Ashiana Housing Ltd. organises the Ashiana Run, a marathon event on World Cancer Day

Ashiana Housing Ltd. organises the Ashiana Run, a marathon event on World Cancer DayDelhi, February 05th, 2024Ashiana Housing Ltd organised the Ashiana Run, a marathon event held today in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, in honor of World Cancer Day. Approximately 800 participants enthusiastically took part in the event, aiming to promote healthy lifestyles, raise awareness about cancer, and contribute to the global fight against this widespread disease.

The program started from Ashiana Town Temple in the presence of chief guest DSP Mukesh Chaudhary. The marathon consisted of a 3.5 km route for children and 7 km for adults, providing an inclusive experience for participants of all ages.

Here, attendees enjoyed a holistic experience that included a pre-Run stress-relief session, post-Run Zumba activities and an informative session by renowned cancer expert, Dr. (Brig.) AK Dhar. The event also included live DJ beats, mesmerizing dance performances by talented children and a designated selfie point to capture memorable moments.

“The Ashiana Run in Bhiwadi was more than just a Run; it was a collective effort towards creating awareness in the fight against cancer and fostering a sense of community. Ashiana Housing would like to thank all the participants, sponsors for making this event a success. and supporters. We are glad to see the enthusiastic participation of our community in the Ashiana Run. Together, we are moving towards a healthier future, inspired by Bhiwadi’s indomitable spirit in our collective fight against cancer. Reflects emotion.” – Mr. Ankur Gupta, JMD, Ashiana Housing Ltd.