Avaada Foundation Transforms Government Schools with Smart Board Installation

Avaada Foundation Transforms Government Schools with Smart Board Installation

Mumbai, 9th Nov 2023- For the past seven years, Avaada Foundation (www.avaadafoundation.com) has been actively working to bring positive change to the lives of citizens in Jayapur and Nagpur. With the aim of revolutionizing education in Jayapur’s Government Primary Schools, the Foundation has installed two Smart Boards. The use of Smart Boards in primary schools will make education more interactive and engaging, enhancing children’s understanding, and learning capabilities. This will enable children to access the right learning materials and resources, allowing them to learn more in less time and lead successful, content, and prosperous lives.

In this series, the Foundation has also provided furniture, study chairs, and two Smart Boards for primary schools in Jayapur to create a conducive environment for holistic child development and quality education.

To make the most of the Smart Boards, Avaada Foundation is providing proper training to teachers, enabling them to efficiently teach subjects using lively videos and animations. Using Smart Boards, teachers can make challenging subjects easier to comprehend in less time. Children can actively participate by touching the Smart Board to answer questions, draw pictures, and engage in other activities.

In addition to the benefits of Smart Boards, the Avaada Foundation has arranged for the provision of chairs and desks in schools. This will make it more convenient for children to sit and study, improving their overall learning experience.

The Foundation has previously arranged for furniture and educational resources as per the needs of the school, furthering their commitment to provide quality education and support for child development.