Aalekh Foundation: Writing a Sustainable Future

Aalekh Foundation: Writing a Sustainable Future


Aalekh Foundation is a non-profit organization based in India that has made its mission to empower underprivileged communities through education, healthcare, and social welfare initiatives. They have established various vocational training centers in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to provide women with skills in various trades such as tailoring, handicrafts, computer literacy, beauty, and wellness and provide free legal aid assistance Delhi and Jaunpur districts to sexual abuse victims from underprivileged communities who don’t have access to such facilities due to financial constraints.

They are also providing entrepreneurship support by training and mentoring women interested in starting their own businesses, conducting workshops on business planning, financial management, marketing and access to microcredit.

Corporate Lawyer & Founder Dr.RennieJoyy states that, “In the ongoing projects, we are supporting initiatives that aim to increase enrolment and retention of girls in schools by addressing barriers such as gender bias, child marriage, and lack of infrastructure and are also providing scholarships and financial aid to economically disadvantaged girls to ensure their access to quality education. “

Aalekh Foundation envisions a society where individuals irrespective of their socio-economic background have access to opportunities and can contribute to a better future. The foundation also focuses on reducing pollution and promotes sustainable development through renewable technology tie-ups and promoting Paperless VidhanSabhas across India.