B-square Bags End-to-end Erp Implementation Contract From Shri Tirupati Enterprises

B-square Bags End-to-end Erp Implementation Contract From Shri Tirupati Enterprises

B-square Bags End-to-end Erp Implementation Contract From Shri Tirupati EnterprisesNew Delhi, February 15th 2024: B-Square Solutions, the single stop IT partner which has been successfully implementing a bouquet of diverse IT solutions and services all over the world for the last 20 years has announced bagging the contract from Shri Tirupati Enterprises, a leading manufacturer of Copper wire rods, headquartered in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. Faced with challenges related to process optimization, quality control, and supply chain management, Shri Tirupati Enterprises recognized the need for a tailored ERP solution to streamline operations, improve data accuracy and maintain a competitive edge in the market. 

With a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge diverse IT solutions to varied sectors, B-Square quickly understood the requirements of Shri Tirupati Enterprises and customised its 5th Generation ERP Solution, Pothera, to enable Shri Tirupati Enterprises address industry-specific challenges and enhance overall business operations.

Commenting on B-Square’s association with Shri Tirupati Enterprises, Mr. PKD Nambiar, Managing Director & CEO, B-Square Group, said, “The intricate nature of aluminium and die casting requires precision, which was challenging for Shri Tirupati Enterprises to maintain with manual processes. The use of multiple disconnected systems led to data discrepancies and errors impacting business and operational efficiencies right from procurement stage right up to the final output stage.  The need of the hour was to automate the entire production cycle starting from raw material procurement to inventory to production scheduling and final output. B-Square conducted an in-depth analysis of their unique requirements, emphasizing features such as work order management, quality control, and product traceability and presented a customised ERP package which also included a Human Resource Management module enabling Shri Tirupati Enterprises relieve its HR department of the bulk of paper work in its daily activities”.

Commenting on B-Square’s custom-solution ERP to Shri Tirupati Enterprises, Mr. Ravish Gupta, Partner, Shri Tirupati Enterprises said, “One of the pioneering companies in copper rods, Shri Tirupati Enterprises has been combing the marketplace to streamline its systems and processes. We felt that ERP was the best bet. B-Square’s solutions fitted our requirements like a glove. By partnering with B-Square we are moving in the right direction in implementing our ERP Solutions. The credibility and thought processes of B-Square and Tirupati Enterprises is a lot similar and we are confident this partnership will be etched in history”.