APCA Hosts a Culinary Two Days Workshop with Renowned Chef Anahita Dhondhy

APCA Hosts a Culinary Two Days Workshop with Renowned Chef Anahita Dhondhy

APCA Hosts a Culinary

Gurgaon, 23rd January 2024 – The Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts (APCA) proudly organized a two-day workshop featuring acclaimed Chef Anahita Dhondhy. The event, held at the academy, showcased a dynamic program of demo classes, expert talks, and an insightful journey-sharing session with the students.

Chef Anahita Dhondhy, a trailblazer in the culinary world, captivated the audience with her expertise and knowledge. The workshop offered a unique opportunity for students to gain insights into the culinary arts and learn from one of the industry’s leading professionals.

The highlight of the event was Chef Anahita’s engaging talk, where she shared her inspiring journey, providing a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs that shaped her career. The students at APCA were treated to an enriching experience as they absorbed valuable lessons from the chef’s wealth of experience.

Embracing the event, Major. Dinesh Sharma, Director at APCA said, “We are dedicated to providing our students with unparalleled opportunities to learn from the best in the industry. Chef Anahita Dhondy’s presence and expertise have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on our students, inspiring them to reach new heights in their culinary journey”

In addition to the informative sessions, Chef Anahita Dhondhy delighted students by conducting hands-on sessions where they had the privilege of creating Parsi cuisine under her and Executive Chef Sehaj Ghuman at APCA expert guidance. The interactive cooking experience allowed students to not only enhance their culinary skills but also gain a deeper appreciation for the rich flavors of Parsi cuisine such as Mawa Cake & Paneer Akuri.

The workshop was a resounding success, fostering a spirit of learning, collaboration, and culinary excellence at the Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts. APCA remains committed to providing its students with unique opportunities to learn from industry experts and expand their knowledge in the world of culinary arts.