Adnaan Shaikh’s Journey From a Content Creator to Owning His Gym and Brand 07 Fitness

Adnaan Shaikh’s Journey From a Content Creator to Owning His Gym and Brand 07 Fitness

17th, May 2023  Mumbai: Adnaan Shaikh popularly known as one of the members of Team 07 and has never failed to impress his audiences through his content and fitness. Adnaan who became a social media sensation with his amazing content skills started his journey as a content creator and video creator and has reached a massive fan following over the years. Recently, Adnaan made one of his dreams come true as the fitness freak relaunched his own gym and received numerous love and support from his friends and fans.

Family and friends of Adnaan enthusiastically gave their support as he set out on yet another successful journey. Faisal Shaikh, Akanksha Puri, Riva Arora, and Amir Siddique, to name a few, attended the launch to support their friend. Adnaan has always been passionate about his fitness and wanted to do something around it.

Due to this he started focusing on his body at the young age of 18 and has always been keen on fitness and bodybuilding. Sharing his connection to fitness and his ups and downs, Adnaan’s journey started from creating content on Tiktok and Musically where he received much love and appreciation from the audiences. In this journey of where he started the fitness journey because of benign concepts of his low weight, There was a point in his life when he felt extremely demotivated by the way his body looked, the clothes were too loose, and the way people around him looked at him, which shook his confidence, and he knew that this has to be changed. When creating content he shared an on-and-off journey with fitness, and now reaching these heights he wants to continue and help others start their journey in fitness. In this Journey from Content Creation to opening his own gym, his Father has been his major support. The focus is to motivate people as much as possible towards a healthy lifestyle.

Sharing his experiences, Adnaan says, “I am thankful to everyone, because of whom this journey became possible my family, friends, and lovely fans. This is my solo venture and it feels great to share the same journey of motivation towards fitness with everyone. I look forward to more opportunities and wish to share it with everyone.