Amazfit to Bring AI-Powered Wellness Service for Smartwatches in India

Amazfit to Bring AI-Powered Wellness Service for Smartwatches in India

According to recent reports, Amazfit, a leading global smartwatch brand, is set to introduce Zepp Aura, an AI-supported rest and wellness service, in India.

While details about the launch are still under wraps, sources suggest that the subscription service will be available for all major Amazfit smartwatch models. The move comes as the company recognizes the future of smart wearables lies in AI-driven advancements that empower people to take control of their well-being. This groundbreaking development came to light after Mr. CP Khandelwal, the CEO of PR Innovation and brand custodian of Amazfit in India, hinted at the potential launch of Zepp Aura in India on X (formerly Twitter).

Amazfit to Bring

Zepp Aura is a comprehensive, real-time, personalized sound health solution that features science-backed music composition, daily tips, and more, seamlessly integrating with Amazfit smartwatches. With its AI-generated compositions and the ability to read natural mood indicators such as heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen levels, Zepp Aura adjusts to the user’s biorhythmic feedback, providing therapeutic soundscapes to relax, soothe, and restore.

Amazfit has been at the forefront of mental and physical wellness, having launched a range of smartwatches dedicated to the holistic well-being of its users. The introduction of Zepp Aura is expected to further solidify the company’s position in the smartwatch market, offering a unique and innovative wellness solution to its customers in India.

Recently, the Amazfit Balance smartwatch also received the Zepp OS 3.5 interface, which integrates the AI-powered natural language interface. Amazfit is the first smartwatch brand to integrate a natural-language user interface (LUI) powered by LLM AI into its operating system.

The Zepp Flow will allow users to communicate with the smartwatches without specific commands. The Amazfit Balance smartwatches now support comprehensive training programs for half- and full-marathons. The smartwatch can now display a complete record of the user’s overnight heart rate variability (HRV) data.