ALL THAT IS HIDDEN: Mapping Departures in Landscape, Terrains and Geographies

ALL THAT IS HIDDEN: Mapping Departures in Landscape, Terrains and Geographies

ALL THAT IS HIDDEN: Mapping Departures in Landscape, Terrains and GeographiesExhibition Overview

The group exhibition invites a captivating journey through landscapes, challenging norms across diverse artistic mediums. Integration of various mediums in the show allows for a multi-dimensional experience. It encourages viewers to reflect on the complex interplay of social, cultural, economic, and political elements in shaping our understanding of spaces within and beyond our immediate ecosystems, prompting us to critique the evolving ideas of landscape amid contemporary challenges and perspectives. Landscape as a genre has evolved significantly since the early Renaissance, reflecting changes in artistic styles, cultural influences, and societal perspectives. As a genre, the evolution has been through artists expanding the boundaries and experimenting with diverse styles and interpretations. This dynamic interplay between the material world and metaphorical representations has contributed to the richness and versatility of landscape as a central theme in art history. The departure from traditional representations aims to critically assess the landscape as a dynamic and ever-changing entity intertwined with contemporary concerns. The works underscore the contemporary landscape as a complex manifestation of social, cultural, economic, political and personal elements, suggesting their subtle yet significant impact and highlighting the entangled factors influencing our collective perception of the evolving world.

Participating Artists

Ajit Kumar Das, Ali Akbar P N, Arindam Adhikary, Arindam Chatterjee, Bholanath Rudra, Debashish Paul, Ghana Shyam Latua, Janhavi Khemka, K. C. Pyne, L. M. Sen, N. S. Bendre, Prasanta Sahu, Ruma Choudhury, Saibal Das, Santanu Debnath, Shilpi Sharma, Ujjal Dey, Vishal Kumar Gupta

Artists’ Bios

Ajit Kumar Das (b. 1957)

Ajit Kumar Das is a painter, block printer, kalamkari artist and natural dye expert rolled into one. Born in 1957 to a family of dyers and washerfolk in Tripura, Das moved to West Bengal and secured a job at Weavers Service Centre. He found inspiration in the works of artist Riten Mazumdar, textile revivalist and craft master Martand Singh, ajrakh legend Dr Ismail Mohamed Khatri, kalamkari expert Padmasree Sri Gurappa Chetty, Tansukh Mahicha, K. Rajavelu, Goutam Vaghela, and K.V Chandramouli. Das has developed an exclusive series of works such as CowsBirdsMatrika (feminine energy), Trees of LifeStones and so on, where his mastery over natural colours and the kalamkari technique can be seen.

He has participated in several exhibitions nationally – in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Santiniketan, as well as internationally – in France, Japan, Malaysia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom etc. Das received the National Award for his master craftsmanship in 1987 and the Kalamani award at the Surajkund Mela in 1993. His works have been collected by Victoria Albert Museum, London; Royal Ontario Museum, Canada; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; The World Bank, New York; Embassy of France, New Delhi; World Bank, New Delhi; UNDP, New Delhi, Nandan Museum, Visva Bharati, Santiniketan; The Park Hotel, Kolkata; and many private collectors, namely Amrita Mukerji, Asha Sarabhai, Jenny Balfour Paul, Rakesh Thakore, Rta Kapur Chisti, Martand Singh, and others.

He is currently based in Kolkata and has committed himself to the practice of natural dyes after his retirement.

