A Year of Brew-tiful Moments: Ritual Daily Coffee Launches Exquisite Coffee Specials

A Year of Brew-tiful Moments: Ritual Daily Coffee Launches Exquisite Coffee Specials

A Year of Brew

5th September 2023, Mumbai: After successfully completing a year of offering the best creamy coffees and tasty confectionaries, Ritual Daily Coffee plans to refuel its menu with some more unique brews. On the occasion of their 1st year anniversary, the coffee house is introducing a new range of creamy lattes and coffee lemonades – with their signature of providing distinct taste with a lasting impression.

Ritual Daily Coffee, a vision of Michelin star and ex-NOMA chef, Rahul Ramnani and partner Meher Kohli, opened its doors in Pali Hill, Bandra in September 2022. Its snug ambience paired with crafted brews served as a great spot to relax in the city’s otherwise chaotic neighbourhood. Their variety of strong coffees and unique coffee mocktails combined with sandwiches, wraps and buttery croissants never goes wrong. With vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and Jain options they resonated with people who are more conscious about their choices without compromising on the taste.

Talking about the success of the venture partners of Ritual Daily Coffee, Rahul & Meher say, “We started Ritual to create a welcoming space to brighten your morning coffee run, catch up with friends, unwind after a long day & serve nostalgic ‘feel good’ meals. We’re grateful for the support we’ve received in the past year & are excited to introduce our upcoming projects.”

To celebrate this continued love and support from their patrons, the coffee house is presenting a new menu from their famous creamy lattes to refreshing lemonades. The new menu staples include Banoffee Oat Latte, which brings your classic pie dessert in every sip of coffee, Arabian Date Iced Latte, which combines the vitamin-rich essential in your daily beverage, Peanut Butter Latte, enticing the nutty creamy coffee with the pleasing sweetness of the butter. For those who love infusing caffeine in their mocktails, you should try out the Blueberry Coffee Lemonade, picking fruity notes of fresh blueberries with Ritual’s medium-dark roasted coffee. They unveil another unique method of serving coffee with the Espresso Coco Brew which is a perfect option for those with vegan or lactose-intolerant preferences.

The best part about these beverages is the deliberate choice of mixing healthy ingredients in your everyday beverage. Be it dates or berries, Ritual Daily Coffee promotes unique flavours without spiking blood sugar levels & considering the lifestyle choices people inherit.

The new menu will be available starting 2nd September at the Ritual Daily Coffee outlet in Bandra. So if you are always on the lookout for trying new coffees and love exploring café settings, this quaint spot calls you in for their celebration. With an attractive presentation of their special brews, you won’t help but take out your phone for that aesthetic flatlay of your favourite potion.