According to 69% of employees, a bad day at home is a bad day at work reveals a survey conducted by Genius Consultants Ltd

According to 69% of employees, a bad day at home is a bad day at work reveals a survey conducted by Genius Consultants Ltd

17th November 2023:In a recent survey conducted by Genius Consultants Ltd., the importance of a balanced family life and personal well-being on the professional lives of mid and senior-level employees has been highlighted. The survey delves into the perspectives of employees regarding the influence of their family life on their work and how it impacts their overall performance.

The survey, which involves a diverse group of mid and senior-level professionals from various industries, yields insightful results that showcase the intricate relationship between family and work.

A staggering 97% of respondents believe that a peaceful family life has a positive impact on an employee’s professional work outcome. This suggests that a harmonious family environment plays a vital role in enhancing an employee’s overall job performance, job satisfaction, and productivity.

According to 69% of respondents, a “bad day at home” can indeed lead to a “bad day at work” for any employee. This emphasizes the interconnectedness of personal and professional life and the potential spillover effect of personal issues into the workplace. The survey also finds that 78% of participants think that an unruly and unorganized personal life can lead to indiscipline at the workplace. Maintaining a structured personal life seems to be crucial for maintaining discipline and professionalism at work.

When asked about the role of a supportive family in an employee’s professional life, 70% of respondents believe it plays a significant role. Specifically, 15% think it improves work efficiency, 9% believe it allows employees to strive for professional growth, and 6% feel it increases concentration and dedication toward work.

In the context of remote work, 77% of employees stated that family support is crucial for a professional work environment. Among these respondents, 15% highlighted the importance of peaceful surroundings, 6% valued having work area privacy, and 2% emphasized the need for minimal disturbance for personal requirements.

Lastly, 71% of participants feel that all the mentioned factors and support from family motivate employees to perform better in their organizations. Among these, 17% believe that standing by employees through professional ups and downs is essential, while 10% emphasize the role of providing moral support, and 2% recognize the importance of understanding organizational requirements during extended work hours.

Commenting on the same, Mr. R P Yadav, Chairman and Managing Director of Genius Consultants Limited, stated, “These survey results provide valuable insights into the interplay between family life and professional success, particularly for mid and senior-level employees. A contented family life serves as a bedrock upon which employees can build their careers. This survey reaffirms our commitment to creating a workplace that values and fosters the overall well-being of our team members. Employers and HR professionals can use these findings to foster a work environment that acknowledges and supports employees’ personal well-being, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity.”

The survey statistics are based on the feedback received from all sectors through the company’s LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook page, relevant groups, Instagram story polls and Google Free Survey Sites. Post the data collection, an in-depth analysis was conducted, and this report was prepared.