Ali Akbar P N (b. 1996) 
Ali Akbar P N was born in 1996 in Koolimuttam, Central Kerala. The artist has obtained his MVA in Painting from Maharaja Sayaji Rao University, Vadodara, Gujarat 2020 and BFA in Painting from the Govt. College of Fine Arts Thrissur, Kerala 2018. He works extensively in collages, videos and artists’ books, and his work revolves around memory, identity, alienation, and desire. Ali Akbar was selected by an eminent jury for the first award at the annual all-India open call awards and exhibition Imaginarium 2.0 at Emami Art Kolkata 2022. Emami Art also exhibited Ali Akbar at the India Art Fair, 2023 and the Architecture Digest Design Show in December 2022, Mumbai.
He has participated in many exhibitions including Fault Lines: Visual Symptoms of Discordances in Indian History at Conflictorium, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Embark, 2023, Baroda; India Art Fair 2023; Baroda Anuelle 2023, Gallery White Vadodara; From Where All That Sweat? , Trivandrum 2022; The Flying Goat Show, Goa 2022; Open Studio, Baroda 2021; Untitled III Online Exhibition, Priyasri Art Gallery Mumbai 2020; Nasreen Mohammedi Studio Display, MSU Baroda 2019 – 2020; Prologue 18 Final Display, Govt. College of Fine Arts Thrissur 2018; Kala Mela Art Exhibition, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi 2018; Group Show in Onyx Art Gallery, Kochi 2017; Charcoal Group Art Exhibition, Calicut 2017; Kasthuri Sreenivasan Trust Annual Show, Coimbatore 2017.
He currently resides and works in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

Arindam Adhikary (b. 1998)
Born in 1998, Arindam Adhikary completed his B.F.A. and M.F.A. in Painting from the Government College of Art & Craft, Calcutta in 2020 and 2022 respectively.

Adhikary was part of many exhibitions including the 31st Ravi Jain Memorial Foundation Annual Awards Exhibition at Dhoomimal Gallery in 2023; Birla Academy of Art & Culture 54th Annual Exhibition in 2021; Kochi-Muziris Student Biennale in 2021; Charukala Exhibition, Kolkata in 2019; West Bengal State Academy of Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts 2018-19 Annual Exhibition; Soul & Spirit Art Society Online Exhibition in 2020. He was awarded the Sakti Barman Award for Painting in the Government College of Art & Craft Annual Exhibition in 2021; Rajjo Charukala Parshad Scholarship in 2022; the Atul Bose Award for painting in Govt. College of Art & Craft Annual Exhibition 2019-20; Rajjo Charukala Parshad Scholarship in 2019, and the 2nd Award in Charukala Utsav, Krishnanagar Annual Exhibition in 2018 and many more.

He is currently based in Nadia, West Bengal.

Arindam Chatterjee (b 1972)
Born in West Bengal, Arindam Chatterjee studied painting at the Government College of Art & Craft, Kolkata and Kala Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan and has since exhibited nationally and internationally. A prominent abstract painter in the late 1990s and 2000s, he turned to figurative art to engage more directly with the social and political life of society.

His solo exhibitions include The Lightning Should Have Struck Me: Recent Work by Arindam Chatterjee at Gandhara Art Gallery (Kolkata 2015); Recent Work by Arindam Chatterjee at Akar Prakar (Kolkata 2012); Monologues at Tao Art Gallery (Mumbai 2006); The Airborne Stories at Chitrakoot Art Gallery (Kolkata 2005) and many others. He was a part of many group exhibitions including India Art Fair, 2023; Constellations at Emami Art (Kolkata, 2020), Black Hole Project at AM (Art Multi-Discipline) Art Gallery (Kolkata 2018); ENVISION: An Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures by the Artists of Open Window at Birla Academy of Art and Culture (Kolkata 2014); Beneath The Black at Gandhara Art Gallery (Kolkata 2012): Remixing Charm: Post Painterly Art of the Local at Aakriti Art Gallery (Kolkata, 2015), and XI Triennale India (New Delhi, 2005). He is the recipient of Navonmesha Puraskara, given by the Parents Information Centre 2003), and the National Cultural Scholarship and Junior Research Fellowship from the Government of India.  He was awarded the H K Kejriwal Memorial Award in 1997 and won the Silver Prize in the Drawing and Design Exhibition in Kyoto, Japan.
He lives and works in Kolkata.

Bholanath Rudra (b.1984)  
Born in 1984 in Kolkata, Bholanath Rudra studied painting at Rabindra Bharati University, graduating in 2013. He is a member of the Society of Contemporary Artists, Kolkata, which he joined in 2019.

