Adani Foundation Gives a Ray of Hope to Train Accident Victim

Adani Foundation Gives a Ray of Hope to Train Accident Victim

Adani Foundation

Chennai: 6th May 2024 It was a fresh beginning for a couple from Sembasipalli Kuppam as they witnessed the opening of their new provisional store. For 30-year-old Prasanth, this is nothing less than a miracle. The newly constructed shop and the initial investment for goods have been facilitated by the Adani Foundation. Prasanth’s shop was inaugurated by Captain Madhanmohan, COO, Adani Kattupalli, and Ennore Port, in the presence of the Adani Foundation team, community leaders, and his well-wishers on May 3, 2024.

Prasanth lives with his wife Chithra, a 7-year-old son, and a daughter (aged 5) in Light House Panchayat, Minjur Block in Tiruvallur district. He was working as a train cleaner (on contract) at Basin Bridge Railway Yard. One tragic day in July 2023, he got hit by a train and lost both legs. The accident broke him from inside, leaving him staring at a dark future ahead.

The Adani Foundation team (looking after the CSR initiatives of Adani Kattupalli Port) visited him when he was back from the hospital. The team assured him of its support in bringing his life back on track, which made him hopeful. His family, which was struggling to make ends meet, also received immediate support from the Foundation. The staff at the Mobile Health Care Unit of the Adani Foundation attended to his injuries and helped him in his recovery. As he was getting better, it was time for him to start looking after his family. Giving him moral support and confidence to rebuild his life, the Foundation team discussed possible livelihood opportunities with Prasanth.

The team helped him obtain a government certificate for specially-abled persons that aligned him with government policies and their benefits. As part of the rehabilitation process, and with the help of healthcare professionals, the Foundation provided necessary help and assistive devices, such as a wheelchair, to enhance his mobility.

Prasanth showed interest in running a shop. Gradually, the Adani Foundation built a small provisional store close to his house, while also providing him with necessary supplies for the shop. The Foundation even plans to provide a motorized wheelchair to him.

“I am deeply grateful to the Adani Foundation for building the shop for me and helping me recover. My family members and I want to thank the Foundation team for all the support they gave us during our toughest times and help us rebuild our lives,” said Prasanth.

As part of its CSR activities, the Adani Kattupalli Port is running initiatives and developmental programs in 11 panchayats of Minjur block in the areas of education, healthcare, agriculture, livelihood, community development, and climate action. The special focus is on empowering women by improving their socio-economic well-being. It is also enhancing the livelihood of widows and specially-abled persons. Forty pull carts have been provided to them to help them earn their livelihood. Additionally, 12 specially-abled persons have been linked with livelihood units based on their abilities and interests, to make them more empowered.