Balancing entrepreneurship and fatherhood

Balancing entrepreneurship and fatherhood

Gaurav Bhagat

By Gaurav Bhagat, Entrepreneur and a celebrated name in the world of sales and skill training

Looking back on my journey, two significant milestones stand out: starting my entrepreneurial path and becoming a father. The first milestone occurred in my late teens, while the latter happened shortly after I turned 30. Both required substantial realignment and adjustment of priorities. As I was still finding my footing as an entrepreneur, the emotional pressure and responsibilities of fatherhood made this period both exhilarating and challenging.

Many suggest that it’s crucial to disconnect from work when at home and give undivided attention to family. However, this can be particularly difficult in the early days. Emotions run high with your spouse, your child, and even stakeholders at work, making the allocation of time, energy, and resources a delicate balancing act.

Here are some important pieces of advice that could help:

1. Prioritize Quality Time Over Quantity:

o Some of my most cherished memories from childhood are of my father reading bedtime stories to me and our family outings. It’s essential to schedule consistent family activities. In today’s connected world, the risk of distraction by WhatsApp and social media is high, so make sure to be fully present and free of distractions during family time.

o Consider blocking off time in your calendar for family activities and inform others that you are unavailable during these periods. Short trips like weekend getaways can create lasting memories. While you might not completely switch off from work, try to handle work-related tasks early in the morning or late in the evening.

2. Maintain Your Relationship with Your Spouse:

o Balancing work and fatherhood is crucial, but don’t forget your role as a husband. Many relationships suffer after the arrival of a child, so it’s important to give your spouse the attention they need.

3. Leverage Family Support:

o In the era of nuclear families, it’s important to recognize the value of support from parents and in-laws. They can be a great help, especially for short trips or handling work commitments. Grandparents have a significant influence on children and can play a pivotal role in their upbringing. A bit of pampering from them is always beneficial.

4. Hire Help When Needed:

o Consider hiring a babysitter for date nights or help around the house for routine tasks. This can free up more time for quality family moments. Hiring a cook or a part-time cleaner can allow you to focus more on work or family activities.

In conclusion, remember that your children’s future will significantly impact your happiness in later years. Invest time and effort today to ensure a great tomorrow.