He was the subject of the solo show States of Mind at the Society of Contemporary Artists, Kolkata, 2018 and Mechanical Libido at the Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata, 2013. His work has been featured in many group exhibitions, including 64th Annual exhibition of ‘Society of Contemporary Artists’, Birla Academy of Art & Culture (Kolkata, 2023), MURTA /AMURTA, Akar Paker Gallery (Kolkata, 2023), Hub India – Maximum Minimum at Artissima (Torino, Italy, 2021); Fluid Boundaries and Insights at Emami Art, Kolkata (2020); Annual Art Exhibition of Society of Contemporary Artists (2022, 2020, 2019, 2017); Annual Art Exhibition at Birla Academy of Art & Culture (2014, 2016, 2018); CIMA art gallery, Kolkata (2017); at Rajya Charukala Parshad, Kolkata (2017-19); in the International exhibition of Manab Jamin (2012-15); at AIFACS, New Delhi (2017); the State Art Gallery, Hyderabad (2019); at Karnataka Lalit Kala Akademi (2017); Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) (2018); in the Annual Exhibition at Emami Art (2015, 2017); among others. Bholanath has participated in many art residencies, including the International Artists Residency Program at Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation (Germany, Italy), in collaboration with Emami Art (Sept-Oct 2022).

He was felicitated with many awards, including the State Gallery of Art Award, Telangana Government (2019), Birla Academy Annual Exhibition Award (2018), Rajya Charukala Parshad Annual Award (2017), National Exhibition Award, Lalit Kala Akademi, Karnataka (2017) and All India Watercolour Exhibition Award, AIFACS (2017). His works were shown in the India Art Fair, New Delhi (2020).
Bholanath Rudra lives and works in Kolkata.

Debashish Paul (b. 1994)  
Debashish Paul, born in 1994 in the Nadia district in West Bengal, explores the problems of queer identity in a society dominated by heterosexual norms. Paul has done his BFA from The Indian college of Art and Draftsmanship in sculpture, Kolkata, and he completed his master’s degree in sculpture from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi in 2021.
Paul performed live at The Prince Claus Fund Biennial Symposium 2023, Sri Lanka; Open Day Performance at Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, 2023 as part of PRAF Artist in Residence; India Art Fair 2023, New Delhi; French Institute of India, New Delhi, India; Residency and Performance Art Program curated by HH Art Space Foundation and Nikhil Chopra in collaboration with Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2022-23, Kochi, India. He is also a recipient of the 2022-23 Prince Claus Seed Fund; Kalanad Scholarship 2022 – 23 from the Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation; 2022 Inlaks Fine Art Award, Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation; Allegro 1st prize 2021, Contemporary LYNX, UK;  The India Artist Relief Fund-2021 (MAP in partnership with 1Shanthiroad Studio/Gallery). Debashish Paul was part of Art Dusseldorf 2023. He was one of the artists in residence at the India Art Fair 2023. His other notable exhibitions include Beyond Binaries: Sensing Art through Queer Lensing-2021 at KCC, Kolkata; the Student’s Biennale -2021, Kochi; Kala Sakshi Workshop-2021, Emami Art Open Call Exhibition -2020, Kolkata; Of Liminal Beings and Other Spaces curated by Ushmita Sahu -2021, Emami Art, Kolkata; The Spring at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata in 2019.
Debashish Paul lives and works in Varanasi.

Ghana Shyam Latua (b.1992)  
Born in 1992 in West Midnapore, Ghana Shyam Latua studied painting in Kala Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, graduating in 2017. His recent works, known for his noble pin-prick technique, speak of his love for pure, uninhabited landscapes and his lament for nature’s destruction by the expansion of urbanization and tourism.

He did a solo show, The Lament of the Red Earth, at Tapetenwerk Gallery, Leipzig, Germany (2022) as part of the International Artists Residency Program by the Kira A. Princess of Prussia Foundation in collaboration with Emami Art. Latua was a part of many shows including India Art Fair, 2023; Khoai Landscape at Emami Art (Kolkata, 2021); Takshila Fine Arts Scholars Show Arthsila Santiniketan (2022); Patterns of Intensity at Art Alive (New Delhi, 2021); Occupying Space at Gallery Exposure( Kolkata, 2018); Dih-Pahr-Cher at Ganges Art Gallery (Kolkata, 2020); Inside the Fibre at Arts Acre Museum (Kolkata, 2020); Annual Exhibition at SSVAAD (Santiniketan, 2019); CIMA Award Show (Kolkata, 2019); Inward Vision at Arts Acre Museum (Kolkata, 2018) among many other group exhibitions.
Ghana Shyam is the recipient of the Dhi Support Grant (2020), the National Garhi Scholarship (2017) of Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi and Takshila Santiniketan Fine Art Scholarship from Takshila Educational Society (New Delhi 2020).
He lives and works in Santiniketan, West Bengal.

