Assam Based Esah Tea Expands its Exquisite Tea Offerings to Delhi-NCR

Assam Based Esah Tea Expands its Exquisite Tea Offerings to Delhi-NCR

Assam Based Esah Tea

8th November 2023, Delhi, India: D2C Tea Brand from Assam Esah Tea has announced its grand expansion into the capital of India – Delhi. This strategic leap marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey, bringing the rich heritage of Assam’s tea culture to the bustling capital region.

Esah Tea’s presence in Delhi spans across various key locations, including West Delhi, East Delhi, Central Delhi, and North Delhi, where it is available in more than 80 departmental stores. In the near future, Esah Tea is set to establish its presence in South Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida ensuring its teas are accessible to tea enthusiasts throughout the entire Delhi-NCR region. This expansion is in line with Esah Tea’s ambitious mission to convert over 20,000 acres of land to organic tea cultivation in Assam, while onboarding more than 1000 local small tea growers by 2025.

All of Esah Tea’s offerings are available in Delhi-NCR’s multi-brand stores, with select modern stores like Baniya ki Dukan (BKD), Max Bazar, Kia Bazar, and Kisan Mandi stocking the brand’s exquisite range. The product lineup includes 10 unique SKUs, each offering a distinct tea experience. Noteworthy selections include the Assam Organic Gold CTC Chai, Organic Litchi Black Tea, Organic Whole Leaf Green Tea, Organic Peach Blue Tea, and Butterscotch Chai. The brand has also introduced a line of instant chai, featuring enticing variants like Cardamom, Masala, and Kadak chai, along with the health-conscious Instant Mango Turmeric Latte.

On the expansion Bijit Sarma, Founder and CEO of Esah Tea, remarked, “Our journey, expanding from our humble beginning to Delhi-NCR and beyond, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing the healthiest, and the most authentic tea experience for our valued customers. As we grow, we remain resolute in our promise to provide premium, organic teas that not only taste great but also embody our dedication to eco-friendliness and healthy living. In alignment with this, our switch from nylon to pyramid organic cotton tea bags not only preserves the taste but also the planet, showcasing our eco-conscious approach. We firmly believe that our customers deserve the best for their hard-earned money – a healthy, organic choice for their families, free from pesticides.”

The Assam Organic Gold CTC Chai stands out as the hero product, celebrated for its meticulously handcrafted blend, enriched with the unique addition of tea leaves and “Dano ke sath Pattia Bhi.” Esah Tea’s Assam Organic Gold CTC Chai boasts a distinctive bright yellow-brown colour in the cup, reminiscent of 19th-century original Assam Tea. Unlike conventional teas that darken upon boiling, Esah’s organic offering maintains its inviting hue. The tea brand also sets itself apart by meticulously selecting tea blends sourced from over 150 local gardens and small-scale tea cultivators, ensuring that tea journeys from garden to cup in just ten days, bypassing intermediaries.

Pricing for Esah Tea products reflects the brand’s commitment to making organic tea accessible to a wider audience. The Assam Organic Gold Chai, available in 250g and 500g packs, is competitively priced, with a special 30% discount offer starting at just Rs. 210. This pricing structure places Esah Tea on par with conventional tea brands, with only a 10% premium cost. Additionally, the brand is currently offering exclusive discounts in stores.

Established in 2021, Esah Tea, initially limited to ten premium stores, now boasts a presence in over 600 stores nationwide. The presence extends both online, exclusively on Big Basket and, and offline in key locations including Guwahati, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. The startup is gearing up for its next funding round, seeking to raise capital to achieve its ambitious goal of reaching 5,000 outlets across India by 2024. Beyond Indian borders, Esah Tea exports to more than 10 countries, including the USA, South Korea, Abu Dhabi, and the UK. With a growing customer base exceeding 100,000 individuals online and offline, the brand’s distinctive strategy of offering free in-store tea tastings garners favourable feedback and encourages immediate purchases.