ABP Ananda Unveils Spectacular Durga Puja Extravaganza: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

ABP Ananda Unveils Spectacular Durga Puja Extravaganza: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Kolkata, 17th October 2023 :As the premier Bengali news channel, ABP Ananda has brought back its three iconic properties – ABP Ananda Sharad Ananda, ABP Ananda Paarae Paarae Serar Lodai, and ABP Ananda SuraksharPuraskar, offering fresh content and collaborating with various partners to celebrate the spirit of Durga Puja.

The Sharad Ananda programming for this year has already commenced, featuring a diverse array of both new and existing content. The first segment, “Koruk Matha ThemeTheme,” explores Kolkata’s renowned Durga Puja themes, showcasing the unique aspects of pandals, the evolution of art forms, and efforts to revive rural folk art. This segment adopts a storytelling format.

The second segment, “TarokarChokheTarokaPujo,” involves celebrities visiting pandals, delving into the preparation, concepts, idols, lighting, and ambiance while discussing the release of their cinema and OTT projects during the Puja.

“Akash PothePujo” is a distinctive concept introduced by ABP Ananda last year, where all the renowned Pujas of Kolkata were covered using drone cameras for a complete aerial bird’s eye view telecast. This includes exclusive coverage of ornamental decorations, lighting, pandals, and thematic features.

“PujoDekhunGhoreBosey” continues its annual tradition of live telecasting eight of the biggest Pujas in Kolkata, showcasing both traditional and themed celebrations with a multi-camera setup. The telecast spans all five days, providing viewers with insights into the rituals performed.

The programming also features “Sharad Ananda Samman 2023,” an award ceremony honouring Puja pandals in various categories, including Best Pandal, Best Theme, Best Lighting, Best Idol, Best Concept, Best Puja Committee, and Best Traditional Puja. Fifty such categories and thirty Durga Pujas around the city will be felicitated with the Jury Samman Award. Jelar Sera Puja 2023 is the district version of Sharad Ananda Samman. Overall, more than 200 Puja Pandals across categories will be conferred with the Sharad Ananda Samman.

Other notable programming includes “Pujor Adda,” “Pujo Personal,” “ProbashePujo,” “Durga Puja Animation Program,” “Pujor Case Book,” and “Bhanu Ukil & Jahor Bicharak.”

The Sharad Ananda programming for this year is presented by Dear Govt. Lottery, Prabhuji Pure Food, ABP Weddings dot com, and Lloyd. It is Co-powered by MadhukunjAgarbatti, Sister Nivedita University, Macho Hint, Greenply, Concreto Cement, and Wild Stone. Partner sponsors include Priyo Gopal Bishoyee, Lancet Pharmaceuticals, Shalimar Coconut Oil, Rumpa Jewellery, Mother Dairy Mishti Doi, and Coca Cola. The digital partner is ABP Live.

ABP Ananda’s second property, “Paarae Paarae Serar Lodai 2023,” is an 11-episode non-fiction fun reality game show played among 12 Durga Puja Committees. The episodes are currently airing on ABP Ananda every day at 5:30 pm until October 20, 2023.

“Paarae Paarae Serar Lodai 2023,” is Presented by Benarasi Niketan, Zed Black Zed Black Premium Agarbatti , Nirma Beauty Soap and Mother Dairy Mishti Doi. It is Co-Powered By Secret Temptation, Khadim, Basumati Rice, Snik Bisk, Crompton Mixers and Calcutta Retro. The property is Partnered By – Rumpa Jewellery, Dulux, Jovees Herbal and Rungta Steel TMT Bar. Special Partner includes – Manmohan JaaduMolom while the Digital Partner is ABP Live.

The sixth year of ABP Ananda’s third property, “ABP Ananda SuraksharPuraskar 2023,” is marked by an award intended to support social safety, security, and measures implemented by individual Puja Committees during their Pujas. A team of experts will evaluate 100 Puja Committees based on various standards, and awards will be given based on set parameters.

ABP Ananda’s SuraksharPuraskar is presented by Mother Dairy Mishti Doi, Finolex Pipes, and Manmohan JaaduMolom. It is powered by Shalimar Coconut Oil, Rungta Steel TMT Bar, and Wild Stone. Partnered by Rumpa Jewellery and Horlicks, with ABP Live as the digital partner.