Aditya Mehta Foundation’s Para Cyclists, Jyoti Gaderiya & Arshad Shaik, Soar to Top World Rankings, Bringing Pride to India!

Aditya Mehta Foundation’s Para Cyclists, Jyoti Gaderiya & Arshad Shaik, Soar to Top World Rankings, Bringing Pride to India!

Aditya Mehta Foundation

Hyderabad, 22nd April 2024: Talented young para-cyclists Jyoti Gaderiya and Arshad Shaik from the Aditya Mehta Foundation have etched their names by notching top world rankings with their recent incredible performances in the latest Track Para Rankings, both Women Elite C2 and Men Elite C2, respectively. In an exhilarating triumph for the Indian Para-cycling team, these two exceptional athletes have secured top positions in the prestigious world rankings.

An above-knee amputee para-cyclist, Jyoti Gaderiya, stood tall at the World’s 2nd position in the Women Elite C2 – Track Para Rankings. Jyoti captivated audiences with her stellar performances. Her journey from adversity to triumph is a testament to her sheer resilience and passion for the sport.

Arshad Shaik, an above-knee amputee para-cyclist, holding the 5th spot in the Men Elite C2 – Track Para Rankings, is a force to be reckon with. Defying limits and overcoming challenges, he is set to represent India at the upcoming Paralympics 2024, carrying the hopes of a nation. Arshad, previously ranked 15th, ascended to 5th position following his exceptional performance at the 2024 Asian Track Para-cycling Championships, surpassing fellow athletes in his category.

India’s #1 Handcyclist, Prashant Sudarshan Arkal, has been making waves on the global stage. Overcoming the challenges of Polio in childhood, he is on a quest to secure Paralympic qualification, showcasing unparalleled skill and determination. He has been competing in various para-cycling events, including the World Championships, World Cups, Asian Para Games, and Asian Cycling Championships. Recently, he clinched the bronze medal at the World Ability Games (IWAS) held in Thailand. This achievement marks a historic milestone for the Indian Para-cycling Team. India has secured its first-ever cycling qualifications for Paralympics, a testament to the unwavering dedication and talent of these exceptional athletes. Prashant will now be competing in Para cycling World Cup Belgium and Paracycling world cup Italy being in May 2024, to qualify for the Paralympics 2024.

Aditya Mehta Foundation expresses its sincere appreciation to GMCCO, NMDC, United Way of Hyderabad, and S&P Global for their unwavering support.

The talented para cyclists were spotted and trained at Aditya Mehta Foundation with the support of the Cycling Federation of India.