ADP India assembles for its exhilarating annual event – “Bring Your Kids to Work” Day

ADP India assembles for its exhilarating annual event – “Bring Your Kids to Work” Day

ADP India assembles

Hyderabad, 27th November 2023 – ADP India, a leading provider of Human Resources Management Software & Services, has conducted its exciting associate engagement tradition of ‘Bring Your Kids to Work’. The day was celebrated across its national offices in Hyderabad and Pune with a collective participation of above 2600 associates and children. Witness to youthful energy, the offices created a unique environment, fostering the integration of ADP associates, their families, and the workplace. Kudos to ADP for creating a workplace revolution.

The event exemplified the essence of One ADP Family with a massive gathering of over 1800 people including associates, family members, and more than 750 children in Hyderabad. Its Pune office was host to over 800 people including associates, family members, and more than 350 children.

Overjoyed with the gathering, Mr. Vijay Vemulapalli, General Manager and Managing Director, ADP Pvt. Ltd. said, “ADP believes in creating an environment that values a healthy work-life balance. In addition to promoting work-life integration, ‘Bring Your Kids to Work’ Day highlights ADP’s dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive workplace culture. Creating a sense of unity between work and family life contributes to a more holistic and supportive workplace culture, a reflection of ADP’s dedication to the well-being and happiness of its extended corporate family.”

ADP India was established in India back in 1999, and 24 years later, it has only grown into a colossal family of over 11,000 associates and extended family members. The Bring Your Kids to Work day at ADP is a much-awaited event and creates an opportunity for children to understand the workplace of their parents, to meet their work family and other children through this activity.

On this special occasion, Mr. Sujnan Venkatesh, Divisional Vice President and Head of HR, ADP Pvt. Ltd. mentioned, “I joined ADP India just a tad over 2 months ago, and this gathering has been close to my heart from our first conversation about it. The biggest reason for that is because we believe each of our associate and their family counts, and everything they do makes ADP one of the best employers and places to work in India. Our associates propel the growth of ADP, and the gathering of this scale with their family members, including all the merrymaking little ones, is a testament to the immense pride that they and their loved ones take in being associated with ADP!”

‘Bring Your Kids to Work’ is a highly anticipated event not only by ADPeers but their families as well. This year’s event featured an array of attractions curated to all age groups. For the little ones aged 1-3, there was a specially designed playpen, while the creative masterminds, the 4–6-year-olds unleashed their creativity at the doodle art station. Older kids (7 years and above) and even adults explored the world of Zentangle art workshops. That’s not the end of it, the entertainment lineup included captivating puppet and magic shows, a digital caricature artist and a talented balloon twister artist which turned up the excitement. Moreover, a live DJ was also conducted that enhanced the festive vibe. Adding to it, live food counters with delightful snacks were served and every kid received a fun goodies kit!