ALL THAT IS HIDDEN: Mapping Departures in Landscape, Terrains and Geographies

Janhavi Khemka (b. 1993) 
Born in 1993 in Varanasi, India, Janhavi Khemka is an interdisciplinary artist who studied printmaking at Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan, graduating in 2017. She completed her Master of Fine Arts Studio Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA in 2023.
Khemka has participated in many major exhibitions in India and internationally, including solo shows such as “Unit #1505”, Comfort Station, 2023, Chicago; UnMute at SITE Sharp Gallery, 2022 Chicago, USA. She was a part of group shows including What We Inherit, University Art Gallery, 2023, Truman State University, MO, USA; Coalesce, CSI Project Space, 2023, 1912 North Damen, Chicago; Neighbors, 2023, Purple Window Gallery, At Mana Contemporary, Chicago; Open Water: Permeating Territories, 2023, Chicago; Where she comes from, NEIU Fine Arts Gallery, Chicago, USA; A photographic image as text Part I, Jolly Art Adda, Mumbai, India; Press Forward at Box 13 Art Space (Texas, 2021); Embodied Histories: Reconstructing the Present at Gallery SAIC (Chicago, 2021); Aroh at Emami Art (Kolkata, 2021); Print Exposition at Rashid Chowdhury Art Gallery (Chittagong, 2017); The Shape of Things at Ganges Art Gallery (Kolkata, 2017); and many more. In addition, her work has been featured in Macrocosm, the International Print Exchange Program (2018-21) exhibition, several international art festivals, and print biennales. Khemka is a recipient of many awards and fellowships, including the 63rd National Award 2023, Lalit Kala Academi, in printmaking; Chicago Sculpture International Fellowship, 2023, Chicago; Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Award for Printmaking (2021, 2018) and the First Printmaking Prize Gate44 (Milan, 2019).
Janhavi Khemka works between Santiniketan, Varanasi and Chicago.

  1. C. Pyne (b. 1931)
    Born in 1931 in Kolkata, Kartick Chandra Pyne studied painting at Government College of Art and Craft, Calcutta between 1950 and 1955. A prolific and introvert artist, his work was shown as one of the hundred exhibits representing modern Indian Art in the historic exhibition at Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan, 1979. He was the subject of solo exhibitions at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai, Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, among many others. A retrospective exhibition of his work was organized by Aakriti Art gallery, Kolkata, 2006.

He was the recipient of the prestigious Shilpi Maha Samman and Abanindra Puraskar of the Government of West Bengal. Rajya Charukala Parshad made a documentary film on him “Line, Story, Design,” released in 2017.

Kartick Chandra Pyne died in 2017.

M. Sen (1898-1954)

Lalit Mohan Sen (1898-1954) was a painter, printmaker, designer, book illustrator and photographer. Born in Shantipur, Nadia, India, he studied at the Government School of Arts and Crafts, Lucknow and the Royal College of Art in London. He taught at his alma mater, Government School of Arts and Crafts, Lucknow, for over twenty-five years and became its Principal in 1945.

Renowned art historian Laurence Binyon commissioned him to copy the Bagh Cave paintings, and he was one of the four Indian artists hired to decorate the newly built India House in London. His works were widely exhibited in India and abroad. Queen Mary bought his painting ‘Potter Girl’ from the Royal Academy Exhibition in 1930, and his woodcuts were displayed as permanent exhibits in the Victoria & Albert Museum. Sen’s photographs were shown in the Royal Photographic Society’s annual exhibitions and published in their journal. He was also a fine book illustrator known for his commercial art. He won the Federation of British Industries Prize (London) for the best poster design.

Lalit Mohan Sen passed away in Lucknow in 1954.

