Apollo Spectra Urges Mothers to Prioritize Health and Wellness for a Better Future this Mother’s Day

Apollo Spectra Urges Mothers to Prioritize Health and Wellness for a Better Future this Mother’s Day

Delhi, 13th May 2024: Mothers play a key role in shaping the lifestyle habits of their children, and by leading by example, they can significantly impact their child’s health and well-being. Dr. Atul Sardana emphasizes the importance of prioritizing health and wellness not only for themselves but also for future generations. By promoting healthy behaviors such as maintaining a balanced diet, staying active, and avoiding harmful habits like smoking, mothers can instill lifelong habits that promote overall health and prevent issues like obesity. This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate all the mothers who are champions of health in both their own lives and those of their families.

Sushma Sharma (Name Change), is a 46-year-old woman. She was suffering from Diabetes, high BP, and many other health issues because of her obesity. She weighed 146 kg and tried many ways to lose weight without success. When her health got worse, she decided to get help from doctors. She went to Apollo Spectra Hospital and met Dr. Atul Sardana, who suggested a sleeve gastrectomy. The surgery by Dr. Sardana was a turning point for Sushma. In just three weeks, she lost 25 kg, which made a big difference in her health and appearance. Now, she has more energy feels better, and is on her journey to losing more weight over the next 18 weeks. Her story inspires Mothers dealing with obesity to seek medical help. Dr. Sardana’s expertise in the surgery changed Sushma’s life. This success shows that bariatric surgery can help people with severe obesity. Sushma’s story highlights the importance of knowing about available treatments and acting early to avoid serious health problems.

Dr. Atul Sardana, a well-known obesity surgeon at Apollo Spectra Hospital Pusa Road in Delhi, is actively combatting the increasing rates of obesity. He has noticed a worrying trend in his practice – more mothers are leading unhealthy lifestyles that are affecting their children’s health. About 200 out of the 500 patients he sees each year are mothers whose habits are making their children either obese or close to being obese. While genetics can play a role in obesity, Dr. Sardana stresses that lifestyle choices have a big impact on weight and health.

Numerous women enjoy taking evening walks, yet struggle to resist the temptation of indulging in junk food. Achieving a balance between physical activity and healthy eating is crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being. Our food choices greatly impact our energy levels, mood, and quality of life. While occasional indulgence is acceptable, prioritizing nutrient-dense foods is essential for supporting both physical and mental health. By striking a sustainable equilibrium between exercise and nutrition, individuals can reach their wellness objectives while still treating themselves occasionally.

Dr. Atul Sardana emphasizes the increasing trend of sedentary lifestyles, poor dietary habits, and inadequate physical activity among families as major contributors to the obesity epidemic. In India nearly 40% of women fall under the overweight or obese category. Through personalized patient care at Apollo Spectra Hospital on Pusa Road, Dr. Sardana educates individuals on healthier options and guides them towards lifestyle changes to combat this urgent health issue. In addition to individual care, he actively participates in community outreach programs aimed at promoting obesity prevention in Delhi and its neighbouring areas.