Asort Witnesses Remarkable Double-Digit Growth in India’s Direct-Selling Fashion Industry

Asort Witnesses Remarkable Double-Digit Growth in India’s Direct-Selling Fashion Industry

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New Delhi, 31st January 2024: Asort, India’s leading co-Commerce direct-selling company in the fashion domain, witnesses an exceptional growth in 2023, exhibiting a double digit growth that significantly outpaces industry benchmarks.

Asort’s remarkable achievements, surpassing the industry benchmark by doubling the standard 10%, underscore its innovative strategies and unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of direct selling, while bringing opportunities to smaller towns in Tier 3 and Tier 4 markets. In these regions, Asort is playing a crucial role in empowering individuals to kickstart their entrepreneurial journeys. Recognizing the untapped potential, Asort has made it a focal point to empower these communities by offering comprehensive support and training. what is achievable in the industry.

Now, entrepreneurs in remote areas do not have to travel for work. Asort’s way of doing business has opened up doors for many in these regions, letting them build their own businesses and contribute to the local economy. Asort is therefore playing a key role in the growth and development of these small towns and villages in India.

Roshan Singh Bisht, Co-Founder & CEO of Asort, expressed his enthusiasm, “We are thrilled to witness such unprecedented and inclusive growth in the past year. Asort’s success is not only a testament to our commitment to empowering individual sellers and brands within our ecosystem but also reflects our contribution to the overall economic growth of the country. Our strategic initiatives are aligned with adapting to changing consumer trends while fostering the prosperity of the nation.

Roshan Singh Bisht further emphasizes, “Asort is strategically positioned to leverage industry trends and sustain its growth trajectory through diversified expansion initiatives. Our upcoming foray into the offline model demonstrates a forward-thinking approach, blending online and offline channels to capture a wider customer base. This diversification strategy positions Asort to stay resilient in the face of industry shifts and capitalize on emerging opportunities. Additionally, our noteworthy demographic expansion, boasting a 20% share in the north and a substantial 40% presence in the south, along with deliberate expansion into the eastern and western regions, showcases a strategic pivot towards comprehensive national coverage.”

The company’s dedicated push to broaden its product range, embrace technology, and reach Tier 3 and 4 markets showcases essential areas of growth, establishing its leading role in India’s direct-selling fashion industry.