S. Bendre (1910-1992)

Born in Indore, the capital of princely Indore State, India, NS Bendre has been widely recognized as one of the pioneers of modern Indian Art. He studied painting at the State Art School, Indore, graduating in 1934.

His work has been presented in major galleries and art institutions in India and abroad. In 1992, the year he passed away, Vadehra Art Gallery organized Professor NS Shridhar Bendre: Drawings and Paintings. Another large show in Mumbai was NS Bendre: The Exhibition of Sketches, organized by Jehangir Art Gallery in 2000. In addition, his work was the subject of several solo exhibitions in Mumbai, Baroda, Delhi and other Indian and international cities. He held his first solo show abroad at Windermere Art Gallery, New York, in 1946.

A steady winner of medals in the Bombay Art Society’s Annual Exhibitions in the 1930s and 40s, NS Bendre received many acknowledgements, including Kalidas Samman (1984), Gagan-Abani Award (1982, 84), and Padma Shri (1969) and Padma Bhushan (1992) from the Government of India.

 Prasanta Sahu (b. 1968) 
Prasanta Sahu, born in 1968 in Odisha, India, completed his diploma in Electrical Engineering (1987) before studying art. He earned his BFA in painting (1998) from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati and his Master’s degree in painting from M.S. University, Baroda (2000), graduating summa cum laude from both universities.
Sahu has shown his work widely within and outside the country and participated in numerous workshops and residencies. His recent solos include Anatomy of a Vegetable: Ruminations on fragile ecosystems, at Kochi Muziris Biennale 2022-23 invited Satellite Programme, Mocha Art Café (Kochi, 2022), Suburban Shadows, Emami Art (2020) and Blueprint of a City, Kalakriti Art Gallery (2016).
Other important group presentations include Politics of Paper, curated by Ushmita Sahu at Emami Art (Kolkata, 2022); Hub India – Maximum Minimum at Artissima (Torino, Italy, 2021); Disruptive Confluence at Museo Civico d’Arte Antica (Torino, Italy,2021); Multitudes and Assemblages at Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di (Torino, Italy, 2021); Blue India at Art Asia Art Fair (South Korea, 2018); Constellations at Bihar Museum (Patna, 2018); Postcards at Busan International Art Fair (South Korea, 2017); and many others. Sahu has been invited as a visiting faculty by several universities. Since 2001, he has been teaching in the Department of Painting at his alma mater, Kala Bhavana (Faculty of Fine Art), Visva Bharati University.
Prasanta Sahu lives and works in Santiniketan, India.

Ruma Choudhury (b. 1990)
Born in 1990 in Birbhum, Ruma Choudhury completed her BFA and MFA in painting from Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan, in 2014 and 2016, respectively.
Her solo projects include Existence, a solo exhibition as part of the group project ‘Raconteur’ at AM Studio, Kolkata, 2018; ‘h-airy’, a solo performance at Gallery Onkaf, New Delhi, 2028. She was part of many group exhibitions, including ISHASH, an exhibition of works by women artists, Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad, 2022; Departure, Ganges Art Gallery, Kolkata, 2020; Inside the fibre, Artsacre Foundation, Kolkata, 2019; Multi hues, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, 2018; Images and Impressions, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, Kolkata, 2017; I am, AM Studio, Kolkata, 2017.
Ruma Choudhury is based in Santiniketan.

Saibal Das (b. 1960)

Saibal Das was initiated into the world of photography by his father. His sense of wonder as the negatives came alive in his family’s darkroom never left him. Das grew up to be an eminent editorial photographer. 25 years later, after working on various national and international assignments for prestigious media houses, he turned his focus to his personal projects. His true homecoming happened when he re-engaged with his obsession with the process of darkroom printing. Presently, he is experimenting with platinum-palladium and Kallitype photographic printing. He has worked with the master printers Wolfgang Moersch and Pascal Beaunous to learn the nuances of vintage photographic printing art of the nineteenth century. His style of work delineates the aesthetics of forms as they emerge out of the chaos of human existence. His present work on Hampi blends the sweep of its prehistoric landscape, the remnants of the mighty Vijayanagara Kingdom and the human activities as it continues today – a palimpsest of myth, memory and life.

