A take on modern day relationships and beyond! 5 reasons to watch Dillogical on Amazon miniTV

A take on modern day relationships and beyond! 5 reasons to watch Dillogical on Amazon miniTV

A take on modern day relationships and beyond! 5 reasons to watch Dillogical on Amazon miniTVMumbai, 15th February 2024: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released the romantic comedy series ‘Dillogical’. It follows the journey of childhood sweethearts Saransh and Jinal, whose relationship takes an unexpected turn when Jinal proposes an open relationship with Saransh. Set against the backdrop of a Gujarati wedding, the series explores the dynamics of love, friendship, and self-discovery, as the couple navigates through their feelings and relationships. Along with being a delightful blend of romance, humor, and emotions, here are five reasons why Dillogical must be on your Valentine’s Day binge-watch list:

  • Relatable Storyline:With a captivating storyline, Dillogical perfectly balances emotional depth with humor. From the highs of love and friendship to the lows of misunderstandings and conflicts, the narrative adds a layer of relatability along with drama, romance, and light-hearted moments. With relatable characters and circumstances, the series will not only resonate with viewers but also have them completely invested in Saransh and Jinal’s journey.
  • ModernTake on Relationships: The series offers a fresh and modern perspective on love and relationships, shown through the lens of Saransh and Jinal. By exploring the dynamics between the characters, the show delves deeper into the intricacies of being in an open relationship. It also explores the complexities of human emotions with heartfelt moments, which will surely strike a chord with the viewers, touching them on a profound level.
  • Breaking social norms:The series dives head-first into the life choices of Jinal, a talented and independent woman seeking to break through her planned life, tapping into the themes of identity and independence. As she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, focusing on her desires, aspirations, and boundaries, Saransh too deals with his complexities and preconceived notions about love and commitment, finding himself along the way.
  • Stellar ensemble cast:Dillogical boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Anshuman Malhotra, Nupur Nagpal, Priyank Sharma, Chetan Dhawan, and Prasanna Bisht, who bring their characters to life with sheer authenticity. Capturing the complexities of each character perfectly, their on-screen presence promises to add depth to the compelling storyline.
  • Streaming for Free onAmazon miniTV: Tune in to the heartwarming story of Saransh and Jinal, as they navigate modern love and relationship, for free on Amazon miniTV. There is no need to pay to watch this series on a subscription basis. It is available to stream for free on Amazon miniTV and Fire TV in the Amazon Shopping App and Play Store.

Get ready to indulge in romance, comedy, and drama, along with a dose of entertainment, with Dillogical for free only on Amazon miniTV, available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store.