#AbBasWorkIndia Takes a Stand Against Job Scams and Fraudulent Claims

#AbBasWorkIndia Takes a Stand Against Job Scams and Fraudulent Claims

India 29th July 2023 – In light of the concerning rise in job scams and fraudulent claims in the blue-collared job sectors, WorkIndia, a leading tech-enabled blue-collar recruitment platform has launched a campaign #AbBasWorkIndia to bring awareness to this critical issue and empower candidates to report suspicious job postings. The campaign aims to safeguard the interests of genuine job seekers while reducing threats to the ecosystem caused by middlemen and fraudulent employers.

Low literacy rates in certain job sectors have made blue-collared workers vulnerable to deceitful practices, denting the confidence of sincere candidates and damaging the overall job ecosystem. Through this campaign, WorkIndia has taken a decisive stance to combat this problem head-on with a unique three-pronged filtration system that sets it apart from other platforms.

Under the overarching theme of #AbBasWorkIndia, the platform has already launched impactful videos, shedding light on the prevailing issue, and urging candidates to join the fight against fraudulent job practices.

The key components to combat job scams include a sophisticated system that helps assess the authenticity of job postings, ensuring that they meet specific criteria to be considered legitimate. A proactive approach is taken to eliminate vulgar job postings and maintain a respectful and professional environment for job seekers, and cutting-edge technology targets job brokers, minimizing their presence on the platform and protecting job seekers from potential exploitation.

Commenting on the same, Nilesh Dungarwal, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkIndia said, “We believe in the power of genuine opportunities and the importance of safeguarding job seekers from potential scams, our platform’s robust filters and innovative structure ensure that only verified and legitimate job openings are presented to candidates, significantly reducing the presence of fraudulent job postings to an impressively low 3%, compared to other platforms that face a minimum of 30% fraudulent claims.”

The campaign also highlights various propositions of the brand, emphasizing its commitment to safeguarding job seekers’ interests and ensuring only genuine opportunities are accessible on the platform prioritizing authenticity and transparency. With a strong focus on blue-collared job sectors, WorkIndia strives to eliminate job scams and fraudulent claims to create a secure and trustworthy ecosystem for job seekers.