and Fairgo Africa: A Global Collaboration Shaping the Future of Farming and Fairgo

24th November 2023:– As India continues to prioritize sustainable agricultural growth,, India’s largest & only profitable grain commerce platform enters into a strategic partnership with Fairgro Africa Limited, an agricultural company in Kenya. This strategic partnership aims to provide crop monitoring and digital integration in Kenya, through’s mobile application Aryashakti, ensures transparency in all activities and quicker decision-making. This collaborative effort between and Fairground Africa Limited is anticipated to yield far-reaching benefits for the agricultural sector in Kenya.

With digitizing a minimum of a thousand acres of land and monitoring the entire crop cycle in the region, this partnership holds great potential to transform traditional farming practices and elevate the standards of agricultural efficiency for farmers in Kenya.’s application Aryashakti’s comprehensive support will also equip the Fairgro field team with a powerful tool for digital plot management, seamless communication and efficient resource planning ultimately contributing to enhanced productivity and sustainable agricultural development in Kenya.

This partnership will help open newer avenues to increase its product visibility in African countries, fostering trust and collaboration with companies across the African continent. The Aryashakti app will empower Fairgro Africa’s field teams, facilitating plot digitization, seamless communication and strategic resource management.


Commenting on this partnership Anand Chandra, Co-founder at said, “This partnership is expected to have an impact on India’s influence on global partnerships. It will expand our product visibility in the international market, fostering trust and collaboration with companies across the African continent.”

Mr. Joshua Kiptoon, Strategic Advisor of Fairgro Africa Limited said, “We hope that will be instrumental in altering our operations in Kenya. The Aryashakti mobile application can empower our field teams, enabling transparent activities, expediting decision-making processes and significantly ease our work in Kenya, allowing us to streamline our efforts and resources efficiently.”

This visionary partnership between and Fairground Africa Limited marks a significant milestone in fostering international collaboration, advancing agricultural technology, and promoting sustainable farming practices worldwide.