Aviva India Introduces Aviva Signature 3d Term Plan to Its Flagship Signature Series

Aviva India Introduces Aviva Signature 3d Term Plan to Its Flagship Signature Series


New Delhi, 5th September 2023: Aviva Life Insurance, India’s most trusted private life insurance company, announced the launch of the Aviva Signature 3D Term Plan. The non-linked, non-participating individual Pure risk life insurance plan is designed to provide customers a comprehensive financial cover and safeguard them from unforeseen life occurrences: Death, Disease, and Disability.

The plan offers a wide range of benefits, ensuring coverage that helps customers achieve their life goals and remain protected in the long run from financial uncertainties. With four plan options and three riders, Aviva Signature 3D Term Plan provides life insurance coverage through lump sum and regular monthly payments along with a range of customizations for customers across different segments.

The flagship plan options include:

  • 3D Pure Term, a pure term insurance policy that gives the customer an option to get life for the whole life i.e. 99 years of age and
  • 3D Family Plus, which extends life insurance coverage through a lump sum payment of 100% of the base sum assured, along with Regular Monthly Payouts (RMP) for 10 years starting from the 1st monthly anniversary following the demise of the life insured. This monthly payout will continue to increase by 8% p.a. compounded yearly.

The plan offers other options, which are:

  • 3D Accelerated comes with an in-built accelerated terminal illness benefit, and
  • 3D TROP where the premiums paid towards the policy (excluding taxes, rider, and extra premiums) are returned to the policyholder upon survival till maturity

Aviva Signature 3D Term Plan offers the ability to customize the coverage to suit individual requirements. The plan enhances customers’ coverage through three riders- Aviva Accidental Casualty Non-Linked Rider, Aviva Cancer Cardio Non-Linked Rider, and Aviva New Critical Illness Non-Linked Rider. Furthermore, it includes a waiver of premiums feature in the event of critical or terminal illness, applicable through the Aviva New Critical Illness Non-Linked Rider and the 3D-Accelerated plan option respectively.

Mr. Vinit Kapahi, Head of Marketing, said, “We are thrilled to introduce the Aviva Signature 3D Term Plan, a remarkable addition to our flagship Signature series. With a profound understanding of life’s uncertainties, we have crafted a plan that embraces the three pillars of protection: Diseases, Disability, and Death. As awareness regarding the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle continues to grow, people are taking proactive steps towards embracing healthy habits such as mindful eating and regular physical activity. In fact, we have recently launched Free LIVE Yoga and Meditation Sessions by trained instructors on our Social media handles (https://www.facebook.com/AvivaIndia?mibextid=LQQJ4d) to help our audience attain physical and mental wellness and we encourage everyone to join them. However, focusing solely on physical and mental well-being is not a comprehensive solution for overall well-being. This is where our Aviva Signature 3D Term Plan steps in – to provide our customers with protection against life’s unforeseen challenges and to help them become future-ready.”

Adding to that, “This plan is not just a product; it is a canvas where individuals can paint their financial aspirations. Our policyholders gain the power of personalization, with an array of options that align with their unique requirements. As we launch this comprehensive solution, we reinforce our promise to stand by our customers during life’s most challenging moments.”

Key highlights of the Aviva Signature 3D Term Plan are:

  • Comprehensive financial protection to family
  • Customize your plan from a plethora of options
  • Waiver of premiums in case of critical/terminal Illness

*The waiver of premiums is applicable in the case of Aviva New Critical Illness Non-Linked Rider and 3D-Accelerated plan option

  • Receive payout upon the first diagnosis of any critical illness covered under the plan

*In case Aviva New Critical Illness Non-Linked Rider or Aviva Cancer Cardio Non-Linked Rider is opted at inception

  • Additional Sum Assured on Accidental Death

*In case Aviva Accidental Casualty Non-Linked Rider is opted at inception

  • Special premium rates for female lives and non-tobacco users

*For Sum Assured more than 50.50 Lacs

  • Get back all premiums paid on survival till maturity with 3D-TROP Plan Option *Excluding rider and extra premiums, if any
  • Receive accelerated payout of up to ₹ 1 Crore upon diagnosis of any terminal illness with a 3D-Accelerated plan option