornima Gururaja) to conceptualize, direct and produce the dance musical, which I am confident will be an incredible experience for everyone.

Following are the five compelling reasons to come and witness the program:

1. Ekadasha Rudra is brand new and a powerful concept to be brought into a dance ballet. In some ways it is similar to Dashavatara of Vishnu.

2. It has a fusion of five Indian classical dance forms including Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam, and Samudranatanam, represented by eminent international level dance Guru and their senior students.

3. Original music scores for each dance form created and recorded by the very best in their dance form.

4. Best of all, there is a story for each Rudra, which are threaded through beautifully. It is engaging and understandable by everyone.

5. 50+ dancers, specially designed costumes, fantastic visuals will create a spectacular experience for your eyes, ears, and mind.