He is currently based in Kolkata.

Santanu Debnath (b. 1995)  

Born in a village in West Bengal in 1995, Santanu Debnath did his Bachelor’s and master’s in Painting from the Rabindra Bharati University and Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata.
He was the subject of the online solo show The Simple Life at Emami Art, Kolkata and After Cities Fall at Nippon Gallery, Mumbai (2020). He has participated in group shows including, The Graden of Infinite Desires, Emami Art, Kolkata (2023); 100 Yuva Sumbhava, Raza Foundation (2022), Imaginarium at Emami Art, Kolkata (2021), GCAC Annual Exhibition (2019-2021), KCC Art Fair (2019); West Bengal State Academy, Kolkata (2018-19); ICAD Annual Exhibition, Kolkata (2015-2018); group show in the Institute de Chandannagar, Hooghly (2017); among others.
He has won the Gita Das Award at GCAC Annual Exhibition (2019) and Certificate of Merit in the West Bengal State Academy Annual Exhibition (2018-19). He is the recipient of the prestigious Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin Scholarship (2020-2021).
Santanu Debnath lives and works in Kolkata.

Shilpi Sharma (b. 1997) 
Born in 1997 in Murarai, a village in West Bengal, Shilpi Sharma has recently completed her master’s in fine arts from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University. She has her bachelor’s in design, specialising in ceramics and glass, from Visva Bharati University.
Shilpi is currently pursuing her PhD doctorate research in glazes, different types of clay, and natural materials available in and around Santiniketan. Her interesting use of natural fibres in her works lends them a unique quality. She was part of Bhū – Tatva; Elements of Earth, Emami Art, Kolkata, 2023; India Art Fair, 2023, Exhibition at the Italian Consulate for the 700th Death anniversary of Dante Alighieri (2022); 1st international ceramics exhibition of Silpakorn students and International University Students (Thailand, 2021); “Bhū” – Emami Art, Ceramics Exhibition (2021). Shilpi has participated in various workshops across the country. She is a recipient of the Merit scholarship from Shilpa sadna, Visva Bharati University (2018-2019).
Shilpi Sharma lives and works in Santiniketan, West Bengal.

Ujjal Dey (b.1992) 
Born in 1992 in Ranchi, India, Ujjal Dey is a contemporary artist pursuing a doctorate from Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan. He studied textile and design at Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan, graduating in 2017. His doctoral research focuses on the indigenous traditions and sustainable techniques of printing and dyeing.
He was a part of Fragments of Our Time, British Textile Biennial 2023, UK; Solo exhibition at Silvia’s Mother Gallery, Cromwell Palace, London, 2023; Art Dusseldorf 2023; India Art Fair, 2023; GOONJ: An Abstract Continuum at the Coomaraswamy Hall, CSMVS Museum, Mumbai; Raza Foundation’s 100 Yuva Sambhava (Delhi, 2022); International Fiber Arts of Time Exhibition, Nandan Gallery, Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University (2021);  Departure at Ganges Art Gallery (Kolkata, 2020); Pentamerous at Art Exposure (Kolkata, 2018); The Shape of Things at Ganges Art Gallery (Kolkata, 2017); and several other significant exhibitions in India. In addition, Ujjal has participated in many international workshops, art camps and seminars on textiles. He is the recipient of the Junior Fellowship (2018-2019) and National Scholarship (2016) by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India.
Ujjal Dey lives and works in Santiniketan, West Bengal.

Vishal Kumar Gupta (b. 1996)
Born in 1996 in Ranchi, Jharkhand, Vishal Kumar Gupta completed his B.F.A. in painting from Kala Bhavana, Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan in 2021, and his M.F.A. in painting from the faculty of fine art at Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in 2023.  In his practice, Gupta often focuses on landscapes and trees, taking reference from the wounded and fragmented parts of trees, and uses oil-based materials for his paintings. His works were shown at the annual display, MSU Baroda and BFA Online Degree Show, 2021, Kala Bhavana, Santiniketan.
He received the Nasreen Mohamedi Award 2022-2023 in painting.

Vishal Kumar Gupta is currently based in Baroda.